Characters that should not have their own film

The title speaks for itself. This is a list of characters that should not have their own film.

I simply put this in the order as I think of them.

So, let's start.

More to be added (I hope)...

List items

  • I have explained why SO many times. I don't feel like doing it again.

  • Captain Marvel. He is a boring character, he has no good villains (all he has is Black Adam). It would just be a terrible movie.

  • Another boring character with no good villains. A movie would bomb, with no saving it.

  • This would just be Elektra all over again.

  • Same as above. I could see a Hawkeye AND Black Widow movie, but neither of them could do good on their own.

  • Does this really have to be explained?

  • Just keep him in the Iron Man movies. There's no reason this guy should have his own film.