Characters that should get their own movie

I've made a list of characters that should not get their own movie, now I'll make one with characters who should. Just a random order. Now, let's start.

More to be added......

List items

  • Does this one really have to be explained?

  • Explained in next one.

  • Goes along with last one. Basically, the Flash should get a movie. Does it really need to be explained?

  • Cage has always been an interesting character. You could make a movie for him. Yes, he doesn't have great villains. But it's easy to change a character for a movie. But, I have two things that I think should be done:

    DO NOT put him in the yellow puffy shirt and tiara he wore back in the 70s and 80s.

    Wait on Iron Fist for a sequel.

  • Incredibly interesting character. He has a good origin that could be adapted into a movie. IT would be very cool to see Baron Mordo and Dormmamu in the film, and could create some very epic battles.

  • I'm sick of these people who find him useless. He is an epic characters that needs a movie.

  • Marvel are f**king idiots for giving the Guardians of the Galaxy a movie instead of this guy.

  • Best guy to ever use the Batman name. Instead of doing a third Batman origin story, this is how they should reboot the Batman movies.

  • You know why.

  • He's an awesome character who doesn't get enough credit. This guy could be as big as Batman or Superman, but he needs more media appearances. A movie would just be amazing.