TheCannon Reviews: ROH Wrestling 6/10/15

Hey there guys and girls. I’m TheCannon, writing to myself about the June 10, 2015 edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling. I say writing to myself because literally no one responded to last week’s review at all, and I’m not sure the result will be different this week. But I still like writing reviews, so I did it anyway. Now, after last week’s unimpressive debut that was barely worth mentioning, how would they improve this week, if at all? Let’s start the review and kind out.

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Show opens with a promo from Christopher Daniels & Kazarian, who are apparently called The Addition, but I’m still calling them Bad Influence because it’s what I’m used to and sounds cooler. They basically say generic stuff hyping up their match for the tag titles later tonight against the Red Dragons. Did Daniels & Kaz leave all personality since leaving TNA? Also, this whole segment looked like it was filmed through a keyhole. Still better than last week’s thing with the Briscoes to open the show though.

Daniels & Kaz come out and start saying that Bobby Fish has been ruled medically unable to compete tonight. He says stuff about how their contracts was for Daniels & Kaz against Kyle O’Riley & Bobby Fish; not Kyle O’Riley & a suitable replacement. So Riley can either face them or forfeit their title match. Kyle O’Riley then comes out, takes off his shirt, and runs to the ring. Why’d he come out in the shirt if he was just gonna take it off? Riley then starts fighting with Bad Influence, and I thought it was originally a brawl, until a referee is there and the announcers start talking about Kyle facing Daniels & Kaz on there own.

Match #1 - ROH World Tag Team Championships: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) (c) vs. Kyle O’Riley???

I think this is a match. It’s never properly explained. They just start fighting and the announcers say Kyle is taking them on himself.

This match (since that’s what it was apparently) was... okay. Daniels & Kaz had some great double-team movies like always, and while I couldn’t judge Kyle’s skills very much, he looked strong in it. Kyle wins via DQ though when Daniels or Kaz (I forget who) grabbed a chair and hit him, causing a DQ. Again, it was okay. Progressed this story/feud a little bit I guess.

Winner via DQ: Kyle O’Riley

Mark Briscoe is backstage(?) giving a lot of incoherent nonsense I couldn’t understand. He was hyping up a match against someone at their next PPV. And I previously thought that Mark had a few of his teeth missing, but here it looks like they just coated some in something dark to make it look like they’re missing. Why the f*ck would you do that?

Match #2 - Dalton Castle vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Liger is still around!?! It’s he about 50 at this point? I will admit he’s still in decent/good shape and still wrestles fine, but I’m just surprised.

Why is Castle wearing an Elvis-like suit? Why are people in weird mask & caps holding fans coming out with him? Why is he stepping on one of them when getting in the ring? I don’t understand this gimmick at all.

There was a point in the match where Liger called in Castle’s guys and poses with them. Why did Liger care, and why did they do that?

This match was honestly pretty decent. Nothing great, but it was much better than the matches from last week and probably the best match this week. Liger wins after a Brain Buster. Not much to say really.

Winner via pinfall: Jushin Thunder Liger

During the commercial break during the match was an ad for Impact focusing on EC3. Makes me wish I was watching that right now. Also, why do people b*tch when TNA goes to commercial during a match, but no one complains when ROH does it?

Backstage scene from earlier today where Liger goes up to someone who I don’t know and says some stuff, the other guy says stuff back, they slap and hug at one point. I couldn’t tell what they were saying though, partly because Liger is difficult to understand, and partly because they barely picked up the audio. This is a taped show, and they couldn’t do another take of that?

Match #3 - Brutal Bob Evans vs. Cheeseburger

I had a bad experience one time at Bob Evans, and I believe I got a cheeseburger at the time. So this match brings back some memories.

I can’t take a guy called Cheeseburger seriously. Maybe it’s just me.

The match was pretty uneventful and not very interesting or very good. Finish comes when Evans & Cheeseburger are sent through a table at ringside, and I think the referee ruled it a draw. Why was that table there to begin with? It wasn’t there earlier, so who put it there and why? It served no purpose other than for this spot.

Result: Draw

Match #4 - The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven)w/Maria Kanallis vs. The Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

The Kingdom are wearing very bright green. Seems unnecessary, but with how bad the lighting is, I guess they do need to stand out.

I had an issue with writing this because I never caught Taven’s first name. I admit I wasn’t paying full attention, but the production is so bad that the ring announcer’s voice wasn’t picked up properly, so I didn’t hear it. I looked it up online to find his name, and it’s really sad when I have to do that.

Poor Gallows. From looking like a future star in WWE to an irrelevant guy in TNA’s Aces & Eights stable to this. Always thought he had more potential than this.

Finish comes when Gallows grabs some chairs to use and the referee calls for a DQ. Wait, what? They didn’t use the chairs yet, Gallows just grabbed 2 and that results in a DQ? Why? A chair was grabbed in that Kyle/Bad Influence match earlier and a move was performed with it (no one was hit with it, but it was used) and nothing happened there. So why here? Is ROH one of those companies that makes up rules when it benefits them?

Winners via DQ: The Kingdom

After the match, Gallows & Anderson go for some move on one of the Kingdom on the chairs, but Maria hops up on the apron and that gets them to stop for some reason. I’m not sure why. They then grab her and try to do the move on her, before one of the Kingdom members stops it. Then Maria gets out of the ring, and Gallows & Anderson hit the move on the Kingdom guy, making the distraction pointless. And what the hell is Maria wearing on her legs? I was going to question how getting on the apron stopped them, but they must have been wondering what she was wearing.

Overall Impressions:

This was an alright show. I wasn’t hugely impressed by it or anything, but it wasn’t bad and was MUCH better than last week’s show. Just an okay show overall. I still really don’t care about any of ROH’s stories or wrestlers (with the obvious exceptions of Bad Influence, even if they did lose their personalities, & Jay Lethal), but I’m still willing to give ROH a chance, so that’s good. But as for the show itself, as I said twice: Just okay. Not much to say honestly.

That’s it for the review, and I hope you enjoyed it. Or if this gets a response like the last one got, I hope you enjoy reading through this in the future Cannon. Let me know what you thought of the show and/or review in the comments, and the Impact review will be up shortly. I’ll see everyone then.