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Nature Energy boost all of Naruto's stats, Bijuu Chakra boosts all of Naruto's stats, Regular Chakra being absorbed boosts all of Sasuke's and Kaguya's stats when they were fatigued etc etc.

I'm no expert but nature energy directly enhances the muscles and senses of the user, that's what senjutsu does, the bijuu cloak increases Naruto's stats, one can enhance something with chakra and that's shown by visible chakra surrounding that object. Chakra isn't just energy, it's a life force. Someone can die from draining themselves.

It's best to guage stats through jutsu or shown physicals and not chakra as Sasuke doesn't have anymore chakra in the Susanoo than he does in base. He expends more but you won't see him going into a fist fight with Naruto in Kurama's avatar. I mean what's the difference between Susanoo and normal Sasuke if it's the same chakra hence stats?

Ten tails did nothing more than scorch itself with it's bomb, Madara absobs it, black Zetsu pierces him with his hand, black Zetsu's hand>Madara and Ten tails combined..........

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R1. SM- KN4 is just a beast, greater power and likely speed but SM isn't getting tagged. RS seals the deal.

R2. SM- just alot easier

R3. KN6 messes him up

Bonus: well KCM is gonna be outspeeding hard. He could hold his own but KN6 can overpower force that could send giant toads flying a good distance. KCM has trouble but he can beat down KN6 overtime especially with clones.

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How many planet level physical attacks are there in bleach = 0

Connections just can not be made to put weight and context to the statements the author placed around ichigo.

Rewatch the Soul Society arc. It explains why statements don't match feats and more importantly, why visuals and physicals don't correspond with power, it does so very clearly. If you don't see it, just keep rewatching

Ichigo could never come close to busting a planet, but give a dude durability on the planetary scale and Ichigo would cleave him in two.


Busting tier- physically at MCB busting if I'm being generous but could do some potentially country wide destruction with gran rey getsuga. Higher physical level after the dangai training turning mountains to powder with shockwaves. Not sure where that physically puts him.

Potency- ERROR/Physical impossibility/Ranged specific nigh omnipotence/True Destroyer

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Eh in other series statements are actually used and feats are scaled up. For Bleach on this site statements are discarded whenever people feel like it and feats aren’t scaled up even though characters literally grow tens of thousands of times more powerful.

But yeah, Manny said it best EoS Ichigo is room level.

Statements are discarded because based on feats, they are whack.

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This thread though, CV needs a liking system πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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@braindrain: who said the seireitei is planet sized? Soul Society is planet sized, not the seireitei.

The seemingly over the top statements are laughable if you're an anime only fan that didn't try to dig too deep into how stuff in Bleach works, or you just don't understand the manga. I for one came to conclusions that pointed in that direction even before hearing about the novels, so these seemingly laughable statements make perfect sense to me.

The thing about gillians is really true. The entirety of their power is comparable to a large planet. Not their actual potency or output but all of their power, meaning if they should release all their power that drains them dry in one go, they would do HM (planet) sized destruction or have that level of potency.

HM is not your average rocky planet where size is concerned. Imagine seeing something possibly 1 week's worth of walking appear to be less than half a mile away, and the ground between yourself and the structure still appears to be completely flat. Easily one huge ass planet so even the lowest class of Menos is no joke.

If these stuff seem weird to you, search the manga for a time where someone takes damage from something other than another person's attack. Stuff like that only happens in the anime. May not seem like much but question yourself; what level of physical damage is really required to hurt them? There's too much stuff to try and flesh out, and people usually end up only follow their own findings when it comes to Bleach because the end result of searching for answers is always a seemingly whack conclusion that seems like beyond wanking, so best believe that you'll never agree with me. You won't have a problem if you can't possibly find other conclusions but you'd rather keep them to yourself

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@braindrain: but a gillian's reishi was used to create a large planet. And it's three dimensions for better clarification. People tend to think the planets are small and by themselves with nothingness everywhere else.

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@blitzsikes: the general consensus is Meliodas stomps Ichigo in an unholy mismatch, so I went with Yhwach.

But this isn't true

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Low class shinigami cant compare to a paper bomb, sado one shotted them with single punches in soul society arc. How durable is hallibel. Please prove ur point and dont scale.

Low class shinigami cleave hollows in two like they're paper and one shot hollows that take telephone poles to the neck with no damage, a paper bomb doesn't even clear trees, it's like a grenade without the bullet like pieces. I don't mean to be rude but it's stupid to tell me not to scale and it proves how crap level your knowledge is on a series that relies entirely on scaling. Sado was also easily removing the limbs of hollows with just punches while much weaker. Even at the hollow's crap tier reiatsu, a paper bomb isn't goint to do anything close to that.

A shinra tensei nuked a city. Chibaku tensei held the nine tails (stomps every single person in bleach except maybe juha).and pein can absorb any sero or wolves stark uses. No attack in bleach can equal bijudama, pein tanked one.

........ I'll pretend I didn't see the 1st part. Pain cannot absorb Starrk's ceros or wolves, simply saying they're way too powerful is an irritating downplay, a bijuu dama is just an explosion, an explosion that was once a heavy sphere of compressed chakra who's damaging capability really comes from the massive explosion.

Drowns the idiot and, samehada absorbed biju dama already, heck kisame was going to absorb hirudora despite its size and power, what stopped him was that it wasn't an energy bomb. Hirudora hit him dead on while not at his strongest and yet he didn't die, so yammy ain't doing jack. Kisame can absorb his energy till he goes down.

Yammy punches GG. It's like I have to explain everything to you. So he tanked hirudora, what of it? A giant ball of foam vs a small ball of lead

And what is the power of a gilians cero. And what striking feats do lieutenants have above cero. Not fifth seat, Lieutenant. Zetsu will kill this punk.

A gillian's cero can reduce someone to nothing. For a second forget about technique scaling and try to remember something in Naruto that does that. After doing that, imagine something in Naruto that does that with nothing more than energy intensity, which by calculation is kinda impossible. Hope you know physics kinda stops being a thing here. A lieutenant could cross swords with numeros that were previously adjucha before getting turned into arrancars. Remember how a normal type hollow was as strong as if not stronger than a gillian by evolving in such a way. An adjucha is birthed when a gillian comsumes it's own kind then their power gets boosted to another level. Shinigamification could make them as much as hundreds of times stronger. All that just be equal to lieutenants. Even leaving a small burn mark on lieutenants is beyond what a gillian's cero could do.

In naruto power doesn't break seals. And in bleach aizen couldn't use power to break a weaker seal, much less ulquiorra who was powerless against negacion (a seal that send hollow to amother dimension) totsuka tsurugi is similar except it keeps the person sealed forever in a world of drunken stupor. So much for power overcoming everything. Aizen was three levels ahead of urahara and yet...

Comparing itachi to orihime, you're just a fan boy. Can shun shun rikka block an attack that busts three mountains.

What are you comparing the seal used on Aizen with when you say 'weaker'? Ulquiorra broke out of Caja de Negacion in base albeit it took some time. Yet what? Urahara created a seal powerful enough to hold a being on Aizen's level? You think in a strange way man, how do you view that as a power insufficiency rather than a seal strength?

Comparing a ninja to someone described as stepping into the territory of a god. Can shun shun rikka block an attack that bust three mountains, you ask, if you knew anything you'd never use 'mountain level' as a marker, that's like starting with negative integers when counting.

Poison, and the only way to kill him is his living core, prep wont help anyone find that out, kabuto was his confidant for years and didn't even know what he looked like, and sasori hides in combat unkess you forcibly bring him out. you're yet to answer, poison.

So what happens when all of Sasori gets erased immediately by a cero or a vital spot targeted bala?

Szayel aporro grantz doesnt make clones that are equal to the originals, if he did ishida and renji and their compabions would've died, heck the clones were just look alikes, and if he could make equals of everyone, aizen wouldn't have been king in las noches. You really need to stop.

They are like Naruto's clones in a sense except all their power is equal to the original. Just answer this question; have you truly seen the series? The more you say, the more it seems like you've just seen pictures alone. Do ypu even know how his cloning works?

C4 karura again. Gai is faster than grimmjow. That is a fact.

Did you just try to translate speed to power? Note well, when an arrancar enters ressureccion, they become physically stronger and faster as a side ability for greater efficiency. What mainly makes them any better is the level of reiatsu they have at their disposal. I won't oppose the possibility that Gai may truly be faster than Grimmjow because speed is in the same boat as physical strength when in comes to Bleach

Strength and reiatsu= strength is the force someone can exert with their muscles, in the series, it doesn't help in a clash (after a certain level of power is achieved) but it contributes to the effectiveness of a strike. Reiatsu by itself can stop physical force (hence no leverage is needed to parry inferior beings). It doesn't increase the mass nor acceleration of the user. What damage is done to anything not directly hit by an attack is the result of the force which isn't related to reiatsu. Example: Grimmjow is physically stronger than Aizen but Aizen has greater reiatsu so if they should cross blades, Grimmjow can either get pushed back or get his sword cleaved through.

Speed and reiatsu. They aren't proportional nor has any relationship. Greater reiatsu=greater perception. Greater reiatsu pressures the lesser, and blunts it's movements. In excess pressure alone can physically stop something. Greater reiatsu also disrupts the perception the lesser has on it. Speed can vary wildly in Bleach, but no one will ever blitz someone stronger than them and the weaker will be blitzed even if they're faster the same way a character will be overpowered, even if they are physically stronger.

Proof of hallibels durability, and don't bring ulquirra into this. Nnointora is number five and the most durable espada. Their rank is based on reiatsu not stats.

Nnoitra isn't the most durable espada, he has the toughest hierro. Hierro toughness translates to damage one can tank in relation to their spirit energy. Obviously there's a range around a character that tells what's enough to damage or kill them. Ulquiorra could take damage from Ichigo even though his power was higher, Nnoitra didn't take damage from Kenpachi until Kenpachi could slap him away (proving he's stronger). It means one would need to be stronger than Nnoitra in order to be effective. Kinda also means he can't fire a gran rey since he has insufficient power to break his own skin regardless of how high or low he places his power. Nnoitra's overall durability is atmost comparable to Ulquiorra's. A shinigami can be more durable than Nnoitra if their reiatsu is high enough. The only way a shinigami equal to Nnoitra can be as durable, is to have far greater physical resilience, a shinigami's skin is just ordinary skin you know.

Stark has more reiatsu and his strongest point is firing ceros, try again. Dont bring up his speed either, zommari is faster than him.

Ceros are generally less effective than an arrancar's natural reiatsu damaging capability with a weapon. A cero is intensified spirit energy but, based on my understanding of the technique, it is easily less damaging than regular sword strikes, even if they are not bladed. Starrk's normal ressureccion isn't fit for battle against people as strong as or stronger than him (hence metralleta was his only effective move that would produce multiple minor damages). He needs to change to the wolf hound state where his attacks are pieces of his own soul and goes beyond the natural output he can emit, plus he has swords for way better damaging capability. The 1st state is good for taking out large groups or people weaker than him. With my earlier explanation, you would be aware that even though Zommari is faster, Starrk would blitz him to shame.

You need to read naruto, an island level punch couldn't kill kisame when he wasn't at full strength, whats yammy goin to do.

Yammy punches his head off regardless. Remember how espadas aren't allowed to fire gran rey cero because of it's sheer mass but the technique strength still pales in comparison to their normal strikes in ressureccion? Lets see 8 gates Gai use his finishing move but instead give him SS arc captain bankai level reiatsu on top of it. If Kisame tanks that, then we could argue he has a chance of surviving a strike from BASE Yammy. With the last statement there, are you getting the picture I'm painting regarding the way reiatsu works?

Sakuras punches arent buiding level, and does zommari have any feats at building level. Cause byakuya killed him with a building level attack.

Is this meant to be a troll comment? Aizen swinging his sword is what, air level? Reiatsu doesn't have a physical effect with movement. What is seen of something that wasn't directly impacted is physical force.

Stop dick riding bleach, orochimaru would solo bleach with enough prep time.

There's only so much he can do to beings that can erase him, pulverize his body, or render him motionless by standing near him.

I don't think you're purposely downplaying, you just don't know better and that's understandable. It's really quite a tricky series