Hello Again

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I used to love a boy who pretended to be a man who loved it here, a Peter Pan flying and galloping through the Never-Never Land of comics. He didn't love me back, though, and married someone else. I left because I didn't want to be reminded of him or the not-me things he loved.

One day I woke up, though, and realized that I was a selfish little girl, when, in fact, I needed to be a woman. I made up with him, though he is gone from this place still for reasons I completely understand. I'm not writing this for attention, but writing it for you.

I still enjoy comics and video games and wonderfully nerdy things. The things I fell in love with weren't parts of him, but parts of me that he led to. You are you, and not him or her, and when things seem to fall to pieces, it isn't catastrophe, but your chance to put things back together again to make an even better picture than before. I was homeless once, and then I wasn't. I was in love once, and then I wasn't, but I look forward to being in love again. The next time, though, I will be me and not just imagine myself part of him. I hope that you find love and when you do, be yourself so that people can love you for you. Don't try to be part of him. Or her. Or them.

I can't speak to God, but I love you all. It feels good to be back.