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Spanglish. 7

Being an American of Puerto Rican AND Mexican descent, I have to say, the Spanglish kills this series for me. I know HEAPS of Latinos who do NOT speak that way, including myself and everyone in my family. They either speak in English or they speak in Spanish. I've never gotten the fascination with "Spanglish" in the entertainment world when it comes to the portrayal of Latino characters. I find it a forced reminder of what the characters ethnicity is and it comes off bogus.   The only positive t...

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Flashpoint Face Punch! 0

This is it! This is where it all ENDS and then.....BEGINS!!!AND THEN!!...........Barry runs after, catches and then punches himself in the kisser and the 'Flashpoint' happens? REALLY? It took 5 issues to get there? I don't know, I'm totally exhausted by it all. By the end of the issue and all of the ideas started to meld, I was just anxious for the 'Flashpoint' to happen and to move on. The Barry with Mom segments were okay but were a bit overtaken by what was going on around it. I felt like the...

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Look! It's Steve Rogers! Again! 1

First thing, love the cover. I wish Pacheco was the artist on the inside.   I know people who love his work, but I'm still not an Eaglesham fan. Although I had less of a problem with the art this go round. (EXCEPT for too much purple on some of the pages and the last page, where more of Eaglesham's crackhead Steve Rogers appeared.  Blech. I know what he is going for but really, it's a bit much.)  Story wise, I am very much enjoying the "quiet" solo adventures of a guy who seems to be every...

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America'sTop Law Enforcement Operative!!! 0

 America'sTop Law Enforcement  Operative !!!! --- There. Just in case Marvel's constant attempt of not letting us forget this little nugget wasn't enough.   Good = The story. I like it. I felt for a second it might get a bit corny with all the flashbacking going on but it withstood.   Not So Good = I'm not a huge fan of Dale Eaglesham's art (not enough eyeballs in his faces, kind of creepy) but not enough to take me out of the story.  Bad (very) = EXCEPT when he draws a skinny boned young Steve ...

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