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TAS Rants: Konami!!

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So, according to Geoff Keighley, the host of The Game Awards, the VGA, Kojima wanted to attend the awards show but Konami banned him from doing so. That is IT, I am DONE. I am not buying a single Konami game. I do not care if it is a new Metal Gear game and it looks AWESOME. I am done. That is it. Screw this company. I would feel bad about buying a game from this damned company. Kojima has poured his heart and soul into these beautiful games and this beautiful series, then... Konami does this? Konami is full of ass.

To all of my Metal Gear friends, I don't want to TELL you what to do or anything, but please take a second to think before buying another game from Konami. They are the same people that banned the awesome Hideo Kojima from attending to receive the award which he earnt (best action / adventure game). Konami sucks.