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CV Ranking of Batman Movies (VOTING)

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Today I thought I might do something special and ask of everyone to rank the Batman films from best to worst! This is the voting, then I will compile all of the answers to produce results. Your top choice will get 7 points, your bottom choice will get one point, so please list them from BEST to worst.


  • Only live action Batman films, that includes Batman, Returns, Forever, Batman and Robin, Begins, TDK and TDKR.
  • Please, no "Batman And Robin" as your first choice, that's just weird.


  1. The Dark Knight (7 Points)
  2. The Dark Knight Rises (6 Points)
  3. Batman Begins (5 points)
  4. Batman (4 points)
  5. Batman Returns (3 points)
  6. Batman Forever (2 points)
  7. Batman and Robin (1 point)

Have at it!