Respect Red Hulk

Respect Red Hulk

Red Hulk
Red Hulk

Though Rulk didn't have good start, later rulk went though interesting Character developments, he has become so much more then a mere copy of the original. Sure he may not be the strongest, but rulk shines in places the hulk doesn't , rulk unlike many of hulks villains have learned to accept his place, he is not THE HULK, he is general Thunderbolt Ross , a solder, a hero and a noble man. Ross is the kind of person that would complete his mission no matter what the cost, he is a soldier, In and Out.

Powers ( By @Necrotic_Lycanthrope )

As a Human

Much as like Bruce Banner, Thaddeus Ross is relatively normal whilst in base human form. However, he possesses a decent amount of strength, speed and agility for a standard human, most likely a result of regular exercise and training. He is also incredibly militarily skilled from his years in the Army and is a master tactician and strategist. He is also very skilled at flying military and commercial planes and is adept at multiple forms of guns and melee weaponry (ex. chains, swords, hunting knives etc.).

Prior to his battle with the Omegex, Ross was also able to absorb external energy forces in order to trigger an immediate transformation event at times of extreme peril and weakness. He was also able to generate high electrical impulses as a side effect of his mental binding with the Zzax creature. This bond remained for a long period of time, and he was able to use it in Red Hulk form to force Zzax to retaliate against MODOK Superior. This ability, as with the energy absorption, has seemingly been nullified ever since.

As Red Hulk/Rulk

Superhuman Berserker Strength and Mega Heat Generation

In Red Hulk form, Ross displays an incredible amount of strength, going as far as even being stronger in base force than the Savage Hulk (although the latter would eventually overpower the former due to his rage factor). As with The Hulk, Red Hulk can lift with incredible ease more than 100 metric tons and have a strength threshold far beyond what has been currently seen, although his strength is hampered by his heat generation and lack of a similar strength building mechanism as his green ancestor.

While as the Green Hulk can build upon his base strength through gamma generation in his cellular structure, Red Hulk has, so far, been seen as being unable to perform a similar feat, most likely due to the complex radioactive and cosmic cocktail that helped create him in the first place. However, he did display prominently an ability to forcibly drain the energy out of an enemy though physical contact (or even close proximity to his body) and use it to magnify his already huge power level. Although this ability has seemingly been short-circuited in an attempt to drain the Omegex, it is unclear whether he still retains the increased power level from his energy vampirism or if it was a temporary injection of force.

A significant downside that Red Hulk has compared to the green Hulk is that his body cannot support the intense heat he generates if his temper flares out of control. Unlike most creatures that would normally just sweat it out, the heat is so intense that every liquid would most likely evaporate instantaneously, essentially baking Red Hulk from the inside-out. This in turn makes him very dizzy, lose conscious control of his body and cause intense pain if allowed to increase further.

He is also shown to have a severe reaction to Negative Energy when absorbed, causing intense pain beyond the threshold for a hulk and possibly generate an allergic reaction within his physiognomy. He is also weak to mental attack, mainly because his rage does not envelop his mind entirely like it does when the Hulk goes into rage mode. But with the help of a mental helmet to block psychic attack, this problem hasn't been much of a problem lately (outside of a brief skirmish with Emma Frost during the Avengers vs. X-men arc.)

Self Sustenance

Red Hulk can function for extended periods within intake of food, oxygen and water. However, it is seen that he oftentimes eats whole carcasses of cooked animals (ex. deer, cows etc.) and might signify an energy balance factor seen primarily in shrew-like animals, where to maintain an extremely high body temperature and subsequent physical energy, the body requires immense intake of protein. However, as he is not seen to eat in bulk often, it is unsure whether this is the case or not for Red Hulk, or even the Green Hulk for that matter.

Regeneration and Possible "Immortality"

As with the Green Hulk, Red Hulk possesses an incredibly fast hearing factor. However, while his counterpart is able to regenerate more and more with anger, this isn't possible for Rulk as his strength levels cannot increase in rage. This does not mean that he has a less potent healing factor. It just means that it cannot be accelerated as fast as that of The Incredible Hulk.

He is also seen to have a weakness for bladed objects, but this may be due to the fact that Red Hulk is attacked more often with stakes and swords than his counter-part, who often deals more in physical or energy attacks. Despite these very minor differences, Red Hulk can still repair wounds normally permanently debilitating for humans (ex. regenerate new eyes after having them cut open by Wolverine's claws). This regeneration also helps to keep Red Hulk in a semi-permanent mature state.

This means that Red Hulk cannot physically age as a standard human can. For him to start resembling someone of old age, he's have to be in hulk form permanently for over a century. His body continually regenerates damaged tissue, meaning he is immune to most known diseases, including the Techno-organic Virus (of which he managed to "sweat out" by increasing his body temperature to destroy the virus.) It is also possible that this regeneration has also caused him to reverse the aging process, essentially making himself physically younger than his real age intends. If Red Hulk does end up surviving all the threats on his person, there is the possibility that he will remain alive for essentially eternity.


Red Hulk has an incredibly durable body, and has physically been able to withstand a direct blow to the face with Thor's hammer Mjolinir, only to laugh it off with only an "X" caved into his face. He has also taken on multiple super-humans at one time, effectively shaking them off and decisively beating them multiple times (ex. The Avengers prior to him joining and the Lady Liberators formed under a vengeful She-Hulk wanting payback for an earlier beating.) Even blows from The Hulk do little to slow down Red Hulk, at least until Hulk's strength builds enough to match that of Red Hulk.

His skin and muscle, being as thick and dense as it is, allows for Rulk to survive deep sea depth equal to those seen in the Marianas Trench with no ill physical effects outside of the need for oxygen. He can also withstand direct contact with molten lava and can operate in a fiery environment with little worry of external damage. His body is tough enough to survive the conditions of space itself, at one point not only jumping to the moon while dragging Thor behind him, but also leaping back to Earth and surviving unscathed a deep crater-forming impact.


Rulk has an almost unending supply of stamina, able to theoretically fight for days on end without stopping. He can also force himself to stay awake for several months, functioning solely of adrenaline and lingering stamina. He can also recuperate immensely quickly lost stamina; he'd be able to jump back into the fray of battle, even after being impaled, gutted etc.

Energy absorption

Rulk cannot, as stated above, build strength the same way as the Incredible Hulk can. However, he was able to build his immense strength levels further by draining power from enemies and applying it to his own force. Similarly to the way Rogue's absorption abilities work, except that a brush of the skin, unless intentional, does not harm unintended victims and he cannot gain never before seen abilities as she can.

Red Hulk can also release the stored collected energy in his body all at once in an fire-like way, knocking back enemies as well as burning them. He can also, at times, light himself on fire with this same energy when in a rage, seemingly breathing fire as he snarls animalistically at his enemies.

Former Powers

While energy absorption appears to be a "former" ability, Red Hulk had held multiple different abilities at one point. During the combined Venom story-arc of Circle of Four, Red Hulk becomes exposed to both the Venom Symbiote and the Spirit of Vengeance. The result is a huge hulking skeleton wrapped in black and red fiery torn musculature and tendrils, edged out with thick toe claws, elongated black nails and angler fish-like set of massive criss-crossing barbed yellow fangs. In this combined Hulked-Out Symbiote of Vengeance, Rulk had, not only all the abilities he possessed as only in Hulk-form, but also those of Venom and Ghost Rider, at one pint web swinging and conducting a Penance Stare at Blackheart (son of Mephisto) at the same time.

Hulk 3#

Punching A-bomb so hard that it caused a level 10 earthquake

Hulk #4

"You've never had a friend like me !"

Hulk #12

Killing the Microverse Hulk

Incredible Hulk #600

Draining the hulk out of Bruce Banner after a a fight !

Hulk 7-9#

Rulk Vs lady liberators . While rulk is more than a match for Valkyire, she-hulk and Thundra , the lady liberators seemingly bested rulk, but later learn that he was playing possum !

Hulk 15#

Hey! apparently wolverine Can wait that was rulk throwing him away like a football ...hehe

Hulk 17#

Ross is a great strategist, he was able to outsmart Sampson !

Hulk 22#

Rulk holds his own agaisnt The hulked-out heros and then uses Cyclops laser to fire them out of the Helicarrier

Hulk 23#

Rulk tears up Cosmic Hulk

Hulk 29#

A team of destruction ! it certainly does feel good to win

Hulk 47#

Rulk Vs Kukulkan The Great

Venom #14

We Smash For VENGEANCE !

Thunderbolts #7

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Rulk beats his own team....great leader huh?

Thunderbolts #11

Trashes Crimson Dynamos.

Thunderbolts #17

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Rulk has really Good coordination and easily tears through an alien ship.

Thunderbolts #22

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While strong guy eventually gave in willingly, Red hulk still easy fought his way through hells minions as well as incapacitate strong guy.

The End.