Powers, Abilities, Weaknesses, Public relation.

Powers, Abilities, Weaknesses, Public relations.


TWS has three different kind of webbing each stronger than the other.

Normal web - just like spider-man’s web, comes from the web shooter under his palm

Power web - is thicker like venom’s webbing and is also very sticky. Comes from upper part of the hand.

Acid web -  Is very dangerous the acid is so potent it could consume a man in minutes it also consume metals.. Come from his fingertips.


His nails are very powerful and like felines he can draw them out, a scratch from them is lethal the victim could die in seven minutes. Note: TWS is not a murder he does not use them.


All his normal senses are sharply altered. Specially his sight he can adapt his vision to see in the night.
Touch, smell, spider sense, hearing, sight. Are very sharp giving him incredible reflexes.
Sonic Cry: Adam can emit a very powerful loud sonic wave like the canary cry.

Arachnid telepath sense:

 he can understand spiders and even use them in the field.

 Other Abilities:

Over Olympic agility.
Master self defense classes, Aikido.
Wall Clinger.
Super strength - His strength is Herculian
Durability: Adam has super human durability can take a large sum of punishment and wont go down easily


Sammy his friend.

Relation whit the public:

The people don’t like him. He is a hero but to new York he is nothing but a poser.
He even got shot by a civilian who hated him.

Venom Symbiote:

When bonded with the Venom symbiote TWS gains all its abilities:

When a Symbiote bonds to a host creature, the host generally gains certain abilities through it. Some common abilities gained are:
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Healing
  • Genetic Memory: The host can bring back memories of former hosts of the symbiote
  • Tracking: Generally in the form of tracking other symbiotes
  • Altering Appearance: They posses the ability to change their color as well as their shape. Toxin has exhibited the ability to also make certain portions of his body translucent or transparent (particularly at the eyes
  • Tendrils: Flexible appendages that posses great amounts of strength equal to that of an average man.
  • Shape Shifting: Carnage has been known to create blades and other weapons on his limbs or change his very appearance or simply camouflage himself to his surroundings.
  • Stealth: After being bonded to Spider-Man for so long , Venom also posses the ability to mask itself from Spider-Man's Senses.


Even though each symbiote generation gets a little stronger their main weaknesses are sound and heat. Though some are more immune to the effects of said weaknesses, intense amounts will usually take a toll

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