Favourite teams

I have something with numbers in a team.

  • CP9 (nine members)
  • Akatsuki (each member represents a finger, in total ten)
  • Espada (top ten fighters)
  • Secret Six (a group of six misfits)
  • Gotei 13 (the court guards are seperated in 13 squads)
  • Sinister Six (a group of six of Spider-Mans worst enemies)
  • Justice League ( doesn't have anything to do with numbers, but still an awesome team)
  • Vizards (same reason as the Justice League)

List items

  • Water 7 is probably my favourite arc. One for having Franky, two for having an awesome story, three for the epic battles and four for having these awesome people for antagonists.

  • Akatsuki has been controlling the Ninja world for decades, working behind the scenes. Each member is as powerful as cool.

  • The top 10 strongest hollow fighters of Aizen. Each one of them is ranked by number based on their power.

  • After I read the first series, i was hooked up on the series. When they added Bane to the cast, they made things even better.

  • Yeah, the Shinigami order which protects the court. Each court has their own captain, reputation and duty.

  • Six of Spider-Mans most dangerous and evil rogues.

  • The animated series really got me hooked up on this team.

  • They are motherflippin awesome! They are like a reverse version of the Espada


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I would think the Vizards would be on this list. Nice list though, regardless.

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@Sexy Merc:  Good one, done and done