Favourite characters

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  • I grew up watching Batman TAS. The more I saw of him, the more i began to love the character. When i was old enough to read, i picked up an issue of Batman. It was awesome, since then I began to read and learn more about Batman.

  • The darker and more violent version of Spider-Man. Born from an alien symbiote that had absorbed the powers of Spider-man, Venom is as dangerous as he is cool. I've always liked the fact that a character so far fetched can be so populair.

  • Everyone deserves a chance for redemption. Even a Hellspawn. Thats why I find the Spawn (Al Simmons) such an intressting character. Yes he was a scumbag when he was alive. Worth to be damned. But once (un)dead. He started to reflect into his past life. That's why I like Spawn. He's a perfect image of what redemption truly is.

  • Benjamin Grimm was involved in a freak accident and was transformed into a hulking brute made out of orange rock. His new appearence was a shock for both him and others. But over time he grew out to become one of Marvel's most beloved heroes. Ben Grimm has shown us that it doesn't matter what's on the outside, it matters what's on the inside.

  • The Man who Broke the Bat. Bane is known for being the brains as well as the brawn. He's a master tactician and an accomplished martial artist. While outclassed in strength by most characters Bane makes it up by using his intellect and experience.

  • Flint Marko is a villain with a conscience. He isn't truly evil, just misguided. His morality is one of the coolest aspects of the character, it's what defines him. He is one of Spider-Man's enemies who he can rely on when needed. Besides his heartwarming personality, he also posseses awesome powers.

  • The most powerful member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen. Kisame is my favourite Naruto character. His powers are off the charts and he wields the giant sword Shamehada. All winning points for me.

  • He's the Juggernaut B#@!%!!

  • Kakuzu is an awesome character. His powers are cool but the thing that won me over was his greed. They took a basic and cliche emotion and made it cool again.

  • My favourite Bleach character.

  • Atrocitus is a great villain. Not only is he strong and vicious, he also leads one of the most terrifying forces in the universe.

  • I was first introduced to his films, after watching them i became interessted in the character. I picked up an issue and I loved Mike Mignola's quirky and cool art style.

  • James Rhodes Rocks! I like Iron Man but what i liked about James Rhodes is his military theme and raw firepower. One of the other reasons I respect him, is the fact that he is one of the few major African-American heroes.

  • Even with all his origin retcons Hawkman will always be a cool character, always liked the idea of Conan with wings.

  • A perfect foe for the Batman. Organised, mysterious and in suit, Black Mask is one of the coolest villains out there.