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This book needs New U 0

I just read somewhere that Slott has written about 20% of Amazing Spider-Man in total. Like if you were to pick one comic from 5 random issues chances are it might be a Slott oneLet's take a moment to reflect on that...Anyway, so I haven't done one of these in a while, but I've been following the book and good lord...I just love how my favourite hero is a constant @#$%-up every issue so he can learn from his mistakes and be better hero or some bs. I just love how the 'writer' forces him into stu...

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Not bad 0

I haven’t done one of these for a few issues, so I thought I’d express my opinion.The comic was okay. Nothing too horrendous, but nothing spectacular, it was fine.The art is on point, regardless of how I feel about the writing this is a very nice book to look at.There was nothing really else that stood out to me so this review will be a short one. I guess I’m intrigued about the man in the red but that’s pretty much it.One thing that is worrying me is how much setting up ...

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New Status Quo 0

There are spoilers, so be warned. So, I couldn’t be bothered reviewing the rest of RYV, I thought the first two, maybe three issues were fairly solid, even good perhaps, but issues four and five were ‘meh’, okay at best.When I first saw the promo picture for This ‘All New’ Amazing Spider-Man (whatever you want to call it) by the great Alex Ross, I thought to myself: ‘You have got to be joking’. It’s not the art that was the problem, it’s what...

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Solid (Spoilers!!) 1

So issue 2, felt like a long wait for this one but I had rather high expectations. Yes, for the first time (in ever) I had expectations on a Slott book that weren’t exceedingly low.Then I saw the post-secret wars stuff, and it looked ridiculous. Absolutely, ridiculous.I actually had A LOT to say this about this, but I’m going to save it for now. Though I will say this; I can’t wait to see it all blow up in Marvels face because I’ll be there to ‘review’ (tear i...

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Solid (SPOILERS!!!) 3

So lets recap on Vol.3 so far; The first arc sucked, Black Cats character was ruined, sh!t dialogue, Silk sucked etc, then there was some filler, move on, then Spider-Verse one of the most hyped up stories of all time, that started promising then turned into a complete an utter mess of an event. Basically there was too many characters and not enough issues or pages to flesh them out properly, (yeah I know there were tie-ins but I'm just going off by issues 9-15). Then another three issue filler ...

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