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Where's Where in the DC Universe

A heavily compiled, alphabetized list of many DC Universe locations.

  • Some locations may be dead/destroyed.
  • Some locations may be out of continuity.
  • Some locations may be from other universes that have been folded into the mainstream continuity (like Wildstorm, Vertigo, or Milestone) that have yet to appear in the current DCU, or that have appeared in the current DCU.
  • Some locations are real-life places.
  • Some locations are in alternate realities/the future.
  • Some locations are on another plane of existence.
  • I counted the Speedforce as a location, since many people have entered it, and have even been lost in it. Same goes for the √únternet, as well as the Quantum Field, the Green, and the Red.
  • There are also unconventional things I counted as locations, such as Danny the Street, the Carrier, Mogo, and Brother Eye.

It used to be ordered and alphabetized, but now it's not, since CV updated to a s###ty list sytem. Thanks, CV.

A thank you goes out to CV users dr. x, Mr. Q, cindycenter, Razzatazz, and Cosmic Cube. Without their lists I wouldn't have been able to cover as many locations.

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