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Oh crap...did she hit someone? She didn't see anyone, but it sounded like she hit someone! Her question was answered in a way that didn't lower her panic levels any when a costumed face appeared at her window. Her first impulse was to punch through the glass and try to knock her hitchhiker off, but then the masked woman just asked her to pull over, and...politely, at that, of all things. It served as a reminder that she wasn't in kill-or-be-killed Gothic anyone, at least. Besides, punching would involve her releasing her white-knuckle grasp on the steering wheel, and that clearly wasn't going to happen.

Instead, she half-turned her head, eyes that felt like the must be the size of saucers trying to look at both her unexpected passenger and the road/sidewalk ahead. "HOW?!"

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It had really seemed like a good idea at the time. Expendaville might not be the safest city in the world, but Aibreann had figured that, with all the super-powered dustups that it was famous (or infamous) for, someone like her would be able to slide under the radar and have an easier time getting by. This city's problem was pseudo-gods hurling pieces of buildings at each other, not cutthroats lurking in every alley. Word had it that a number of businesses and wealthier citizens had actually built Cold War-style bunkers to duck inside of when two metahuman titans decided to settle a score; all she'd have to do is find one that had been abandoned and forgotten, and she'd be living the good life, or at least the closest she'd ever gotten to the good life.

This was where she'd miscalculated, however. Just because a bunker seemed abandoned didn't mean that there wasn't a state-of-the-art security system protecting it. Fortunately, the bars that immediately fell across the entrance weren't able to withstand her strength in her hybrid form, but they slowed her down enough that she wasn't able to get clear before the police arrived. This is how she happened to be sitting behind the wheels of a...borrowed EPD interceptor, being chased by every police vehicle in a 20-block radius, and desperately wishing her only driving experience up to this point was sneaking into Fast and Furious movies.

She floored the pedal, doing her best to avoid hitting anyone, and wincing as she obliterated a hot dog stand that didn't share its owner's good sense in getting out of her way. She spared a moment's wistful glance as the steaming pork cylinders rolled up and over her windshield before being scattered across the road like delicious meat confetti. Such a waste. She couldn't stop now, though. She needed to find a place to ditch the car that was within sprinting distance of a sewer grate or subway entrance.

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"Everything goes away. Everything. When you come right down to it, life is just a long series of losses. Doesn't matter how hard you try to hold onto something, you can't expect it to keep existing just because it grounds you. And maybe it's selfish to want it to, but when I look around and see what other people's selfishness has done, I somehow can't lose any sleep over wanting it to, anyways. Or maybe I just already have enough reasons to lose sleep."

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Who says we can't...?

I'm totally sneaking in. I don't even need a costume, and no one ever posts guards in the kitchen! :D

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In the shadows of the alley across the street the bar, a manhole cover quietly rose up several inches and slid to the side, making only the slightest of scraping sounds. After several moments passed and no one had seemingly been alerted, a pair of slender, strong hands, covered in thick fur and ending in sharp claws, emerged from the darkness of the manhole and gripped the edge, followed shortly by a feral face. Eyes gleamed in the faint streetlights, and a canine nose twitched as it cautiously sampled the scents of the surface world.

Satisfied that no immediate threats were near, Aibreann deftly lifted the rest of her body from the darkness and swiftly slid behind a long-abandoned grease dumpster, crouching down out of sight. She was in the more humanoid of her hybrid forms, the one that gave her the greatest speed and agility, and the cool breeze that blew through Gothic City's streets in the early autumn weather felt good on her fur, especially after the fetid stuffiness of the sewers. She did not approach the bar, but merely watched its doors closely, from a safe distance, all of her enhanced senses on full alert.

Sooner or later, a likely mark would present itself, ideally a lone reveler who'd imbibed too much and wouldn't be able to effectively react to the sudden impact of a lycanthropic body. If all went according to plan, she'd be vanishing back into the darkness before the target realized that their wallet, purse, or whatever valuable she manged to snatch was gone.

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Hours and hours of careful planning...I have no idea! I was born into this!

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"Dinner" was whatever I could lick out of the grease dumpster before the restaurant owner chased me away with a shotgun; Let me tell you what you can do with all your ideas about the future!

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"Humans first?"

Yeah, humans have had it sooo rough.

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@hawkshade: Prime...hard to believe that it's been so long...