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Basic Information

Name: Aibreann (surname unknown)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Nature of powers: mutation


Has a genetic form of lycanthropy; can shift at will between a fully human and fully canine form. In either of these forms, she possesses the physical characteristics of a particularly athletic form of the respective species, allowing for size.

She can also assume two "hybrid forms," one a mostly human form with decidedly canine characteristics (fur, claws, prominent canine teeth, etc). In this form, her speed and agility increase to superhuman levels (approximately four times the peak human levels) and her strength rises to the one-ton level. Her second hybrid form is that of a large, bipedal wolf; in this form, her speed and agility are only increased to Olympic levels, but her strength rises to the ten-ton range.

In either of her hybrid forms, her fangs and claws become sharp and strong enough to puncture most conventional forms of body armor, and she can chew or claw her way through materials as durable as steel, given ample time.

She does not enjoy any special kind of durability, but in any of her forms, she enjoys endurance approximately four times those of peak human levels, and she heals at an accelerated rate (injuries, even ones that should be permanently debilitating, disfiguring, or even fatal will heal completely in anywhere from a matter of hours to several days, depending on the severity).

She is colorblind, but can see twice as well in low-light conditions as a human can, and her olfactory sense is as sharp as those of the wolves whose form she can assume.


For as long as she can remember, she's been a homeless orphan, never having known her parents or even what her last name was. Her abilities have allowed her to survive in some truly horrific conditions, and she had most recently been living in the shattered remains of Gothic City, until the Alpha Dog found her and decided to make her his "pet," transferring her to Glade City to act as his less-than-willing agent.

Years of leading a downtrodden existence has not been kind to her mental state, and she is skittish and paranoid, and will generally assume a submissive attitude towards anyone she sees as potentially threatening. That said, if cornered or goaded into fighting, her more feral nature takes over, and although she has no formal combat training, her natural abilities make her a formidable opponent.

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