My Top Ten favorite Anime/Manga Characters (right now)

Although my list constantly changes, here are my favorite characters in anime and manga at the moment.

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  • "Death Note": He's one of the most complex and interesting protaganists I've ever seen in a manga. At first he's just a normal high school student. He has a strong sense of justice and is bored with the way the world is, he sees mankind as regressing due to constant criminal activities and wars. He then gets the power to kill people with the Death Note and uses it to kill criminals, to make the world a better place. We see that he already has a superiority complex, he believes only he can cleanse the world. The series goes on and he becomes more and more corrupt, more insane due to being pushed intellectually by L. Finally the madness breaks in the last chapter/episode and Light Yagami is no more, only Kira remains.

    What drew me to Light was the fact that he was both a protagonist and antagonist. Like Walter White from Breaking Bad, or Dexter from...Dexter, he was a murderer, but we saw the world through his eyes, thus, we can relate to him, even cheer him on, even if he has very few redeeming qualities, I mean the dude is a manipulative, lying, sociopath, killer, yet I found myself hoping he would win, I even smiled a bit when he killed L.

  • "Gantz": Without a doubt, Kei Kurono has had some of the most radical character development in manga. He started out as a normal guy, he liked girls, didn't have much ambition, and lived an average life. However, after he was constantly forced to participate in GANTZ's games, risking his life over and over, he stepped up, became a fierce warrior and a brave leader, fighting for his friends and saving the world in the process, he went from zero to hero over the course of his adventures.

  • "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden":Pevert, hermit, Toad Sage,Sannin, Jiraiya has had many names, but to me he will always be known as "awesome". He is my favorite character in the Naruto series. He is funny, yet knowns when to be serious, he is to me, the best teacher in the show, training both Naruto and his father, Minato and making them into fine ninja. To this day, his death is one of the few in anime to actual impact me emotionally.

  • "Neon Genesis:Evangelion": Asuka is a fiery red head, that's for sure. Although I didn't like her brass attitude at first, as the series went on, I grew to respect her. She has had a hard past, and lost much. Desperate for a mother's love, but never truly getting it, she masks her pain with that of confidence and strength.

  • "Soul Eater": YA HO! No one is better than Black Star (except for the other 4 people ahead of him on this list) he's the biggest person around, most call him impulsive and reckless, but with someone as large as him, let's see you walk without causing a noise!

  • "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden": He is the man who fueled his brother, Sasuke's rage and vengeance, he was thought to be a murderer, a rogue ninja, a man who killed his entire family simply to prove he was the strongest. But this was a lie, Itachi loved his clan, he loved his brother, he sacrificed everything to ensure Sasuke's safety, he took the role of the villain, to make sure the true villains would never completely win.

  • "Death Note": He was the world's greatest detective, he was Kira's greatest enemy, he was an odd man who had no real friends, but never really needed them. L would do whatever it took to fight for justice, even if that meant being a casualty in his war against Kira.

  • "Bleach": I'm not a huge fan of the manga/anime Bleach, however, it does have its high points, like creating Yoruichi Shihoin. She is one of the fastest characters in the world and an amazing teacher and comrade. She's beautiful, dangerous, strong willed and loyal, She is the Goddess of the Flash Step, and a former captain, and no one will forget it.

  • "Neon Genesis:Evangelion": Another flawed character in NG:E, though, to be honest, all of them are flawed in one way. Misato is a woman who is scarred physically and emotionally. After witnessing the near end of the world, she is now nearly 30 years old,consumed by her work and afraid to let anyone in, that is, anyone who isn't a 13 year old boy or a penguin.

  • "Elfen Lied": "Kaede" "Lucy" "Nyu!" Whatever she is called, I can't help but find myself drawn to the character. She has definitely not had an easy life, thought to be a "Monster" from birth, constant cruelties against her, caused her to develop multiple personalities. Some are kind and innocent, some are malevolent and deadly. And some, some are just adorable.