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Kindred Spirits

A compilation of those underworld greats that I, The Silver Skull, most sympathize with. If destiny favors the daring and opportunity graces the bold, I should like to congregate in prosperous brotherhood with this dread lot. Before I do, however, it would be best to have a proverbial "Sword of Damocles" over each of them, should they prove ambitious enough to test my guile through betrayal.

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  • Oh Pengy, I truly sympathize. It's amazing what greatness a troubled childhood can lead to. I admire your ability to take those things you were ridiculed for and make them feared.

    Dare I say that I consider you something of a soul-mate, albeit displaced to the south Jersey shores of Gotham City.

    I hear that you've got a transplanted Chicago cop as your police commisioner. How is Jim Gordon doing these days?

  • I tip my hat to you, sir. Timing, as they say, is everything, and you've made a career on it. At the very least, you are committed to your modus operandi.

  • There aren't many women I'd let into the boy's club. Ms. Dodson is the exception to the rule. What's not to like? She's skilled, cunning, perspicacious, ambitious and well-heeled. She's got the will and moral bankruptcy to back her plans. All this and looks to boot.

  • Parnival my friend, the only disappointment I have in you is your continued failure. If I possessed your charmed upbringing, I'd have accomplished so much more. Yet... you persevere. Perseverance is an admirable and understated trait in our line... a worthwhile trait.

  • Ah yes... Let us not forget this ugly son of a bitch. If there's one thing I like about him, it's his gumption. There aren't many who could swoop in and usurp the Kingpin's absent throne. Now that takes a pair of balls!

  • Ah yes... Doctor Angst...

    His general desire to embrace the commonplace prevents him from glory.

    It is a shame that the good Doctor has not yet realized that people such as ourselves are above the commonplace.

    Let me see... he convinced his cohorts of increased power after subjecting them to a placebo, neutralized a rival sorcerer, nearly assassinated a presidential candidate and then ripped open a dimensional rift with nothing to avail him but a plunger. This chap is anything but common.

  • Dare we forget, our seemingly departed ally Diamondback. There is a lesson to be learned from Mr. Willis Stryker, a lesson that warns us of the thin line between healthy confidence and crippling hubris. Fortunately, his body was never found. If he does yet live, we can only hope that he's learned his lesson. It will make him of greater value as an ally.

  • How alike, and yet... Let Mr Richmond serve as a sad example of those who possess guile, but lack followthrough. I weep as I behold a man destined to collapse under the weight of his own conflicted ideologies. Make note... it is not his conscience that causes him to fall to the sway of our enemies, but mania. And to think... they call me insane.

  • I have received your message, my good chap. I am as sorry to hear about your discorporate state as I am glad to hear that your mind is still somehow intact. I am presently taking steps to ensure your return to a slightly more... shall we say... "physical" state of being. Oh... and Jones... you owe me BIG for this.

  • Let's see... Electro... a powerful living weapon with a recorded disdain for the status quo... As much as I could benefit from such an association, I'd much rather keep a safe distance from this moron. He draws too much foolish attention to himself. That, my friends is the only reason that someone of his "literal" power faces embarrassing defeat time and again. If I have one message to Electro, it is simply this... "When you are ready to stop poncing about in that ridiculous get-up, all the while making a self-defeating arse of yourself, call me. We'll do larceny."

  • It has been said that "the meek shall inherit the earth." If, by "earth," one means "dirt," then I wholeheartedly agree. Butch Matson is the sort of brute who takes what he wants. Admirable. Unfortunately, he lacks panache. No one likes a bully. I'd relish the chance to finish and properly educate this thug. I could transform him from a brutish, despicable lout, into a gentlemanly, well-mannered lout. Otherwise, he'd make a fine addition to my cadre of ne'er-do-wells. Not all of us are leaders, and Butch would make a fine footsoldier.

  • I wonder... Would he be willing to work on retainer?