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Venezuelan Presidential Election

Venezuelan Elections

I will keep this as short and simple as possible.

There will be elections for the President of Venezuela. Voting will start on the 7th of August and conclude on the 10th of August. Whoever wins will become the IC President of Venezuela.

Does this mean Venezuela is no longer an empire? No. Venezuela is still an empire, OOCly owned by me. The concept is simply being adapted for public management. Think.. Gothic City. I created and own the thread but there have been mayors and police commissioners and so forth for years without my involvement.

The same concept is being extended to Venezuela. Anyone who wants to run for President of the Shogunate will have the opportunity to do so. Their powers and responsibilities will be the same as those outlined in the CVnU Political rules.

Does that mean Venezuela has 'opted in' to the Political Rules? Not technically, no. Why not? Because when a location 'opts in' it must adhere to the 'Real Life Canon' of a location. In Venezuela's case this would erase the existence of a 100% mutant population (which doesn't exist in real life) and the existence of Vibranium which doesn't exist in real life.

So to be clear Venezuela will still be an empire, which means its canon is still controlled by 'Empire holder fiat'; it still has Vibranium, it is still a nation with a mutant population and still has access to certain minor levels of super-science. Essentially the canon that has been created over the years with Venezuela will not change.

Instead it is IC leadership that will change. For example the new President of Venezuela could declare war on the USA but he couldn't make up a robot army and invade with that because ICly Venezuela doesn't have that much 'super science'. Nor could he make up an army of ten thousand omega level telepaths because, again, Venezuela doesn't have that many omega level mutants in canon.

However he or she could look at the Shogunate account for the canon military of Venezuela and use that. And he or she could look at the Shogunate account for the canon demographics, GDP and resources of Venezuela and use those things. So- much like being the Mayor of Gothic where one has access to the canon resources of Gothic (like a corrupt police department) but cannot fabricate radical canon changes at will (like making up an army of Superman clones one Wednesday.)

That doesn't mean that nothing 'unrealistic' can happen. Venezuela is a comic book nation. IThe President is free to do things that a comic book President would do, such as create super soldiers (Captain America), mutant clones/experiments (Weapon X) or build themselves a suit of Vibranium armor (Black Panther) without even asking me. Just keep in mind that Venezuela is inspired more by comic books like Captain America, Wolverine, Batman and the X-Men and that Venezuelan NPCs and tech level should never overshadow PCs. Ultimately the RPG section is about player characters, not non-player characters.

Should no one run for President than the nation will come under 'NPC' control, the same as other locations like the NYC thread or countries that are largely populated and run by NPCs, such as China and Russia.

TL;DR: Venezuelan canon will remain intact but you can run for President and control the government if you want.

~The Shogun, logging off for the last time :-) (So don't PM this account!)

It's time for the next chapter.
It's time for the next chapter.