In the land that knows no pardon.

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The Purge: Raid Epilogue

Clínica Avila Hospital, Caracas

The room was silent save for the beeping of the heart rate monitor. Ivana tossed her helmet into one of the seats as she walked to the bed.

Arrachtach was still. His eyes were closed. White bandages wrapped his blue fur. His broad chest rose and fell. Ivana reached down and interlaced the fingers of her armored hand with his great blue paw. She didn't say anything, just stood beside him and held his hand.

They had both been hurt before. Ivana, many times. Renegades, outlaws, freedom fighters, they had lived on the run for decades. Ivana remembered watching a pool of her blood soak through a dirty mattress after Kolkata. Arrachtach had pulled fourteen bullets out of her with tweezers, a spoon, pliers and a pot of boiling water.

This was new though, she thought looking around at the well equipped hospital. The best equipment money could buy. Staff trained to deal with mutant physiology. Doctors who specialized in traumatic injury.

She pulled up a chair and set down, taking hold of Arrachtach's hand again. She knew she'd be in this room again. At bedside or on the bed. Someday one of them would bury the other. The Shogun didn't look forward to it but it was inevitable. Eventually the odds would catch up with them.

Behind her the door opened, flooding the room with the sounds of the hospital. Respirators and hushed voices and a trolleys wheels on tile.

The Shogun sniffed the antiseptic hospital air. "Skysword." She said, identifying her visitor. "Speak."

"Ma'am. Surveillance footage and scans of latent psychic residue are in. It was a Savage. Shawn, we believe. Rafael is disabled as well. The doctors don't know when, or if, he will recover."

"I see." She was quiet for a time. "Alright. Put the word out. Supervillains. Heroes for hire. Metahuman mercenaries. Anyone, mutant or otherwise. We're hiring and we're going to take the fight to the Savages. Its time to exterminate the virus of Shawn Savage."