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Childhood Heroes!

Simple! A list of all my Childhood Heroes!

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  • The reason I still read comics to this day! The Man of Steel inspired me to look at the good that resides in each person, even if it is just a small spark!

  • Before I knew who Superman was... He-Man was the guy I wanted to be like! Come on... when you're billed as the "Most Powerful Man in the Universe!" Wouldn't you want to be like him?

  • When I was about four or five, my dad handed me a newspaper and showed me the comic strips... thats where I read my first comic! If not for my dad and this character... I would never have gotten into comics!

  • "Til all are one!" Enough said... (wipes away tear)

  • Childhood Hero?!?! Yes he was... before the 'prequels' Darth Vader proved to me that he was a hero! The galaxy was within an inch of being his to rule but he threw it all away to save his son! Putting family first makes him a hero!

  • I remember watching all the re-runs... I always liked Spock! His calm, cool and collective approach to life and it's trials anbd tribulations were something to admire.

    Live long and prosper!

  • My favourite X-Men member and the reason I got into Marvel comics!

  • Loved watching Disney cartoons when I was young. Of all the Disney characters... Goofy was my favourite! Purely because you had no clue as to what he was?!?!

  • Yet another childhood favourite! Clockwork Smurf was my fav!

  • Okay... so I wasn't a child when Master Chief first came out but they guy is one of the coolest video-game characters ever!

  • I always thought Godzilla was cool... whether he was smash downtown Tokyo or saving it!