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A Woman's Touch

Just a list of some of my favourite female characters. Hope You enjoy.

List items

  • Arguably the most recognized female character in comics!

  • So she may not be a comic character but she is one of the most well known women in comics today. Her run on Bird of Prey was awesome!

  • She is on my list for the impact she had on comics... if Mary Marvel was not introduced then we might have never seen Supergirl or Batgirl! Being the female 'version' of Captain Marvel started a trend through out comics!

  • Love her or hate her! Dead or Alive or somewhere in between! You have to admit she is a corner stone of the Marvel Universe... and besides I got a thing for red-heads... lol

  • Storm is arguably one of the strongest characters in the X-Men and through out the entire Marvel Universe. That's why I put her on my list!