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"I'm an enigma, a faceless void. I stare back into you. I am the reckoning, the vicious judgment that befalls you, with no sympathy and no mercy. Don't try to understand me. You'll forget any conclusions you come to anyways."

Name: Carver

Last name: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: Variable. Stays in large cities.

Appearance: Unrecorded. About 6'4.

Origin: To the general public, The Rumor is nothing more than what his name implies. Little is known about him due to the unique nature of his superhuman power. Once out of sight, The Rumor is "memory-proof." Unless he specifically uses his power to prevent it, the Rumor will be instantly forgotten by any who encountered him. The Rumor's intentions are for the most part a mystery- he seems to have taken a particular interest in other superhumans, and he has been -ahem- rumored to be stalking a large majority of the metahuman population. An investigator at heart, he keeps tabs on the countless costumed adventurers and villains alike, compiling data, uncovering the conspiracies, obsessively seeking the truth. But, at the end of the day, he's no more than a rumor. Sleep tight.

Powers: The Rumor's main power is to be instantly forgotten. Any information processed about the Rumor is suppressed by the brain's memory centers the moment they cease directly processing him, usually through sight. Should they begin thinking about him again, their memories of him gradually return as long as they continue. By touching someone, The Rumor can choose whether they forget him or not. The Rumor has other memory-related abilities as well, including the restoration of lost memories, and the "stealing" of them. Through physical contact, the Rumor can selectively remove a memory from his victim and experience it himself. This is typically traumatic for the victim when it is not done with care, as is usually the case. The Rumor can choose whether or not they retain the memory he has "stolen" once he is finished. He uses this tactic in his investigations, usually against criminals or other despicable individuals. He has wiped the minds of criminals on several occasions, though doing so requires prolonged physical contact.

Improvisational skills
Improvisational skills

Abilities: The Rumor has invented his own fighting style that makes heavy use of improvisation and his surroundings. He has made temporary weapons out of spare parts, kitchen utensils, construction tools, natural growths, and other miscellaneous items. When pressured to fight empty-handed, he fights aggressively, but with little precision, more of a brawler than anything else. He makes use of his superpower for surprise attacks, relying on people forgetting that they are fighting him to take them down quickly. He is a self-taught fighter, however, possessing no formal combat training.

The Rumor is an experienced investigator, with an eye for detail and deduction. He can observe a subject and come to a conclusion about it's true nature rather easily. He is rather paranoid, however. The mask that he wears is a result of his paranoia.

The Rumor is very intimidating.

Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook

Paraphernalia: The Rumor has in his possession a gas-powered grappling hook, which he uses to traverse the city quickly. He has also used it as weapon, when unable to fight or run. The Rumor has compiled a massive journal of secrets and theories regarding superhumans. He will often refer to it when faced with an inhuman threat. It is very valuable, and it is suggested that it contains the secret identities of several well-known masked adventurers.

Fun fact: The Rumor loves watching movies. It's his favorite pastime in his civilian identity.

(Main account is Jack_)