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A God is Born

The Roman God of War, Mars, had a consort named Nerine, a river nymph. Nerine lay with Mars often after battles, and together, they conceived a son, whom they named Proelius in honour of his father. He was trained from an early age to be a legendary fighter as well as a solid tactician and a fearful soldier. In short, he was trained to one day take over from his father as the god of war.


Proelius grew up knowing only strength and power, but he was also taught patience, tolerance and the use of words by his uncles and aunts, Mercury, Venus, and Apollo, as well as his grandmother Juno. Through this he learned that a sharp tongue could be more use than a sharp blade. His father's other consort, Discordia also taught him the use of language, as well as manipulation of people in order to sow the seeds of argument between individuals and cause the battles that his father loved. He was taught classes every day in various forms of combat, as well as grammar, tactics, horse and chariot riding, archery, diplomacy, as well as Discordia's secret classes.

Teenage years

When he was in his teens, Proelius was allowed to meet the rest of his family, including his brothers Phobos and Deimos, and was allowed to visit mighty Rome, where he learned that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were also his family. As he explored the great city, he developed an admiration of his half-brothers, particularly Romulus that bordered on worrying. In these years, he also came into his own in the areas of sword and spear fighting as well as chariot racing and horseback archery. Vulcan was commissioned to craft Proelius' armour for when he became an adult at the time as well.


At the age of 18, Proelius was to test his strength and skill in the Colosseum of the Gods. Outfitted with Vulcan's armour that fitted perfectly and his power of weapon summoning, Proelius easily took first place in the chariot racing, and horseback archery competitions, and also defeated Deimos in a wrestling match. Phobos' ability to incite fear in his enemies caused a major problem for Proelius, however, using his training in the use of language, he was able to distract and misdirect Phobos, and was able to get the win. His sword and spear fighting skills were also unmatched by his brothers, and he easily swept to victory. With unanimous wins, Proelius seemed to be the perfect protege to be the next god of war, but Mars was unsure, and challenged his own son to a no holds barred fight, armed with only his spear and shield. The striking of metal upon Mars' shield shook the very mountains, but the sound was nothing compared to the blow the god of war struck against his son. Proelius' shield was shattered completely by the Spear of Mars, and he stepped onto the backfoot, defending almost flawlessly against an unrelenting attack, then struck a surprise blow, nearly braining his father with a strike from a warhammer. This nearly killed Mars, and severely injured him. Proelius was sent as an envoy to Earth, after Thanatos, the god of death himself told the pantheon that Mars hung between life and death. "His Fate lies upon the blade of a knife, but, for now, War lives." Was the death god's verdict.

The Exile Returns

After a few years, Proelius returned with a mighty army and lay siege to the gods, striking down Mars and killing him. He fought with Jupiter for the longest of times. The outcome of the battle was unknown, all that was revealed is that both combatants survived, and Proelius took the throne of God of War. Another notable casualty in the war was Proelius' uncle, Marcus. Proelius possesses Marcus' twin gladii, one of few weapons that can kill Skyfathers and have been hinted to be much more powerful, which furnish his palace on the Pantheon.


Godly physiology - Proelius has a physiology that exceeds that of most gods, his strength being nigh limitless, and his reaction speed almost incalculable.

Resistances - As a god, and a chief deity of the Roman Pantheon, Proelius has an uncanny resistance to indirect attacks, including magical attacks, soul-based attacks, telepathy, and is entirely immune to matter manipulation and also immune to being completely destroyed.

Warmongering - Proelius is the son of Mars, and as such, the essence of war is at the centre of his being. In his presence, beings with lower mental resistance become more aggressive and combative. He has some rudimentary control over this.

Hydrokinesis - Nerine is a river nymph. As such, her son has control over water to a vast degree.

Transformation - When submerged in water, Proelius transforms into a nymph-like form. In this state, his magical powers and his physical abilities are far greater than even his godly form, but he cannot summon weapons and his senses are dulled.

Anger empowerment - Proelius' powers are enhanced exponentially by an advancing level of passionate emotions such as rage.

AbilitiesFighting knowledge - As a god of conflict, Proelius commands all known fighting styles known to man, and many not known to man

Tactician - Proelius is a master tactician, receiving training from his father, as well as Minerva and other gods and goddesses.

Senses - He has incredibly keen senses, but this is the result of training. He has eyes keener than Mercury, hearing more acute than Neptune's, who can hear every inch of his oceans, smell more powerful than Venus who can smell even love, and taste more accurate than Bacchus, god of wine.


Lingua Belli - The Lingua Belli is a mystical weapon which is linked to Proelius, mentally and spiritually. The weapon can become any form that Proelius commands it to become. It is known to have taken the form of gladiuses, broadswords, axes, warhammers, spears, and bow and arrow. He can form more than one weapon at a time, and can also summon shields.

Marcus' Gladii - Unlike the Lingua Belli, rarely employed are the powerful Blades of Marcus. These swords are in the form of a pair of twin gladius, much like Roman gladiators and soldiers used. They have the ability to wound and kill even Skyfathers, and it is rumoured that this is the very weakest of their abilities

Standard equipment

Winged sandals - A gift from Mercury, these sandals provide Proelius with the abilities of flight and incredible speed.