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Life lessons from comics

-Some people are just bad and can never be trusted.

-Some people are too good for their own good.

-Crime pays very good, but pay back is a bitch.

-Just when you think you've gotten rid of someone for good they turn up again. (like ex-wives)

-Your past can be changed.

-Your future is not fixed yet.

-Good guys don't always win.

-Bad guys are not always the real bad guys.

-No matter how tough you are there is always someone out there that can kick your ass.

-Spandex does not look as cool in real life.

-Capes will not slow your fall when you jump off your parents house or a barn.

-No amount of radiation, spider bites, chemical baths or lightning strikes will give you super powers. (although caffeine does come close)

-Spider Senses are a load of BS! (I've had my nose broken three times to disprove that power)

-Mutated genes in real life are not so cool.

-Hand guns are way more effective at stopping crime then a plastic Green Lantern ring. (unless you're really good)

-Cardboard batarangs don't throw worth a crap.

-Cardboard batarangs weighted with steel washers and wrapped in black electrical tape will brake a plate glass window.

-Super speed could not out run an angry mother. (something about a broken window...)

-A healing factor would have been really cool growing up. (especially after jumping off the roof)