Essentials and Showcases I Own

Many years ago I gave up buying Trade Back Comics (Too Expensive)
So I tuned my attention to Essentials and Showcases.
I still read,Oh yes I still read
More will be added however I can not find them on the Vine yet

List items

  • This was the first I bought for the simple reason I wanted to know what the power cosmic was. I found it to be an interesting read even though I was never a big Silver Surfer fan.

  • Wolverine was another character I never collected but I jumped at the chance to buy his Essential. Let me tell you I loved it. This read made me a true fan of Wolverine and I plan to buy more.

  • Jonah Hex seemed to be an obvious choice for me to buy, since my favorites are the so called low or non powered heroes. I expected each story to be the same however I was hooked from page one and couldn't put it down

  • Even as a kid Daredevil was one of my favorites so this was a natural choice.

  • Godzilla IS king of the monsters and even though I love S.H.I.E.L.D no one can stop him.