Top 10 strongest Avengers !!

This is an ordered list for the Top 10 strongest Avengers of all Time.

Characters who have helped out the Avengers but have never been a part of the Team like , Silver Surfer , Black Bolt , Ghost Rider etc. cannot be a part of the Team.

Before we get started here are a few Honourable Mentions :

  • Storm : Planet level Weather manipulation and enhanced Strength and Durability.
  • The Thing : 100 + Ton Strength , Nuke level Durability and enhanced stamina.
  • War Machine : Close to Ironman , but with more Military Firepower.
  • Ironman - Well , he is Ironman !!!!!

List items

  • The Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe , even tough he is not as powerful as his Classic version now , but the guy is insanely Powerful , he has the ability to summon Demons and even match World War Hulk by doing so , he can create force fields to block shots from Zarathos , even trap people in other dimensions and draw energy from other Dimensions.

  • The God of Thunder and strength , he has insane strength , durability , striking , weather manipulation and reaction speed. Mjolnir enhances his already impressive striking , he has defeated both Hulk and Red Hulk before , trade blows with Gladiator , Sentry , Ultron and even Thanos and withstand Ghost Riders flames with no problem and has weather manipulation better than Storm.

  • Even when not in his Void/Death Seed Form he is insanely strong , he has matched the likes of Thor and World War Hulk before , he has insane travel and fight speed too.

  • She is one of the Strangest mutants and is insanely powerful in terms of Tk and even go up against Phoenix Cyclops , but I lack knowledge on this character , so can't say anything more.

  • Some call him Marvel's Green Lantern , but he is much more , the guy is strong enough to match The likes of Thor , Gladiator , his constructs are strong enough to hold Gladiator , Ronan and others.

    His speed is pretty good too , even Hyperion could not keep up with him.

  • Physically there are a very few who can match this guy , he has even gone up against Thor , Gladiator , Namor and even defeated them.His durability is one of the best in the Marvel Universe , taking full powered strikes from Mjolnir , Sentry , Hercules and even guys like Thanos and Zeus , he also has a healing factor which helps in a lot in combat too.

  • Hulk's big Red buddy , even when not written by Jeff Loeb the guy is pretty powerful , he can go toe to toe with The Hulk , take beating from Thor and stand back up even one shot Mid tier characters like Abomination and Thing.

  • The God of Strength does live up to his name , he has traded blows with Hulk , arm wrestle Thor and even move the Island of Manhattan.Very few can match his brute Force and strength and has good durability too , but the guys above him have that and more versatility too.

  • The King of Atlantis , he has strength at par with Hulk,Hercules and Thing , he can lift few thousand tons ship with ease.He has tanked hits from Hulk , Black Bolt and Thor and even make guys like Hulk and Hercules bleed with his punches (Thanos included too) and even beat Red Hulk under water , he has enhanced speed and reaction speed to (Easily dodging gun fire and keeping up with Hyper-sonic missiles.).

  • Ms./Captain Marvel is easily one of the strongest ladies in the comic book universe.Her strength is enough to fight Hulkbuster Ironman , thrash a skrull Hulk , send Sentry flying and even rip one of Ironman's suit apart with her bare hands.She also has above Nuclear level durability , taking blows from Hulk , a drop from outer space and even having buildings dropped on her.Her major power is her energy manipulation and absorption , which is one of the best in the Marvel Universe and she has super-speed exceeding that of Mach 10.