Hal Jordan (Composite Animated Version) Respect Thread !

Hal Jordan :

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I will be showing Hal Jordan's (Green Lantern) feats from different Animated features like the DC Animated Movies and TV shows. Someone used "Composite Animated Hal Jordan" in a battle thread a few days back , so that is where I thought about doing this thread.

I will be considering feats from , the following ,

  • The 2 animated Green Lantern Movies.
  • Green Lantern : The Animated Series.
  • The animated Justice League movies.

Well a Composite version of Animated Hal Jordan is pretty powerful , like he could one-shot most LA characters , and be more than a match for some Comic Book heavy-hitters.

Powers and Abilities :

  • Green Lantern Ring.
  • Super Strength.
  • Super Durability.
  • Super Speed / Reaction.
  • Constructs.
  • Energy based attacks.

Strength / Striking :

He is pretty strong ,

Strength :

  • It takes two trained Green Lanterns to restrain a rookie Hal , Link. (Green Lantern : First Flight).
  • Lifts and throws The Center into space , Link. The Center was the size of an island that could support pre-historic life , which should mean that Hal lifted and threw several million tons. (Justice League : New Frontier).
  • Pulls two Moons towards each other , in order to destroy the Yellow battery. Link. Although he was being amped to a degree because he had absorbed a part the Green power battery. (Green Lantern : First Flight).
  • Pushes an inter-dimensional portal with his construct , to the size of a planet , in order to move the planet in the main Universe. Link and Link. He was low on power and eventually loses power after the process is complete , but a great feat anyways.(Green Lantern : The Animated Series).

Striking :

  • One-shots four Parademons with ease. Link. It took two-three hits from Wonder Woman to one down in the same movie. (Reign of The Supermen).
  • Uses a golf club construct to hit the Orange power battery from the Surface of OA to some distance in space.Link.(Green Lantern : First Flight).
  • Uses a base-ball construct and sends Guy Gardner flying a large distance. Link.(Green Lantern : The Animated Series).
  • Sends Razor through an asteroid with a few hits. Link. (Green Lantern : The Animated Series).
  • His fist fight with Sinestro could be clearly seen from OA , while they were fighting some distance in space.Link. (Green Lantern : First Flight).

These scans clearly show how strong he is and should be easily comparable to Comic Book High Tiers.

Durability :

  • Gets back up from a hit from Guy , the punched him from above the atmosphere to the surface of Earth. Link. (Green Lantern : The Animated Series).
  • In the same fight he tanked multiple hits from Guy.
  • Tanks a punch from Darksied. Link. (Justice League : War).
  • Tanks being blasted through multiple asteroids by Sinestro .Link.(Green Lantern : First Flight).
  • Takes the destruction of a planet , Link. Although it Ko'd him for some time , he got back up just fine.(Green Lantern : The Animated Series).

That's all I could find , but these are pretty solid.

Speed :

He's pretty fast ,

  • Flash asks him for a race to the JL headquarters , this suggests that his speed is pretty impressive. Link. (Justice League Throne of Atlantis).
  • Dodges blasts from Sinestro. Link.(Green Lantern : First Flight).
  • Dodges multiple blasts from Star Sapphire.(Justice League Doom).

Constructs :

  • One-shots Star Sapphire with a with a construct based hit.Link. (Justice League Doom).
  • His chain constructs hurt Superman. (Justice League : War).
  • His shields tank multiple hits from a pissed off Superman , although it gets broken but it takes multiple hits from a ticked off Superman to do it. (Justice League : War).
  • Blocks a blast from The Anti-Monitor with his shield , he blocks it for quite some time. Link. (Green Lantern : The Animated Series).
  • His shield is able to block a Solar flare , although it eventually breaks , but it blocks the solar flare for quite some time.(Justice League Doom).

His constructs are pretty strong as well.

That should do for now , I will add more feats if I get any.

These scans clearly show how powerful he is in nearly all aspects.