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I remember the first time I looked at the RPG forum back in 2007 on another account I used to post on RPG threads where people RPGed one-liners and I posts things as "Hello, how are you guys doing?" and they didn't like that. :(

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That's good to hear. :D 

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Sorry for the extremely long wait. 

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Posted as soon as I had my laptop in my hands. It's a little hurried, hope it's fine.

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“Could you tell me about it?”

“Yes sure.” Daniel answered the psychiatrist’s question with a respectful tone. “To start with it was our anniversary when she got murdered.” He said as he stared blankly on the white ceiling where the ceiling fan was turned on. “I was on my way home with a bouquet of flowers, roses. It was a beautiful night, clear skies and all. When I got to my door I saw it was opened and I entered with a little hesitation, the hallway was filled with pictures of us. It seemed at first like there was no-one home, like she just stepped out and went to her friend in the apartment next door, but when I looked in the kitchen I saw that there was a bottle of a really expensive wine and two crystal glasses and then a cold dinner. I decided to step into the bedroom to undress me of the office clothes but as soon as I turned to face the bedroom the bouquet of roses fell on the ground and my heart just stopped.”


He stretched his hand as far up in the air. Daniel gasped for air as he kicked his feet in the water; he opened his eyes and crawled up on the gravel shore. Laying there, on his back, the cold gravel stung his back, he groaned as he held his left hand on his abdomen. The mysterious fire-ball had caused him severe pain and burn which had been worse if it weren’t for the dive he took into the water earlier.

He chuckled out of frustration and sat up; the pain was greater when he moved made his palms turn into a fist on the gravel. He shook his head and laughed out of pain, he decided to stand up. The groan was louder and louder as he stood up. Daniel was just right next to the roots of the tall mountain that took him little longer to walk up than he expected. He sighed as he turned around facing the dark forest.

Roots of the trees all around him stretched in every direction, the soft wind blew on Daniel’s face like a kiss on the cheek, his wet blonde hair flowed in the current of the soft wind, and his clothes were torn, wet and dirty. He was limping through the dark forest with on hand on the abdomen, he still felt like he was falling down the mountain face first into the water.

3 weeks ago

"I saw my wife lying on the bed, she was just as still as she was sleeping but I knew right away that that wasn’t the case. She was dead. And there was nothing I could have done about it at the time. When the police arrived I was arrested for murder as my clothes were covered with her blood.” Daniel said to the psychiatrist without blinking, his eyes stared at the ceiling fan which turned round and round like it had a deep meaning behind it as he started to remember that he remained in jail for murder of his own wife.

“Do you think if you were a bigger superhero or even a villain would you get arrested?” The psychiatrist asked Daniel as she took notes in her yellow notebook; she tapped her yellow pencil on the notebook.

“Yes, I do. I’m certain that a bigger superhero would deny and not be thrown into jail like I was.” David explained as he eyed the psychiatrist who nodded in return.

“How did you feel when you were serving your unreasonable time in jail?” She asked.

“It was hard; I started dreaming weird things about my past life.” David replied.

“Do you remember your past life? Before you became Recon?” She asked again.



Grunts and loud breathing echoed in the forest. Daniel limped his way through the forest, dodged branches and limped over large tree roots. Sweat ran down his forehead, his blonde hair was wet and stuck to his forehead. His clothes were drying up but not as quickly as he hoped.

As he entered a clearing with a boulder in the middle, he slowly approached the boulder and sat down with his back on the boulder. A soaring pain went through his body like electricity; he tightly gripped his abdomen as the pain started there.

While sitting there, Daniel started to feel his surroundings. The crowded trees were in a circle around this boulder, the grass was soft and smooth, like it had been mowed recently. As Daniel tilted his head up he saw the stars, millions of stars were above him right now, he felt like he found tranquility but under difficult circumstances.

Few minutes of silence were broken as a twig snapped behind the boulder, his heart started to beat in supernatural way, his wound on the abdomen started to beat on the same rhythm. He clenched his jaw.

He heard a low growl which followed with sniffing. Daniel was confused but he didn’t want to be found or recognized. His heavy breathing slowed down. But as soon as he started to relax something jumped over the boulder and looked straight into Daniel’s eyes.

Four-legged creature with a fur, he didn’t know what to call it because its size was extremely big, but the similarity was just like a dog, very large dog. Its tongue hanged from his mouth and his tail wiggled, its big eyes were beautiful and matched the fur.

Daniel slowly stood up and looked around the clearing looking for its owner. But it was only they two, in the clearing and probably further, nobody has traveled these woods in a long time. Daniel looked back at the dog who was still staring at him and wiggling its tail, Daniel couldn’t do anything but smile but still felt a little worried since it was only him and this dog.

The dog barked and started to move backward, Daniel looked at it, as the dog gestured Daniel to follow. Daniel looked around confused but did as the dog gestured. He stood up and followed the dog limping. But as soon as the dog exited the clearing it started to move faster and Daniel did his best to follow a running dog whilst limping. The pain in his stomach came back and as painful as ever, it scorched painfully but as he clenched his jaw to hide the pain deep inside. It didn’t work.

The moment the dog slowed down was the moment that they weren’t inside the forest anymore. A fireplace crackled in the middle of large logs that looked like a place to sit which Daniel did. The dog went away into the darkness yet again.  

Daniel was alone again, the warmth of the fire felt nice on the his cold, wet clothes. But a question remained still in his head. "What's going on?
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Waiting on a PM reply from Paladin 

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@LstPaladin: There is some delay on the post I have taken extra shifts this week and plus I need to attend my high school. But it's on its way but just so we're clear it is delayed.
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Sweet post man, my post will be up in a day or so. 

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Have a conversation.

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@Vrakmul: Who's your main? Also I'll PM you about something that is needed to be discussed before joining into the RPG. ^^