Gorillas A Go-Go!: DC's Simians

DC has had a reputation for including our hairier bretheren  for decades now. So, without further adieu, here they are!

List items

  • The man, the legend behind the DC Gorilla explosion. He kept track of sales of comics in ledgers, and noted sales spiked when a gorilla was on the cover, a character on the cover was crying or the cover was purple. Gorillas became so pervasive in this era, the EIC of DC instituted a "one gorilla a month" policy.

  • The comic that started the trend with Strange Adventures #8 in January 1951.

  • Originally a chimpanzee who solved crimes, later made into super smart through the fountain of youth. Yeah, I'm not sure either. You just gotta roll with these comics, man. First appearance: The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, July, 1952

  • A pretty standard mob-boss-brain-in-gorilla-body origin, but eventually his brain got turned planet sized by Sinestro and fought by Superman. Weird stuff. First appearance Batman #75, February 1953

  • A gorilla in a Batman costume. What more do you need? First appearance: Batman vol. 1 #114, March 1958.

  • One time, Jimmy got turned into a gorilla. That was in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #24 from October, 1957. Later, in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #98, from December 1966, the dude almost married a gorilla. That title was weird, man.

  • A chimp named Toto that was sent into space where- wait for it- weird radiation turned him into a gorilla with kryptonite vision!!!! And his friend Lois Lane had to make him wear lead shutter shades to keep him from killing Superman!!! Whoa, man. First appearance: Superman vol. 1 #127, February, 1959

  • A psychic evil gorilla from a city of talking gorillas. I repeat: City of talking gorillas. First appearance: The Flash, volume 1(?) #106, May 1959

  • The king of a city of talking gorillas. I repeat: City talking gorillas. First appearance: The Flash, volume 1(?) #106, May 1959

  • A city of talking gorillas. I repeat: A city of talking gorillas. First appear,ance: The Flash, volume 1(?) #106, May 1959

  • Superboy's pet gorilla, whom Jor-El used as a test for his rocket. Yeah, he used both of his son's pets as test subjects. First appearance: Superboy vol. 1 #76, October 1959

  • A super intelligent, French, beret-wearing, Revolutionary gorilla in a homosexual relationship with a brain in a jar. Only the gay thing was added by Grant Morrison- that should tell you something about Arnie's Doom Patrol run. First appearance Doom Patrol vol. 1 #86, March 1964.

  • A PI gorilla with a female partner. Also, he's Grodd's grandson somehow. First apperance: Showcase #77, September, 1968

  • The Wonder Twin's monkey. He's also from a circus. Circues are awesome. So are monkeys and space and Alex Toth. You do the math. First appearance: Superfriends #7, October 1977

  • The original supervillain, transfered his brain into an albino gorilla body. Kickin' rad, eh? first appearance: Actin Comics #13, June 1939. The gorilla body came in Justice League of America vol.1 #195, November 1981.

  • I think this guy is the original Grodd cyborgized in the 853rd Millenia. First appearance: Green Arrow vol. ? #1000000, November 1998

  • A sappy, romance novel loving Gorilla from Gorilla City. First Appearance: Trinity #8, July, 2008.