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YOUgenics Corporation International (CVnU Business/Location)

YOUgenics Corporation International

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YOUgenics (a play on the word "eugenics," the scientific efforts to improve a given population by controlling breeding to ensure an increase of the occurrence of desirable characteristics) as founded by Dr. Heinrich Keller has expanded from it's original establishment in Geneva to international prestige. YOUgenics is a corporation devoted to various reproductive pursuits for its clients. It works in close partnership with many hospitals to ensure the safety and well-being of clients and offer services not traditionally offered by other medical establishments (procedures deemed medically unnecessary by emergency services).

The services offered at various branches (ethical guidelines vary by location) include but are not limited to:

                • Birth-control options and sterilization
                • Abortion and pre-natal counseling
                • Fertility treatment and in vitro fertilization
                • In utero genetic testing and treatment
                • Embryonic tissue, ovum, and sperm donation
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His own company mostly centered in Europe, Dr. Keller worked closely with Margret Sanger in her Planned Parenthood family planning initiative in the United States. YOUgenics was later established in U.S. during the 1960's and spurred to relevance by the Sexual Revolution, it is especially popular in the US due to federal financial cuts to Planned Parenthood in recent years. YOUgenics is purely for profit but does accept most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. It offers financing and discounts for lower income clients and families.

Notable staff:

Dr. Heinrich Keller, founder

Dr. Regina Blood, scientist

Sarah Drezner, technology specialist

Beneath YOUgenics

Apart from its evident image as a family planning corporation etc., it is also engaged in secret genetic experiments called the ALEX Project:

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Library of



Alleles Alternative forms of a genetic locus; a single allele for each locus is inherited separately from each parent

Library A collection of clones, whose relationship to each other can be established by physical mapping.

Genetic Engineering Procedures used to join together DNA segments in a cell-free system (an environment outside a cell or organism). Under appropriate conditions, a recombinant DNA molecule can enter a cell and replicate there, either autonomously or after it has become integrated into a cellular chromosome.

Experiment A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery.

The ALEX projects (designated by alphabet according to birth and X for female or Y for male) are the genetic progeny of a time-manipulating mutant named Jacque Quentin (Q). YOUgenics was founded by a former Nazi scientist Heinrich Keller sometimes known by the code name Dr. Genetix as assisted by the necromancer and sorcerer, Gregory Rėza (Rezurrection). These clandestine synthetic genetic laboratories utilized genetic splicing, vampirism, synergistic alchemy, and synthetic wombs to perfect the creations. Some projects are kept continually in the bowels of YOUgenics' buildings or in satellite locations often because of their volatility, some escape and others are released into the general population. The original projects from whom all subsequent subjects spawned were ALEX X Alpha and ALEX Y Alpha. Dr. Genetics called these genetic experiments House of Q.

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Many of the creations are fitted with a device imbedded within the frontal lobe of their cerebrum, the mechanism set in place as both a safeguard for recall or control of experiments and protection against psionic intrusion.+ If such a device precludes psionic ability manifested by the project, the implant is avoided as was the case with ALEX X Alpha and several others.

Noteable secret clients of the genetic programme:

Julius Jones, US Secretary of Defense

Jason Ford

Current ALEX Projects

ALEX X AlphaPsyentistALEX X ThetaRed DiamondALEX Y Xi
ALEX Y Alpha+ScornALEX Y ThetaWhite DiamondALEX X Omicron
ALEX X Beta+Queen CobraALEX X IotaWhite RabbitALEX Y Omicron
ALEX Y BetaPsyKnightALEX Y Iota ALEX X Pi
ALEX X GammaQueen SanguineALEX X Kappa+Medusa OALEX Y Pi
ALEX Y GammaAllureALEX Y Kappa ALEX X Rho
ALEX X DeltaFemme FinaleALEX X LambdaRose**ALEX Y Rho
ALEX Y DeltaSentienceALEX Y Lambda ALEX X Sigma
ALEX X Epsilon+SpinstressALEX X MuSiren SongALEX Y Sigma
ALEX Y Epsilon+Flyboy*ALEX Y Mu ALEX X Tau
ALEX Y Zeta ALEX Y Nu ALEX X Upsilon
ALEX XY Eta+SwitchALEX X Xi+XiaALEX Y Upsilon




Greek letter=Sequence of project beginning


*Concepts but no formal alts created yet.

**All are my alts or concepts apart from Rose.

(Note about sequencing: a project may have been started earlier than successfully birthed. Therefore, letter sequencing is not an indicator of age necessarily.)

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