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Dominion... Over All The Earth

"Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth..." Genesis 1:26 KJV

Alexandra had spent the last three days flying over the world, listening to the cries of mutantkind and the destitute of the world. Sure she wanted power... the power to build a better, more efficient world. She would have found a way to influence the UN, but she found them to be impotent. No. This called for action by a world-wide, diverse coalition of beings with the money and power to invoke real change. Too often had she watched as those who gained power sat back and enjoyed their exclusive existence. But it was built on the backs of others. The economy is not what it was. Disease. Terrorism. These were decaying the foundations of the poor and working class. Discrimination against women, foreigners, mutants all lead to discontent, abuse of power, and revolution. If those in power had any sense, the would join her in her attempt to bolster the world. They are ultimately only as strong as the weakest.

Xandra envisioned a world as strong as Venezuela, but one of acceptance for all metahumans. Even the dwindling humans. She was quite certain conquest was out of the question. It would draw too much direct ire. It was the very reason she broke off from the Hellfire Club instead of embroiling it in another internal conflict. She didn't want a war between the factions. A bunch of spoiled rich children throwing money and killing each other. No, she wanted the Hellfire name to gain the strongest to her side, seduce them with power beyond that which they could acquire on their own. There are many methods of conquest. War is only one. The world was already torn by war. It was waiting to be healed and led.

She worried about the original Hellfire Club. Would they attack? She saw Valerie suddenly scrambling to fill her ranks as if she was threatened. Her little fetish club was safe so long as it stayed out of the way of the Athen's branch. Then there was Gen. Having a hellion was risk enough. There was question of his loyalty. Would his demonic nature get the better of him? Would he incite a battle? She couldn't help but feel Xenon was right about him being an unfit leader. But his power and connection to Hell gave them a unique advantage even as it teased treachery.

Her long dark lashes descended, lids falling over her pensive eyes as she hovered like an angel in the atmosphere. But there was one in particular should couldn't stand being in the fallout of another Hellfire conflict. She had lost her students, Andy, her very life over the last one. She couldn't lose Xenon too. But at the same time, her new telepathy forced her out of complacency as she heard the cries of anguish from destitute mutants, begging for someone to ease their plight in the greater world. If she had to chose between her relationship between Xenon and her underhanded attempts to fix and control the world... which would she choose? They both had her heart. She almost prayed Xenon's friends, Andres and Mercy would not force him away to preserve their own homeostatic existence within the hallow, hedonistic club. It wasn't too long ago that she approached her former lover. He had desired to leave the planet to its fate, take Mercy and raise their family away from the turmoil of Earth. She had told him that there was hope, that the world could be shaped into something better... now he was back with his bride-to-be. What would be the fate for their child? Doubtless she would have a cushioned existence in the lap of luxury among the Hellfire elite. But other mutant children would not be so lucky.

So, what was her evil plan to save the world? Her scarlet lips curled into a devious yet strangely beautiful smile, the facets of her complex existence written upon her pristine porcelain face. She would need to meet with her courts to integrate them into her plots. A desperate world needed leaders, and that is what she would provide in exchange for power. The world would beg Hellfire for a little taste of heaven.

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