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Past Pull List (why I liked/hated them)

Here is a list of comics I have put on my pull list in the past.

List items

  • This was an enjoyable series! It was quirky and very interesting. British Humor! Definitely recommend for fans of british humor!

  • had this only for one million parter. Alright. not the best.

  • This was hilarous! They did such a wonderful job! defenitly recomend for sherlock holmes fans who need a laugh!

  • This series used to be very good. but that was when Dini was in charge.

  • after 3 issues I quit. should have never started, but I was young in comics and didn't know, but saw the riddler in the descriptions.

  • That was an interesting start to the series. Hush Beyond? Very coo! My one compaint is the hair color in some scenes. Why did it change (espeshelly the mom and Babs)

  • It was an enertaining series. I look forward to Terry's next appearence...whenver that is...

  • Sorry to add this series to this list. It was an awsome wimspical series. Doesn't have to be the end...

  • That was interesting...wanted to see more. What is the big picture?

  • Well, I've picked up series different issues (mostly connected to the riddler). They can be good or...iffy..

  • was alright. Not much to it. thought there would be more to the art but the writing wasn't that great. thinking of getting rid of my copies. Good to read once, but don't feel the need to read agian...

  • Was an iffy series, but it had a good enterance

  • My first ongoing series. Loved it!

  • Cool...not my favorite, but still cool!

  • It is a good series, but I needed to remove some series, so it was the fall-series.

  • interesting...

  • Art is pretty and the writing is...alright. I just didn't feel that stongly about this series...

  • I liked the beginning, but admitably I got bored by it. I never was really crazy about Grant Morrison

  • At the beginning I was really excited about it (being a fan of the British Avengers). The story was fairly good, though the reformatting annoyed me. I hope the new ongoing series is even better.

  • A wonderful series. Whimsical. I'll really miss this series...

  • When I heard Bryan Q. Miller was going to be doing this series I was really excited. I loved his Batgirl series and Smallville was my friday show (not the best show ever I will admit but I was sad to see it go). I kept reading the series perhaps longer than I normally would have out of respect to Miller, but I had to end it sometime. Just got bored. I will be getting issue 9 because my CBS is holding for me...

  • Was actually a fun series

  • I love this title. Always my favorate thing to read. I liked the Batman Beyond bits. And the Justice League parts were not bad either. The superman parts were not the best, but in recent times are getting a little better (have a little bit of lost potential if you ask me...). SO glad this is just moving to a different title and continuing

  • With all respect to Mr. Morrison, this ongoing series was SO much better than the old mini series! This series actually feels like the Avengers I know and love! It had some very unique art which I grew to like and the writing was good (not best but it was definitely good). I will miss seeing Emma Peel and John Steed.

  • Was this the best written comic ever? no, but it was fun and I really enjoyed it. It had unique art.

  • I'm unsure what attracts me to this. It's just really weird. But I enjoy it. SPOILER: Deadpool dies in this series.

  • I got this series directly from the publisher via a subscription for two years. It was alright. Not my favorite. Got from #0 to #25. It just got too interconnected with the other GL titles and I got it for some variety not to add more than one title.

  • I must admit it was an alright series. Not the best I have ever read. It was a nice light read. I know there are much better interpretations of the JL, but I wanted to see what their version was. However, with the whole Forever Evil arc I decided it was time and removed it from my pull list. I was just bored.

  • I think I got JLA because I was beginning to get bored by JL. It was alright at first. I thought it might have potential as a good stand alone series. A group of heroes who wouldn't work together working together. cliche but good. However, it was just a tagalong for JL. I may look at individual issue from JLA and JL in the future, but I am not going to be officially pulling this particular series.

  • man that was terrible. I thought it was going to be alright since it is going to be a movie but no! It was an insult to Jay Ward's memory because it did not have the same charm as the old series. Just terrible. Only hope the Rocky & Bullwinkle Series is better and the movie of Peabody & Sherman is good...

  • It is with a heavy heart that I add this series to this list. I loved Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's work. The art was amazing and was always one of my favorate series. I just don't see the same spark in this series now that they are gone. I might pick up this series every so often to see what is happening, but I just don't love it as much as I once did.

  • I have been off and on about this series. At first everyone loved this series and I wasn't crazy about it (I think that was because of Riddler's mohawk among other things such as me thinking it was overrated - it was good but not as high and mighty as some claimed.

    and then I started to enjoy it. They got my attention with Riddler, but they lost my focus. Not sure how I feel about this series, but unless something big happens I'm back to having my comic book store not pulling this.