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CV's Top 100 Superhero List 2012

What's that in sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! No! it's the 2012 version of Comic Vine's Top 100 Superheroes!

Thank You's!

I would like to thank all the nominators who worked a lot to bring you this list (more than they expected I'm sure). Also thank ReVamp and RazzaTazz for their thoughts and such. I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the list process.

The Nominators

Comic Vine's Top 100 Superheroes 2012 (Nominator step)

We collected the initial nominators who included: batkevin74, Blacklightning13, Blood1991, cyberchop979, Gambit1024, haydenclaireheroes, jonEsherfey, kfhrfdu_89_76k, Liberty, Monarch_Chronicle, nickthedevil, PikminMania, Raiiyn, RazzaTazz, Sandman_, The_Tree, TheCrowbar, TheMinister, Wildvine, X35, YoungJustice and YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Each of the 22 nominated 5 character each for a total of 110 characters.

Community Nominations

Comic Vine's Top 100 Superheroes 2012 (Community Nomination Step)

Then, the community nominated 90 additional characters to make a total of 200 characters. The community also had the chance to co-sign (in other words add a single point to their favorites). We had 71 Co-signers including:

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.

Final Order Voting

Comic Vine's Top 100 Superheroes 2012 (Final Order Voting)

As the title suggests 121 voters (plus some spammers and alternate accounts) used their 5 votes (each worth 5 times 1 cosign) to move their favorites up. The 121 included:













Billy Batson













Deranged Midget




The Poet
















Supreme Marvel
























Lance Uppercut




Strafe Prower

Baron Von Damron









Storm Calling








The Stegman




















Lord Shiva









The Poet

After that we did a week of tie breaking where the Nominators (some of whom had forgotten they were actually nominators by the time we got to this step) were given the names of the characters who were tied and they voted for a ranking. This step is fairly new to our community projects so it actully took longer than anticipated (much longer...). Hopefully it will be more public and more organized next time...

Final Words

Not sure what the next list will be, but I'm sure it'll be intersting. I'm sure there will be people who say, "this list is terricble [probably not their word] because ____ is too low / ____ is not there" (there usually are those sort of people). I do apprishate everyone's thoughts and I hope I will not come off as someone who doesn't like to hear people disagree with their own oppinions. The below list might not be everyone's personal top 100 superhero list, but it something which illustrates the tastes of the community. If you did not or were not able to vote/cosign/nominate, then I hope you are able to do so next time. However, the following is something made by users for the users. Huzzah!

To check out who the 100 Runners up were for this list click on this link:!

List items

  • He is behind Superman the most recognised superhero in the world. Unlike other characters he has many problems and depth to his story and character. But most of all he is a great Superhero because of his ability to fight with the best even though he is only human with no powers.

  • There have been plenty of great stories for Spider-man this year Spider-Island, Ends of The Earth, and I am sure Amazing Spider-man #700 will end up blowing our minds. Spider-man never lets us down! With him working in Horizon Labs it makes it even more interesting to see him balance his life, and see him always have some Parker Luck.

  • Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap buildings in a single bound are no problem for probably the greatest superhero ever. A lone orphan from the planet Krypton, Kal-El rise up to the injustices in the world....

  • Unlike last year where Storm won hero of the year, she has actually had a great year under a handful of writers that really want to push the character. I hope she becomes more central like she was before M-Day in X-Tiltes.

  • Her title is one of the best in the New 52 and one of my favorite titles out right now. She is a great character that was being abused by poor runs and finnally got a chance to prove to new reader why she stands next to Superman and Batman.

  • Dick Grayson is an important character has at many times been referred to as the "natural leader" of the DC Universe. He retains the skill and intelligence of Batman but doesn't detach emotionally. For this reason, he has friends all over the Superhero community and has, in recent years matured in his role as a hero. He went from losing his city, to taking on a new one and eventually becoming Gotham City's protector as the new Dark Knight. He also came to his own as the leader of the Justice League for a period of time, exhibiting his natural talent in this field. As such, Richard John Grayson shows all of the sides to his character, making him one of the most notable heroes in recent years.

  • Known as the Scarlet Speedster. probably the most famous of the Flashes. Receiving his powers from a bolt of lightning he decided to fight crime with his superpowers. Known for his sacrifice in COIE, he is known ( or was known) as one of Earth greatest heroes.

  • He could be called one of the most interesting heroes in the Marvel Uni, from his mother being a criminal, and to his sacrafice for Hope in Second Coming, Nightcrawler has shown that he doesn't need to be a human, to act like one.

  • A classic character who has shown his strength and bravery through multiple occasions! How can anybody forget this guy!?

  • He has quite interesting powers and, of course, is known for his "good looks". He's the type of character that just grabs your attention through his slick and mysterious moves.

  • Finally DC has realised what an awesome commodity he is and giving him the attention, respect and creative teams to propel him to the upper echelon he deserves.

  • He is the best flash, and one of the best superheroes. While some may only see speed I see a large list of powers and a great back story he has powers like; Infinite Mass Punch, Time travel and Speed steal. He wasn't even the original flash and had to pick up Barry Allen's role.

  • Born James Howlett in Alberta, Canada in the mid 1880’s, Wolverine has been a constant fixture in the Marvel Universe. Being born with hyper-keen senses, a regenerative healing factor, and bone claws, Wolverine’s power set was further increased at the hands of the Weapon X program when adamantium was bonded to his skeleton and claws, making him the perfect killing machine. For a long time his memories were in shambles, until M-Day, when everything was put into order and sharp focus. Always willing to go above and beyond for any cause that seems worthwhile, Wolverine will always be the best at what he does….

  • Potentially the most (physically) strongest character in the Marvel Universe. One of the most popular Marvel Behemoths, and one of the best modern comics as of the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk saga (minus PIS). He's just a misunderstood monster, who wants peace from the world.

  • Steve Rogers is what every hero in the Marvel Universe should aspire to be: a leader, courageous, and a genuine human being who's willing to do whatever it takes to do good for the sake of it. Fighting the good fight since World War II, Captain America continues to be an icon that just so happens to lead one of the best superhero teams ever created: The Avengers. While he may have made poor decisions in the recent AvX event, you can't blame the character for some careless writers' mistakes. Cap is and always has been an influential icon to the Marvel Universe and its readers, and he will continue to be so until the end of time. Captain America, we salute you.

  • The best character ever. He's funny, breaks the fourth wall, makes hilarious jokes, and more! What more do you want from a character??? I spam this guy as a character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 like crazy! Pineapple surprise!

  • His series is one of the best Marvel is dishing out right now and it isn't even five issues in. The style of this book makes it fun to read and the fact that it isn't tied into the rest of the Marvel Universe makes it easy to get into.

  • Being the first superhero with a disability, it would be a crime to leave Daredevil off a "best of" superhero list. Since Frank Miller took over Daredevil's title with Man Without Fear, the character has been written consistently well by some great creators such as Kevin Smith, Ed Brubaker, and most recently, Mark Waid. Though most of his life is filled with tragedy, Matt Murdock continues to fight the good fight because he knows it counts, and that makes him a hero worth looking up to. Matt "Daredevil" Murdock is an inspiration to heroes everywhere.

  • T`challa is the president/leader of Wakanda. He is more than that. He is a man at his physical peak. A man of great intelligence. He isn`t afraid to kill (which I don`t find THAT appealing). He is fully aware of what`s right. The mythos around him isn`t too shabby either. He is the greatest superhero in Africa (not many heroes there, though) and one of the greatest in the whole world. For a good reason.

  • Scott Summers is the fearless (and often controversial) leader of the X-Men. Whether you like him or not, one can't deny that he's a huge player in the Marvel universe. He doesn't fool around, and he continually makes the tough decisions so no one else has to. Scott is one of the sole protectors of the mutant race, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure its survival.

  • Created in the 40's for anti-axis comics, James "Buchanan" Barnes was the sidekick to one of the msot influential and popular heroes in comics today, and then, Captain America. Thought to be lost during the war, Bucky survived, captured by the Soviets and made into their Winter Soldier, a secret assassin on call for the Reds. Regaining his memory, he has atoned for his past crimes over and over again, even taking up the mantle of Captain America.

  • Tim is the 3rd person to seek the role as Robin. He was taught by the amazingly skilled Batman and managed to seek his role in other places. Being a third Robin is hard to seek some sort of support, but it is well deserved.

  • Back from the dead, and even better! Not many can claim they have done that. The return of Jason Todd shook the comic book industry, just as much as his Red Hood character. The former Robin is a mark of Batman's failures, and will forever haunt Bruce and the Bat-Family.

  • Mainly a weakness for red heads, but also with just general interest in helping her father and going above what he does for a living. Her real act of heroism comes from the fact she was shot and paralyzed where some people would have given up and done something else to fit there new life style. She did not, she kept fighting crime as Oracle and now is back in the saddle ready to kick ass and take names.

  • Hal Jordan deserves to be on this list because he is the most powerful Green Lantern and always fights against evil and isn't afraid to question authority who are the guardians in his case. Jordan has saved the universe in many cases and he deserves to be on this list.

  • Tony Stark: the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with one of the coolest pieces of tech in all of comicdom: The Iron man armor. Whether you love the charismatic Stark or not, there is no denying that the character is integral to the Marvel Universe. Tony is a founding member of the biggest and arguably the most powerful superhero group on the planet: The Avengers. The character has overcome a disease that people suffer through daily: alcoholism. Finally, the character made a huge impact on the Marvel universe as the lead enforcer of the Superhuman Registration Act during the superhuman Civil War. True, Tony Stark isn't for everyone, but denying his importance in the Marvel Universe, or even as a hero in general, is insane, and he absolutely deserves to be on a list of this caliber.

  • Of all the X-Men's youngest members, Kitty Pryde has arguably grown and matured the most since she first joined the team in the 80's. She's been Wolverine's protege, Colossus's longtime girlfriend, and was the main protagonist in the famous Days of Future Past story arc. Her best showings, however, were featured in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, where she (literally) took a bullet for the earth, and was believed dead for quite a while. Kitty is one of the X-Men's greatest members, and doesn't really get the respect that she deserves.

  • Rorschach, the badass in Watchmen. This guy was a cop-beating, improvising, tactical, and deadly detective crime-fighting anti-hero that shook the comic industry with his shocking death. Rorschach was easily the best character in Watchmen who stuck to his goals and views until death, and when you think about it, the right-winged newspaper would carry on his legacy after his death and score into that goal.

  • "Everybodies favorite Time Lord, the extraterrestial and extratemporal

    hero goes throughout Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space *wink*

    *wink* to stop anomalies and wrong doings, no matter the place and time.

    The show from which he has originated has gained somewhat a large

    fanbase, spanning back since it's conception, to our current age."

  • Alan was the first Green Lantern, but also has an individual identity.Constant member of the JSA and one of the only surviving human green lanterns in the Kingdom come Earth(which in my opinion, despite not being in mainstream DC, is pretty cool

  • Martian Manhunter is like a better Superman. Martian Manhunter has many powers but he also has a weakness which matches his power set. He is a person (or martian) that is the last of his kind and is fighting for a world that is his own and protecting a race that is not his own and that is why he should be on this list.

  • Kyle Rayner is one of the best characters to ever wield a Green Lantern ring. He may not be a skilled pilot, a football star, or an architect, but he's a comic and anime nut who happens to be a talented artist. In other words, of all the Earth-bound Lanterns, Rayner is by far the most relatable and most fun to read about because he is very similar to the fans. The New 52 has been kind to him, giving him essentially his own title, and even to this day, he continues to be a valuable asset to the Green Lantern Corps.

  • A behind the scenes hero if there is one. He helped Swamp-Thing find his place. He has helped avert world disaster at least once.

  • Green Arrow is a great superhero even though he didn't technically have any powers.He is a very interesting character in the sense that he is short tempered but he always fights for what is right. He stands for everything a hero is supposed to be.

  • The man who became the messenger of doom, to save his home planet. The magnificent wielder of the power cosmic. Ally of the fantastic four. One of the greatest characters in comics. Norrin Radd. He has not only accomplished awesome feats, but has also attacked against human race a few times. Not heroic, no (rest assured, that he was never going to kill anyone, and didn`t start any all-out-wars). But still interesting. Because, what makes him a great character, is how contradictionary he is. For example, he is said to be emotionless, yet he feels very strongly about multitude of things, and often crys out in anger or sorrow. He can stand up to almost anything. He has saved millions. He is a deep character and he is COSMIC. He deserves...must be on the list.

  • Dinah is a great H2H fighter and her Canary Cry makes her even better. She isn't afraid to give off sex appeal and is a well beloved character.

  • Zatanna the great mystic of the DC Universe. Whenever a very great threat is seen of the mystical kind people always come to her for help.

  • As the most famous parody of superheroes, The Tick definitely deserves to be on this list. Starting as just the mascot to New England Comics, Tick quickly got a life of his own thanks to the hysterical comics written by Ben Edlund. Tick wasn't just a simple parody though, he was a funny hero unlike any other in comic books. And thanks to that, Tick got two TV shows, multiple miniseries, and even a team up with Invincible! The Tick is the comedic superhero, and should not be forgotten for it.

  • The king of dreams should be on this list solely for the fact that he is from one of the most acclaimed comics ever. As the king of dreams, Morpheus has saved hundreds upon hundreds of lives. He's also defeated many huge threats in the DCU ranging from psycho Justice League villains to deranged serial killers. As the dream king, Morpheus has helped many people as well such as kids who have been abused and Shakespeare.

  • Intelligent, brazen, strong, beautiful. She is all shades of grey, good and evil are a blur, villain or hero, she's captivating. Secure and confidant in her sexuality, she has no qualms about enjoying it either. She is everything everyone says and then some. She's flawed and she doesn't try to hide it, she embraces it. She's fearless, manipulative, caring, greedy, cunning, cold, bitchy... A complexity of traits that make her one of the best characters out there.

  • The main reason for nearly all of the Uncanny X-Force series. Gave his life to save Psylocke, but not before dropping a kid clone of Apocalypse into our laps.

  • An unusual choice but is definitely unique. She has a decent sized fan-base and her true strengths haven't been shown quite much. She gives a whole different outlook on what a hero can be.

  • A unique and also high skilled character, Iron Fist has been a favorite for many. He is definitely one of the greatest H2H fighters.

  • Mean, gritty and deals with problems drastically. One day there will be an in-continuity fight between him and Magneto, and Frank's going to own him with a baseball bat!

  • Kate Kane is a stand-out extension to the Bat-Family. With her dysfunctional family, military background, love-life, and crime fighting, she manages to captivate readers and never let go. Not only is she a badass and a great character in general, she's also one of the most prominent and positive gay comic characters to hit the comic scene.

  • I nominate him based on what I consider to be one of the best series ever, Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man. This character famously introduced the concept that the writer has a similar relationship to his characters as a God does to us, as explained when Animal Man actually met Grant Morrison himself. What's not to love?

  • He is a hero -- he protects the princesses and goes to bat for anyone who is unable to defend themselves. He represents that little kid in all of us who can't stand injustice and who wants to save everyone. Who can't identify with a kid on the edge of adulthood who still holds idealistic goals while dealing with the complexities of relationships in all their forms?

  • During the Golden Age of superheroes, all companies strived to make that one hero who was relateable: Superman lived in the same world as his readers, Batman didn't have fantastic powers, Namor the Submariner fought the Nazi's, and so on. It wasn't until the creation of Captain Marvel where the children who read comic books could truly sympathize with a superhero of their own. While Captain Marvel was a man with the powers of the gods, Billy Batson was a kid that all the other kids could relate to. Over the many decades, Captain Marvel still does what he can against the never ending battle against evil, and the New 52 granted him a spot in the DC Universe's best team: The Justice League.

  • Penance was her name as a member of Generation X, and was changed to Hollow, who has later joined The Loners and became a student in Avengers Academy. Her real name is... Was it two persons combined into one? Is she Monet or is she someone else? Is her powers magic or is she a mutant? Is it both? Now I'm confused. But despite of that, she has captured my heart. She's just so different that I wanna know her more, and the more I get to know more about her, the more questions that i have in mind about her. Simple, but I like her costume, as if wrapped by long and short belts, just fits well with her red skin. She's red, diamond-hard, sharp and she managed to take off Juggernaut's helmet. Hollow is the most complicated character ever.

  • He's Dredd! No but seriously, his recent movie and his amazing comic book that uniquely keeps pace with the passage of time. He's not a hero, but he's lawful. He almost feels like a cosmic response to Megacity 1. This world is this chaotic, so we need someone like Judge Dredd to bring order.

  • The leader of the rag tag zombie survivor group in the Walking Dead. He will protect his family and friends at all costs. The best thing about Rick is how down to earth he is. He isn't afraid to face the hard truth and put someone down, he will fight to protect his group at all costs.

  • Hellboy is a hero for bucking his destiny and fighting to save the world he was made to destroy. Despite the fact he will probably never have the acceptance he desires.

  • Behind Wonder Woman, DC's leading lady. She is exciting to read, has a great relationship with Batman, and has been successful on her own.

  • In the characters history you have it all hero, villian, teacher what more can you ask for? Not to mention hes a mainstay of one of the largest sc fi franchises of all time.

  • Not only one of the most iconic Vertigo characters, due to Alan Moore's now legendary run marrying the groundwork for the imprint, but recently brought back into the spotlight due to his appearance in Brightest Days conclusion and the amazing New 52 series by Scott Snyder.

  • One of the most prominent of all Marvel female characters. Fans eager to comprehend the evolution of comics would do well to read the evolution of her character, from a passive damsel in distress in her earliest appearances, to one of Marvel's strongest characters and somewhat the matriarch of the Marvel superhero community. A true heroine in ever sense of the word, alongside the rest of her team she dedicates her life solely to being a superhero.

  • Stephanie Brown has worn many hats: girl friend, Spoiler, mother, Robin, dead person, Batgirl but the hat which fits the most is hero. She is a fun character and I hope DC remembers her just as a lot of us do.

  • With his battle computer and doors by his side, its damn near impossible to beat this ruthless badass. Then they made him gay! How can you not remember this dude.

  • Why should he be on the list? Well, because it's Optimus Prime! Whether you read the comics, watched one of the many cartoons growing up, or went and saw the live action movies in theaters then you know who Optimus Prime is just how awesome he can be.

  • A founding member of the X-Men, Dr. Hank McCoy is equally known for his blue fur and beastly appearance as he is for his superb intellect and wit. Beast currently helps Wolverine run the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, while also serving as a member of the Secret Avengers.

  • Disgraced in his own time, Booster steals several pieces of superhero tech and time travels to the present to seek fame and glory as a superhero. Booster may have started off as a (lovable) money grubbing goofball, but he accomplished something many characters don't often get the chance to do: he's grown and matured. He's a loving brother, a father, a friend, and a hero to his core. He is the unnoticed guardian of the timestream, and the greatest hero you've never heard of!

  • The classic X-woman, who`s one of the greatest telepaths in the Marvel universe 616, and the most famous host of the Phoenix force (who likes her so much, that it doesn`t want to leave her, it seems). A woman who has had to suffer alot, not only because of being a mutant and an X-men member, but also because of this incredible power of hers. And still, she does good. Still, she is kind and loving (except if you REALLY piss her off). Still she continues to fight (except if shes dead, and she`s dead alot). Because she is one of the greatest heroes of all time.

  • The Thing is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Universe, appearing in more comic books than even legends like The Hulk or Thor! On top of that, he has been on over ten superhero teams, and has proven time and time again that everyone will love him for years to come. One more fact: He is the most well known and most people's favorite Fantastic Four member

  • Once a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue has become a veteran member of the X-Men. After many years, she has finally gained conscious control of her power to absorb the thoughts, abilities, and memories of others through physical contact.

  • Tony Chu is a former Philadelphia police officer turned FDA agent with a unique ability; he is a Cibopath, someone who gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats.

  • Kaine was the first Spider-clone created by Professor Miles Warren, the Jackal. He has been cured of his cellular degeneration and is the new Scarlet Spider.

  • She's a founding member of the Avengers, and the one who IMO gets the least amount of respect, both from Marvel and from fans. It's time we rally behind her and hopefully let Marvel see our support of her. Plus she was awesome in EMH.

  • Cain is a valued member of the Bat Family. She is often overlooked but she has a quite interesting back story.

  • Daniel is a great hero and he may be the most heroic of the Watchmen. He is the most grounded of the Watchmen and he isn't corrupt and he doesn't act solely on rage. He is a great hero and he fights because he truly wants to help people and do what is right.

  • Much like the Human Torch, Bobby Drake was the youngest member of the original First Class. Since his debut, Iceman has always been the fun-loving character he is, even despite the travesties that keep popping up in the mutant community. Extremely powerful, he keeps a level head on the battlefield, and provides the voice of reason when his teammates are going through rough patches. From a little kid with snow powers, to a school teacher and omega-level mutant, Bobby's earned his spot as one of the best X-Men members and superhero in the Marvel Universe.

  • He is the exact definition of a hard-knocked-life, this kid has been training since he was a baby, he has came from a killer to just a very high tempered highly trained 10 year old. He may not be the best Robin, but he definitely does have potential and almost every scene that he has with Bruce/Batman, shows you that this is the Dark Knight's son.

  • Legacy characters are a prevalent thing among comics. Whether it's characters based off of originals, clones, or people who were inspired by the original and took up the mantle. Superboy is a legacy character (and coincidentally also a clone....kind of), done correctly. He is the genetically bio-engineered clone/offspring of the combined genetic material of one of the world's greatest heroes (Superman) and one of it's most devious masterminds (Lex Luthor). From the very beginning this made for an interesting dynamic with the character. He wasn't born. He was created. And he had no real guiding force in his life until Clark found him. Eventually he wound up on that familiar farm on Smallville, living a similar life to the younger Clark Kent. We've seen this character grow and develop over the years. We've seen him struggle (that whole debacle during Teen Titans when he shaves his head, I'm foggy on the details, though) and most of all, we've seen him become incredibly interesting. He's not a rip off of either of the characters he takes his genetic material from, instead he is entirely his own.

  • Black Widow had a huge year in both comics and out of comics. Is more relevant now than ever before and consequently appearing in many series (Secret Avengers for examps) and among many others. Super spies have many eyes with many eyes spying many uh. Actually I am mainly surprised no one else nominated her, in fact they probably have right? I just overlooked? Anyway she is a super spy and I think found member of Avengers... right? Movies never lie, especially movies with super spies and super spies have many eyes... "

  • I wasn't expecting much with the new Supergirl series, but this year Supergirl actually had some interesting stories. She has become a become a better character because of the New 52. She doesn't know much about her past and that effects her future on earth. I can't wait to actually see her as a real superhero once she grows into her own skin.

  • The Green Hornet has been around for awhile and deserves some love. He is still quite relevant with everything going on and has proven to be a classic hero.

  • Al Simmons, Special Ops soldier and human tank-death machine, was stabbed in the back by the government agency he was once loyal to. his death led him to hell, and in a spur of the moment choice, he struck a deal with the devil. Transformed into the ultimate general of Hell's dark armies, his fate was to lead Malebolgia to victory against the Shining City. Dawning the name Spawn, he first combated crime at the street level, before spitting in destiny's face and rewriting it. Brief ruler of Hell, this Other-worldy anti-hero has saved the Earth time and again, now laid to rest by his own hand for a well deserved sleep.

  • The Walking Dead is a superb series with alot of great characters, but my vote goes to this sword wielding bad ass. She gets things done and when the series first began the only girl power we got was from Andrea "who I am hoping is also nominated" plus she uses a SWORD against hordes of zombies a freakin SWORD.

  • The Question was always a neat character but the Justice League Unlimited made him just the coolest hero. More paranoid than Mulder from X-Files the Question is mysterious and hilarious all at the same time. He puts both Superman and Lex Luther in their places in the show. Did DC take this wonderful character development and run with it? Nope they gave a slow lingering death. Just what Question fans wanted.

  • Ted is a genius scientist with an expert fighting skill. He is also the only hero I know who struggles with staying in shape. His death was a big blow to me. I would like to see him come back as a sort of mentor to Jamie. DC does love killing heroes and bringing them back. Hell, in my top four Guy died once, two Blue Beetles died, Booster "faked" his death and Ice died. That's five deaths for four charters.

  • Well written, well drawn, flawed. Mark is trying to be heroic but at times, he crosses the line, he struggles with his choices

  • The Spectre is what I consider to be one of the most underrated heroes ever. I see the Spectre as a dark, spiritual twist on Superman's early mythology, and the addition of a religion to the genre to be a groundbreaking revelation. If you do not agree with me, read Kingdom Come, where the Spectre acts as a both a spiritual guide and a superhero, whose superheroic powers are outweighed by his lack of humanity.

  • Brit beauty Psylocke is a mutant with vast telepathic & telekinetic powers that she can focus into deadly psi-blades. She is a stealthy martial artist, a former fashion model and a prominent X-Man. Psylocke is currently a member of X-Force and Utopia's security team.

  • Professor X has had a very quiet year, admittedly but the X-Men have had a huge frantic year and you can't have the X-Men without Professor X. Founder of the X-Men (or wait was that Wolverine... ugh) and I saw someone nominate Magneto and you can't really have a heroes list with Magneto on it and not Xavier. Thats like having a list with Axel Rose on it but not Slash. Or should that be the other way around?

  • Cyborg is a founder of the Justice League, and specializes in Apokolipian tech. He also is the most memorable and big change of the New52 being the one of the best received changes(though some MMH fans are still mad about it) and the most controversial. His attitude and power set make him a indispensable and fun part of the Justice League.

  • I might be a bit biased here. But as a character, she's rare to comics in general. There can be no doubt that she's a powerhouse and a major character as she has her own solo book at Marvel(Shocking I know), but she's from our society, most of the time when we see this we see powerful female she can't relate to our society, she's in one way or another, an alien to us. Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel gives us a clear message, you can be powerful, female and you don't need someone to explain Ice Cream to you.

  • The Dog of War. Born on Apokolips, but raised on New Genesis, Orion has proven to have a hero's mettle by finding his inner peace, controlling the rage in his heart to the benefit of New Genesis - it ain't easy being the son of Darkseid...

  • You had this coming! Krypto is Superman's loyal dog! Everytime Krypto is featured in a comic, you get an emotional outlook of Superman and Krypto. He has proven himself to be better than any woman that Superman has been with.

  • Saint Walker the first and greatest Blue Lantern, has inspired hope into the hearts of countless people. He currently is a vital part of the New Guardians and is the unspoken hero of the team, without him many people and worlds would be lost.

  • Master Chief is a military and spiritual hero alike, since he boosted the Human/UNSC morale in battle, and saved countless human lives. He has even saved the entire galaxy from genocide via destroying the Halo rings. Not to mention Master Chief has inspired many other Spartans (Ex. Fred, Will, Kurt, etc.) and UNSC/ODST Soldiers.

  • A superscretcher! Capable of building pocket universe creating devices, any day of the week! Even Monday (well, he hasn`t done that YET)! A master of logical thinking! Usually. The man isn`t without flaws, which isn`t a suprise to anyone who has read stories that have him. But it creates cool plotpoints and stories (not always, obviously). It makes him more realistic. Besides, like all great heroes, he always understands the error of his ways, if he has done something questionable, (or even catastrophic) he usually finds a way to make things right. And his good sides outweigh the bad ones. That`s the sign of a great hero.

  • Simply starting out as a smuggler with no intentions but his own, he soon learns heroism and bravery from the pure-hearted Luke Skywalker. He becomes the hero that every kid wanted to be as a child, the gun-slinging space cowboy and the ladies man.

  • An android created by T.O. Morrow to infiltrate the superhero community he is now one of the powerhouses of the Justice League. He has proven to be one of the best parts of all the shows he has appeared in and in all the comics too.

  • Dr. Strange was once a gifted but egotistical surgeon who, after an accident, sought out The Ancient One to heal his wounded hands. Instead, he trained to become Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

  • The fun and loving hero! Beast Boy is the type of character that you need to get away from the dark and gruesome parts of comics and TV.

  • Hank Pym doesn't need no super strength or a ridiculous healing factor, he'll just kick your ass with SCIENCE. Or in the 80s when he would just be awesome and have a miniaturised arsenal of weapons in his coat pockets ready to enlarge to use. Either way, you'd still get your ass kicked.

  • He is one with the scarab and can be very dangerous. If he were to let the scarab take complete control and use all its powers, you don't want to cross paths with him. However, Jaime has managed to use his scarab for good and has earned his right to be known as a great superhero.

  • How can you not love Guy Gardner. He mooned Batman for crying out loud and has a U of M sticker on him Lantern Battery. Hell he went top U of M. When he is dogging on the other heroes or struggling with Ice he is at his best. Sure his character went through a bad spell when DC made him a nice guy, suck up and turned him into Warrior but he is back now and, ready to rock.

  • The son of Ultron. He is a unqiue character that has a rich past.

  • Rafeal is the best fighter and arguably the best turtle. He has the best fighting skills and always stands up for what is right. He will go against his brothers to fight for what he believes in and is a great hero.

  • Jubilee was a spunky mutant teenage mall rat who could release colorful explosive plasmoids and detonate matter at a sub-atomic level. She has since then been transformed into a vampire. Jubilation is now a member of the Forgiven, although she will always have a place amongst her fellow X-Men.