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CV's Top 100 Super-Villains Runner Up List 2011

When I was creating the 2011 Top 100 Super-Villain List, I was provided with 168 character nominations.

After a long process where 104 people voted (check out the above mentioned list for more details and to see who one), I removed these 68 characters. For your benefit, here they are!

List items

  • Normie Osborn is from the MC2 universe. He is a main villain to Spider-girl in the beginning of her career. The reason he became a villain is because he felt like he had a legacy to stop the spider and goblin war that started many years ago with Spider-man and the original Green Goblin. Normie ends up kidnapping Spider-girl to try and kill her ,but Normie and spider-girl end up talking things out and are able to get Normie to stop being the Green Goblin. In the end they break the Spider and Goblin war and become very close friends.

  • How can one not love a villain who is able to absorb all forms of energy? He's swallowed up planets, absorbed galaxies, has speed and strength to rival even Superman's, and has held the JLA at bay a time or two. His very namesake of Luciphage shows that he is a power to be reckoned with and deserves to be among the top 100.

  • Coming from a different era when comics were mostly read by a different demographic, she was nonetheless representative of the trend at the time at DC for female villains to be at least partially motivated by love (for instance also Catwoman or Golden Glider.) The inner turmoil of the character, in love with Hal Jordan when not possessed and even more so under the control of the Star Sapphire was a constant for her character. In the modern age she has been portrayed less as a lovestruck individual and more as a strong female character role, even to the point where she controls the Star Sapphire now and not vice versa. She still has a lot of stories of the years featuring her as a villain though and her role as the second most prominent Green Lantern villain of all time (after Sinestro) is recognized by most.

  • The clear and sometimes mucky waters of the Amazon (or Wakulla Springs if you are a Floridian) hold many secrets. For example, they held a giant mammoth, but it is not a real thing which is the most important thing which surfaced in those waters. Ever since it first appeared in 1954, the Creature from the Black Lagoon has fascinated movie goers. This "Gill-man" is indeed an iconic character and really should be on this list!

  • The Claw is a monster with miraculous powers who has the potential to dominate the entire world which shows us how he is such a big threat, being described at times as having been the "worst" superhero within his specific universe. The abomination that is The Claw is capable of abnormal things and has been shown to eat superheroes such as the Death-Defying Daredevil to terminate them.

  • To be truely evil is is better to start off good and decided taht being evil is better? or just being evil from the start. Once a good hero now a bad, bad man

  • Mr. Gone is an insane serial rapist who becomes the main villain to The Maxx. Mr. Gone also is the master of dark evil versions of Sam Kieth's Isz. Mr. Gone is a great psychoanalysis over the nature and nurture argument because of his childhood abuse. Mr. Gone would grow up to hate women and with two failed marriages becomes the magician serial rapist who would have to have his head cut off to stop his rape and killing. Even his head separated from his body became problems for The Maxx.

  • Mean Machine has the unique ability to decide how evil he wants to be by turning a dial on his head. A foe of Judge Dredd, he is a true agent of chaos in a completely law-based society. In classic 2000 AD style, Mean Machine has the capability of being a humorous foe while simultaneously participating in serious story arcs.

  • The Mummy

    In the 1920s, archaeology brought a new kind of monster into the hall of pop culture villain icons and that monster was the Mummy. Powered by rumored curses and the newly found completely intact remains of Tutankhamen, the Mummy sweept Hollyword and the world by storm. Although such creatures have evolved into creatures which are more comical than scarry, anyone must admit this creature (with the help of Monster movie master Boris Karloff) is a classic villain that deserves to be on this list.

  • I picked the homelander for what I hope is obvious reasons, where he may not have been around as long as some of the other characters from Dynamite comics, he has sure made an impact. The guy takes messed up to a whole new level, not only has he killed more the a fair share of the Boys loved ones in one way or another, the worst that springs to mind is butchers wife, who he raped and then the Super Baby that was inside her punched his way to freedom. But has also done even sicker things, hence why he is at the top of the list, all this while remaining the "Superman" in the eyes of the people.

  • Rune aside the coolest Villain in the Malibu Universe, He had a very original origin and played a Major role in the God-wheel story-arc as well.

  • Has faced many foes, Conan and Red Sonja to name two, but the characters time has not all been spent at Dynamite and has had more then enough face time in Marvel as well, Kulan was the apprentice Thoth-Amon's and was banished from Stygia fro practicing magic even they dared not to. His power is known and feared by all earning him the name of the ultimate evil of the Hyborian Age. Very few have dared to stand up to his powers and even when defeated he is never truly gone.

  • Borrowing elements from both The Phantom of The Opera & The Man in The Iron Mask, Cadava begins as a wealthy socialite who suffers a horrible disfigurement, just prior to marrying a beautiful, & quite wealthy, woman. Masking his ruined face beneath a knight's helm, Cadava sets up shop in the sewers. Then, the true horror begins. Kidnapping his lady love, he drags her to his domain beneath the streets, taking time out to beat down the Ray. Nothing left to do now, but blow up the city. No demands. No ultimatums. No bargaining. Just mass death & destruction in a rage & pain fueled rampage. The Ray, eventually, puts this mad dog down... with extreme prejudice. Everyone knows, though, that the villain can never truly die.

  • Mr. Atom has a fascinating quality which differentiates him from the midst of other villains. It his inhumanity. The fact that the character feels no tinge of human qualities that touch all characters at some point, even characters that are insane like the Joker -- or unfeeling like Lex Luthor, makes him a character that displays an interesting interaction with every other character in comic books. As an immensely intelligent being, Mr. Atom wants to conquer the earth because he deems humans as weak and thus wants to rule the planet. What makes him more unique is his indifference to the population. He doesn't care whether humans live or perish, all he wants is an outcome. All "World Conquering"-esque villains understand the point of there not being a point to being a king with no kingdom, but Atom truly doesn't care and thus the lengths which he goes through give a slight angle to the overused world conquering attitude that has been seen in characters time and time again.

  • Helspont is a huge villain in not only the WILDcats comics, but the entire Wildstorm universe. Helspont was just a dangerous villain that there had to be not one, not two, not even five, but SEVEN teams created after he attacked. Helspont is also notable for the fact that he has had plans to take over the world a lot! One time he even teamed up with Dr. Doom and the skrulls! (more to come)

  • It is rare for Conan The Barbarian to have an nemesis. Heck, its rare for Conan to even have a villain that has been in more than a one or two comics, yet that is exactly what Thoth-amon does. Thoth cemented himself as Conan's arch enemy thanks to Marvel and Dark Horse. They had him summon monsters that fought Conan various times, and each time one of those monsters Thoth summoned showed up, loads of people were sure to die. Thoth-amon is so bad that he killed multiple priests, and worships Set, one of the first murderers ever. Now he may be portrayed a coward sometimes, but he's a coward that has killed thousands, and laughs at the anguish of Conan and every city he's messed up due to his supreme magical abilities.

  • The Painted Doll can be seen as Moore paying homage to his character V from V for Vendetta. The spirit of the character is of a masked terrorist who can be anyone and is almost infinite in ability to return since it is an “idea” rather than man. The Painted Doll is different from V because V was a gray-area anti-hero from the beginning to the end. The Painted Doll started off as a villain to the Five Swell Guys, where we find out "He" kept on returning because "they" were sentient androids programmed to target and kill a certain member of the Five Swell Guys. The allegory to V works again because of the political nature of Terrorism. Terror to one set of people is a hero to another. The Painted Doll becoming a member of “Five Swell Guys” would change his "terrorist" view to most people, yet he started off the series as a murderer. Our perception of him can change like programming in a computer, this is another character Moore uses to show us “control” and that not everything is as it is seen on surface level.

  • awesomely powerful , crazy and has the hatred to travel the mulitiverse killing as many of his arch nemesis Captain Britain's he can.

  • Elektra is now depicted as a hero in the Marvel Universe, but she had a much darker past working for the the Hand and Kingpin after her resurrection. Nowhere was this more evident that in the Epic line where he work as a bloodthirsty assassin was portrayed in vivid detail

  • Arguably the most powerful supervillain of the Valiant Universe. An obsessive black magician who contains powers of necromancy and long life and uses levitation at will and contains a fair amount of personal wealth. Darque is an arch-villain specifically to Shadowman and Dr. Mirage but has been a thorn in the side of every great superhero of the Valiant U. Manipulated dark cells to even create the likes of great supervillains like Doctor Eclipse. I would consider him Valiant's version of Dormammu

  • He is the God of Chaos and litteraly the true face of evil, he is the toughest foe the Transformers have EVER encountered. He keeps the balance of evil in the Universe.

  • Taladge was a judge who would disguise himself as a little old lady and called himself the Countess Belladonna. He would literally knit the name of the victims into his scarf. With the disguise of an old lady he was not seen as being a danger to anyone. He used this to kill young woman who would befriend him. He would then stab them in the neck with the very knitting needles he knit their name with.

  • A shadowy character who belongs to a black-ops group who tries to silence the “Miracle” monsters, which are Miracleman and those like him. Evelyn Cream played both sides and that is what made him dangerous. He would play against those who hired him so he could benefit first hand with an alliance which Miracleman. Alan Moore would at times write a “tick tock” noise when Cream walked, almost an allusion to the Crocodile in Peter Pan.

  • That is right one of Megatron's most prized Decepticons, he only beleives in logic and logic only. He created Sunstorm a very brutal Decepticon who many have compared to a "walking sun" and only wants to be on the winning side.

  • Now I'm sure there will be some people who say once they see him on here that he isn't a villain. Well those select few are dead wrong. As a matter of fact, The Mask may be one of the most sadistic villains in comic book history. Lets look this over for a second, The Mask was forged by Loki, the god of mischief, or as many Marvel fans know him, evil. Now when you put the mask on all of your wildest fantasies come true, in the case of Stanley Ipkiss and many others, their fantasy was murder. And a lot of it. The Mask has killed hundreds of people, and has been killing since the Ancient days. The Mask mutilates his enemies in ways that were unheard of back in the day, like stuff car parts into people, or shooting people to death with a balloon animal machine gun. If that doesn't make him enough of a villain, then you should learn that The Mask has foguht Judge Dredd, Marshal Law, Batman, Lobo and more. Heck, even The Joker became Big-Head/The Mask for a while.

  • Grant Morrison's character in the Vertigo universe, he controls everything that happens. He sees and knows everything happening, and can reveal portions of his knowledge to the characters he helped create. The Writer revels in causing characters pain (for the sake of plot of course), and was eventually put onto the Suicide Squad. Here he fought in a unique method, by typing out all the actions surrounding him.

  • The classic femme fatale archetype. Eisner gives her the greatest introductory line ever... " I am P'Gell... & this is not a story for little boys!" When P'Gell's not trying to entice the Spirit over to the dark side with her seductive ways, she's marrying wealthy men, who all have the strange misfortune of dying soon thereafter. Always under mysterious circumstances. All that inherited money has to go somewhere, & P'Gell puts it to bad use, funding her criminal empire.

  • An Immortal Alien Energy Vampire stricken with Cancer during an Atomic Explosion, Rune must Feed on Super-Humans to sustain himself while looking for a cure using his future-scrying rune-stones. He has wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and battled Thor, The Silver Surfer, Conan, Venom, and the Ultraverse's Top Heroes and Villains. In 2009 Jim Starlin wanted to revive Rune in Marvel Continuity in Thanos Quest, However due to a stipulation in the contract with the Original Ultraverse creators they would have to be payed Royalties if the Characters are used (In this case BWS) so the Art was re-drawn and Rune was not used. The Ultraverse issues of Rune by BWS are all Epic.

  • Again a little diffrent then a single villain, the Cyclons are a Cybernetic Lifeform Node, these guys managed to not only pretty much wipe earth out, but now spend their free time hunting down the remaining humans, oh and of course they don't want to stop just there, the universe seems like a nice place to rule, again the embodiment of death and killing, they are deadly to underestimate but have one of the biggest body counts out of almost any villain.

  • A foe of Solar, Man of the Atom who's name is Fred Bender. Essentially Bender was endowed with the energies of the Dark Power by Master Darque and became in effect an evil version of Solar with great powers, including shape shifting, immortality, reality manipulation, soul absorption and teleportation. Consumed with hatred for for Phil Seleski, Eclipse has proven to be a forced to be reckoned with inside of the Valiant Universe. I would consider him to be Valiant's version of a dark Dr. Manhattan or perhaps even Monarch.

  • Holocaust a short stint as a hero Holocaust preferred the life as a villain. Creating his own gang of villains he has been a nemesis of of Static. A true Ganger.

  • Savage Dragon's arch-enemy. Overlord basically owned all of Chicago thanks to his vicious gang The Vicious Circle. Even though Savage Dragon eventually killed Overlord, it doesn't mean he lost easy. In their first encounter for example, Overlord bet down Dragon severally.Oh and in classic villain style, anyone who failed Overlord would be punished. And in Overlord's case, he would punish you, by incinerating you!

  • The original Much Monster. He’s origin was of a Nazi pilot who arose from the mud as a monster. For a period of time he would fight for the Nazi party until he turned on his own people. He can be very violent and dangerous. The Original Heap would also lead to a re-image of him as a garbage monster that fights Spawn.

  • He was a hero seen because heroes write history and Moore knew this. Olympus was the book written in the winner's prospective, brilliant if you think about it. The climate was the battle with Kid Miracleman, Moore almost uses it as a metaphor for Hitler's blond hair blue eye's perfect beings winning the war and the normal looking man being the loser. So if it is a winner's history it doesn't matter who was villain or not, both are evil or both are good, how can we truly know since it is winner's who write history. Sorry for the spoiler, but Moore knows that their is a grey area he crosses with Miracleman, much like he did with Watchmen. "The good of the masses out weigh the good of the few" some would call it. Rorschach verses Ozzy if you will. Miracleman wins because he kills an innocent child. Yes the child holds the key to great power, which is a locked up Kid Miracleman, but it is a kid. Killing an innocent should make him a villain by most people's views, but the book is told by the winner, so we are lead to believe Miracleman is right. I wanted Eclipse as a reason to explain how brilliant Moore's work really is and how over looked a lot of it is.

  • For every hero there is a mirror, a mirror of what he could be if he used his skills or powers for evil...but what if that evil was an exact clone of you. Was able to do everything you could and with the same amount of style and awesomeness that made you what you are. Evil Ash gets my vote for being the prefect flip of an evil coin.

  • Kid Eternity's opposite number. Master Man was a Nazi, who worked directly for Satan( I'm not altogether sure it's even possible to be more evil than that). When he wasn't out collecting lost souls for the Devil, Master Man was summoning up the worst villains from the whole of recorded history. Simply by uttering the word "Stygia", Master Man could put a gang together, consisting of the likes of Jack The Ripper, Torquemada, Vlad The Impaler, Rasputin, Blackbeard, & Billy The Kid. Complete access to the worst souls in Hell meant that Master Man was never without truly nightmarish back- up.

  • Chief Judge Cal is the modern/2000 AD counterpart to the mad Roman emperor Caligula. Judge Cal turned Mega-City 1 upside-down, letting insanity run wild. Judge Dredd had to go against his own devotion to the Law to stop this madman. Judge Cal is a fascinating twist on history, and created one of the most enjoyable stories in Rebellion.

  • Where Thragg maybe the most powerful Viltrumite, we have not seen him do much, Conquest has prehaps been the most devestating Viltrumite. He is the most sadistic of the empires soliders and is looked upto by all Viltrumites, he choses to draw battles out in order to break the will of those he is fighting rather then simple end it with a simple punch.

  • Another villain from the Boys, where he may have only appeared in Five issues before his death, lets take a look at the man before writting him off. John has no powers of his own but takes in Children from bad neighbourhoods, sometimes just taking them off the street and hiding behind his money if the parents ever come looking for them, So he gives the children powers, gives them everything they ever wanted, and then forces himself onto them. Over the years they become use to it, after all you can't report him to the police, he owns the police. But he has miniuplated the children in such away, that when they grow up and become members of his "super hero" (not really super heroes much like Homlander) group the G-men, that they want to protect him, even if that means their own death.

  • Saker is a resurrected wizard whose second chance at life revealed to him that he couldn't die. Using this and his magical knowledge he set out to rule the world with only the Elementals standing in his way.

  • Loki has existed far longer than comics (because he is a Norwegian god, obviously), and therefore, can`t be "copyrighted". Of course there is Marvels, DCs and various other companies versions of the character, but he will still exist, first of all, in epic myths. That is why he exists in pretty much every comic universe. And seems to be as evil in everyone. No matter if it is a dark comedy, a superhero comic or some kind of a poetic comic, Loki winds up being one really merciless god.

  • Civilian name Joan Wayne. She is the daughter of Ms. Victory and was temporarily the leader of Fem Force, replacing her mother. She interpreted her position as being manipulated into serving the Government and after the death of her son, Jason, she went insane with grief and power and has used her knowledge of the Fem Force team against them in various battles. She has Invulnerability, Super Strength, Speed, but can not fly. She is the second most powerful foe due to her powers as well as knowledge of Fem Force and the fact Fem Force are doing what they can to help her because she was a team member.

  • She is from an alternate dimension and her powers are similar to Captain Paragon; Super Strength, Flight, Speed, Invulnerability. She comes from a society where the women dominate society and is a dictator in her world, essentially ruling it. She desires to rule the Earth as well. Although Fem Force have trapped her before she will return again until she is able to conquer Fem Force and the Earth.

  • Doc is a madman bent on creating the perfect woman. This alone is not the problem however. It is the fact that he wants to make this perfect woman from the parts of other living woman. He once kidnapped five woman he intended to cut up and patch together a one perfect woman. He would go down the line and say things like I'll take her head, and her torso and her legs and so on. To make fist perfect Frankensteinish monster woman. Hot right? Even though he was a Doctor, this process involved a butches knife and was lacking in anesthesia

  • Lobster Random is a surgical fusion of man…and mechanical lobster. A soldier who found his true calling was torture, Lobster Random was a unique type of mercenary. Lobster Random is a type of super-soldier almost never seen in comics, and yet who fits perfectly with the gritty medium of Rebellion publishing.

  • Spider Queen not only shares the same name as a porno star ( Sharon Kane) but she is an interesting villain. She anger at the death of her husband by Russians drew her to help the Nazis. Talk about a woman scorned.

  • Mortal enemy of Captain Valor and genocidal destroyer of countless lives

  • Having been a threat to Captain Paragon since World War II, the Black Shroud has been defeated by him several times through the course of time. However, as time has progressed, Black Shroud has grown in knowledge and power of Dark Sorcery and Magic and has many minions under his command. He was a major threat to Nightveil, her magic tutor Azagoth and several magic wielding heroes during the Shroud Wars many years later.

  • Button Man is a killer who works for a Gladatorial-type game of 'capture the flag'. The goal is to kill one's opponent, or take one of their fingers. However, he goes rogue. Unlike the classic hitman, Button Man must learn the difference between killing for sport, and for other reasons.

  • Using subterfuge to disguise herself as a heroine from Denmark, Valkyra is actually a villain working for Lady Luger. She has been able to trave through time from the World War II era and has been a threat to Fem Force, using her Super Strength, Endurance and Invulnerability.

  • Hamilton J. Thorndyke or 'Ham' for short is a mystical man born in 379 A.D. After being given up on, he was taken on by a passing druid. Eventually, he would grow into a man of both ruthless intelligence and behaviour. In 412 A.D. he became a weather wizard. However, the only way he could seemingly power his spells is to use blood sacrifices. Because of this, he began killing children and other people, driving the townsfolk mad, and henceforth making them attempt a coup. Though he somewhat reformed, he hasn't changed in too many ways, and still strives to get what he wants.

  • An Earthling by the name of General Cheng endowed with the ability to reincarnate throughout the sands of time. In addition to his obvious immortality he also possesses super-strength and quick regenerative powers and due to his longevity has attained a plethora of warrior skills and capabilities. He is a master strategist and a bane to the superhero Eternal Warrior, having first encountered him two hundred years before the Birth of Christ. I would consider him to be Valiant's version of Vandal Savage.

  • Lord High Papal is an enemy of the Vance Dreadstar and his crewmates. He is a tyrannical planetary dictator with no concern for his citizens

  • Civilian name Vanessa Cord. She has very potent mind control and is a power hungry villain. In her quest for more power she was able to construct a "Mento Helmet" amplifying her mind control abilities. She was also leader of a group of assassins known as The Valkyries. Despite having had a life of privilege and wealth, she is not satisfied with her life and yearns to control all who stand in her way, especially Fem Force.

  • Applejack is a truly disgusting character who emits a horrible aura to the reader because his sick mind has him chasing women for simply the pleasure of killing them, all done in a manner like Jack the Ripper. This disgust and hate that he gives the reader for what he does in a sick manner, is what makes him interesting to read, because he represents the lowest of the low which humans can possibly reach.

  • Friend of Max and was once a Human. He became a robot because he body was ruined by Cancer. Dekko is interesting because he justifies his crimes to himself, so he does not see them as crimes.

  • Leader on the Splint second men, the main enemies of the Traveler. He caused the accident that gave them all powers by unstabliing an experient causing the detah of the main heroes girlfriend and seevrl other employees of Martin-Colding Labs

  • One of only two Harbingers to possess the Omega Power, putting him in charge of a wide range of psionic abilities ranging from telepathy and mind control to telekinetic locomotion. He is the very epitome of the argument in saying that 'we had to destroy the village to save it' due to his willingness to use the Harbinger Foundation to round up other Harbingers and enslave humanity. Convinced he is humanity's savior and not its conqueror. I would consider him Valiant's version of Magneto

  • Another femme fatale, but this one lacking in P"Gell's subtlety. Lady Serpent wasn't shy about her murders. Whether it was through hypnosis, or venomous snakes, she all but guaranteed her victims a gruesome death. She had an obsessive love of gemstones, which would prove to be her downfall on more than one occasion, as the Black Terror was able to use that weakness against her. Still, she was as slippery as her deadly pets, & was once able to roll right back out of jail, a mere two hours after the Black Terror had put her away. Hopefully, Dynamite will bring her back in one of their Project: Super-Powers books. Comics just have too few live snake wearing murderesses running around.

  • An ancient God returned to life by the sacrifice of Pandora, Argus battles Rune, Thor(616),etc. during the Ultraverse concluding "Godwheel" Arc.

  • The Brain Emperor provides a villain who is vile and evil, he has no reason for what he does, or at least one that is justifiable. He wants to conquer the world, he's ugly, he totally unrelabtable and that's what gives you a villain that you just love to see get completely ass kicked when the heroes save the day, which is why reading Brain Emperor is enjoyable.

  • A human by the name of Erica Pierce who had been exposed to the same energies that changed Phil Seleski into Solar, Man of the Atom. With her newfound powers of near infinite reach, combined with her depressive insanity, she attempted to try and right the wrongs of the timeline which culminated in the crisis known as the Unity by trying to reform reality and the time-stream itself according to her wishes. I would consider her Valiant's version of the Anti-Monitor.

  • Spider Spy is a villain whose biggest interest is in the fact that he provides a very interesting parallel to his primary arch-enemy, the Fly and Flygirl, due to the he represents someone that is genetically superior to him and allows the protagonists to prove the fact that even inferior people can win against those superior to them.

  • Maxx 13 is a project and thus the character known as "Maxx 13" is an interesting read reminiscent of what characters like Wolverine could perhaps have been like, if their history hadn't quite played out as it did.

  • Maxinor is an enemy of the Justice Machine and an interplanetary criminal and terrorist. He is an enemy of the state of Georwell though later he becomes allied with the Justice Machine

  • Possibly Nightveil's greatest enemy and is also a major threat to Fem Force. She is a ardent wielder of Black Magic and even Nightveil and her magic wielding contemporaries find it difficult to defeat her. Her major downfall is her own arrogance which often blinds her own efforts to defeat Fem Force and Nightveil but her goal is their eventual destruction.

  • Lxo III is an evil Martian that wants to steal the powers of the Fly but didn't manage to, however his persistence to remain fully against the Fly despite not being able to conduct his research remains an interesting read.

  • An alien team of sentient creatures whose existence is centered around a rigid Military caste system. They are not above using their own comrades as cannon fodder in order to defeat any and all enemies, and have knowledge of space travel and advanced weaponry. They are from the same dimension as Commando D, and are intent on destroying Commando D as well as his Earth friends, the Sentinels of Justice and Fem Force.