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CV's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters List

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam! [Translalation from Klingon to English: Today is a good day to die!] It's also a good day to create a top 100 list of fantasy and Science Fiction Characters! :D

The genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy have entwined into our pop culture. Television shows like Star trek paved the way for stories to go where no one had gone before. Even earlier, writers like Jules Verne and H. G. Wells suprised and astonished us with tales of time travel, submarines, invading aliens, invisible men and so much more. Writers like J. M. Barrie dared us us stay forever young and battle pirates over mystical islands. L. Frank Baum, J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis Carrol, J. K. Rowling, H.P. Lovecraft and so many others introduced us to worlds beyond our comprehension and allowed us to visit those places. The genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy are in our hearts and minds. They inspire us to dream and do great things. So, it seems fitting that we should create list of powerful characters of these genres.

Thank You's!

I would like to thank all the user who wrote nomination reasons. I would also like all my great nominators and those who went above and beyond their call of duty (you know who you are...). Lastly, I would like to thank Spiderbat87 for stepping into the role of Nominator, even though he said didn't want to at first (thanks for changing your mind!).


We had 22 nominators. They include: Avenging-x-bolt, Aztek the Lost, BiteMe-Fanboy, Bloodwolfassassin, Deranged Midget, Doctor!!!!!, feebadger, HammerTron, Haydenclaireheroes, Icarusflies, IrishX, kingjoeg, Lazystudent, Liberty, Nickthedevil, PikminMania, RedheadedAtrocitus, ReVamp (honorable mention as he didn't nominate, but he did write a nomination reason), SirMethos, Tunsieon. Plus, Spiderbat87 and a fellow named teoP.

Each nominator nominated 5 characters each to make an initial 100 list. In the following step, the community stepped in and added a total of 194 characters to the list.


As of last list (Comic Vine's Top 100 Batman Universe Stories), the voting step which I call "cosigning" (*insert math joke here*) became a prominate tool in ordering the list. To co-sign means to agree with a nomination. Each cosign was worth 1 pt each and each nomination started off with 1 cosign (it's nominator). These things can possibly move a character up a position on the list if they have enough cosigns.

We had a total of 45 cosigners (plus myself), including:


Aztek the Lost








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The Poet





Final Over Voting

When the Community was satisfied that we had enough characters (I thank Liberty for adding about 70 of those characters...of course I'm not annoyed at the overwhelming number of those characters! :P), I opened the polls for users to vote for the Final Order of the list. Like the times before, each user was given 5 votes and they could use it however they wanted. Each vote was worth 5pts.

This time, we had 54 voters (including myself), including:














Deranged Midget





























Aztek the Lost









Billy Batson


The Poet

After that, I totaled the number of points for each character (combining the 1pt cosigns with the 5pt F.O. Votes). With that, I ordered this list and WALLA! The list is born! Remember to check out the Best of the Month Poll as well as sinestro_GL's ComicVine VOTES! The Most Iconic Comic Book Cover Of All Time.! Oh, and check out Liberty's ongoing list project Greatest 100 films of All Time! Qapla'!

To check out who the 94 Runners up were for this list click on this link!

List items

  • The fact that he's some crazy-looking demon should probably explain which side of the fence he represents (fantasy) but Hellboy is definitely an essential in the hallowed halls of cherished and memorable comic characters. Not just the character himself, but the entire world surrounding him is a magnificent blend of fantasy with characters from myth, fairy tales and the imagination of Mike Mignola all coming together to create this place where the creature destined to destroy is saving the world from those that would see him take up his role. Hellboy has some of the most fun and interesting fantasy stories in comics and the best part is, when Hellboy dies, he stays dead! Hellboy in Hell, watch for it this December!

  • The main villain of the 6 film saga that is star wars. No other sci-fi villain evokes as much fear and intimidation in the hearts of their enemies. I'm sure everyone has at some point in their life jokingly mimicked Darth Vaders obscure breathing. He is not only one of the best sci-fi villains of all time but also one of the best movie villains of all time.

  • Probably the greatest Sci-Fi bounty hunter of all time, Boba Fett should be on this list just solely because of how many people in our world commonly know George Lucas' Star Wars Franchise and respect the original characters. Boba is a unique character, sometimes he's a coldhearted killer, but other times he shows sympathy for a character that might be going through a trauma that resembles his own. As Boba has been portrayed in many different ways over the years, one thing is for certain, Boba Fett is the most household Sci-Fi name of our time and if anyone on this list should be on it, Boba should!

  • Harry Potter is truly one of the great creations of modern fantasy fiction. This is not because of the broad character strokes and mannered plotting, but because without him, there would be about 50 million less kids and adults entering (or re-entering) the world of fantasy, comics and imagination. Harry Potter lit a fire under a whole new generation of fantasy fans and made reading what had previously been considered a ‘geek’ genre, suddenly viable again.

  • Simply starting out as a smuggler with no intentions but his own, he soon learns heroism and bravery from the pure-hearted Luke Skywalker. He becomes the hero that every kid wanted to be as a child, the gun-slinging space cowboy and the ladies man.

  • The Doctor is a character who has spanned over 50 years of innovative and entertaining stories on television. Ever since the characters inception he has been plauged with countless scary enemies, such as the daleks and weeping angels. There has been 11 Doctors so far. He is a character who has endured so much pain and suffering but still soldiers on to adventure through time and space. If you are unfamiliar with the Doctor the 2005 reboot with Christopher Eccleston is a good place to start.

  • in the charecters history you have it all hero, villian teacher what more can you ask for. Not to mention hes a mainstay of one of the largest sc fi franchises of all time.

  • Buffy is a very iconic character in comic books and pop culture in general. She fights demons and vampires to try and keep Sunnydale and the whole world safe. She holds her own against all the evil she has to face.

  • this name is known by all to be the biggest monster birthed into science fiction. even anyone who does not read/watch Godzilla, is familiar with the name and appearance of the character.

  • Steven King calls the Dark Tower his Magnum Opus. Roland is the protagonist of the Dark Tower series set in a dark magical world where he is a gunslinger. Men capable of extreme skill and precision and Deschain is the best. One of the most complex characters in literature Roland deserves to be on the list if only for being King's masterpiece.

  • In his series, the Sandman, the lord of Dream integrates various mythologies and expands upon them with the inclusion of the residents of the Dreaming. A Jungian archetype in his own right, Morpheus both embodies fairy tales and shows how they are still relevant in today's modern world.

  • The first two alien films are def one of the best scifi films ever created and the one woman to survive every single movie (sort of) is Ripley. She is one badass woman and def deserves a spot on the list for all the hell she went through and came out on top.

  • Cthulhu is H.P. Lovecraft's most renowned and popular creation. The Cthulhu Mythos appears in everything from the works of Stephen King, to South Park. These tales are especially chilling since they do not delve into 'good and evil' in the traditional sense. Our human concepts of 'good and evil' mean nothing when compared to the grand vastness of the cosmos, and the monsters which lurk there... "That is not dead which can eternal lie/and with strange aeons even death may die"---H.P Lovecraft

  • Malcolm Reynolds is the lead character of Joss Whedon's tv show firefly. He is a born leader who is witty even in the face of danger. Even though the tv show only aired for one season and a movie it still gained cult acclaim, it's not hard to find a sci-fi fan who is still petitioning to get FOX to make season two. Malcolm Reynolds is the definition of an honourable, witty, sci-fi cowboy, who instead of riding horses rides the stars.

  • Agent Smith: the cold, calculating leading villain of the Matrix Franchise. Nominated for his personality (or lack thereof) Agent Smith was a very successful villain for a very successful title that did well not only in box office, but as a Science Fiction. This Agent will kill and rewrite anything that is not in his image. The thought that a man made program can believe itself to be a deity is a terrifying one indeed.

  • Roald Dahl is a wonderful writer. His most famous piece has to be the beloved children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In this novel is a funny little man, who invites 7 lucky children and their family to visit his Chocolate factory. In the 1971 Gene Wilder adaptation, Dahl's top hat wearing creation quoted O'Shaughnessy and encouraged the children to be better people while still being wonkish. Willy Wonka is a creative individual all his own and most definitely should be on this list!

  • Being Godzilla's first evil enemy, King Ghidorah has been referenced in all sorts of media. He has appeared as a guardian of Japan, a mutated monster from the future, a cyborg, an alien, and a monster from Earth's past. Not that many characters could say they were a cyborg and an ancient Japanese guardian

  • Bender is a robot that lives in the year 3000. He works for Planet Express and he delivers packages with the help of his friends, but with every package they deliever they always have to get out of difficult situations.

  • Gandalf is a wizard of middle earth and a key character in J R R Tolkein's Lord of the Rings books/films. He is probably one of the most iconic wizards of all time now other than Harry Potter, if not more so because Ian Mckellen is a much better actor than Daniel Radcliffe. Gandalf is also great because he managed to beat the Balrog and conquer Death, just before returning to middle earth to help save it.

  • The king by which all others are measured and the mythology which launched a thousand tales of derring-do. The tale of King Arthur is a tale that still fascinates and entices new readers and with so many elements having entered into poplar culture (Excalibur, the sword in the stone, Camelot, The Lady OF The Lake, Merlin) there is no fear of his legend ever truly sailing off to Avalon, never to be seen again.

  • How many of us were turned on to Science Fiction by our weekly (or daily) dose of Transformers? Sure, it was supposedly just a glorified half hour toy advert, but the premise of giant robots who lived amongst us was enough to excite any young mind that came across it. Borrowing heavily from Japanese animation and culture, Optimus Prime arguably best encapsulates the heady rush of Saturday morning cartoon sci-fi.

  • The legendary Assassin from the Renaissance era. He saved Rome from the Templars, helped re-build the Assassins guild and become it's new master, training new recruits to his cause and help liberate the world of the Templars and their un-righteous cause.

  • Although this character could really be considered probably more of a team than an actual character, I nevertheless think the xenomorph has its place among fiction's greatest characters. Based on the artistic design of H. R. Giger and put onto the big screen for the first time in 1979, the xenomorph defined a new level of horrific terror that has captivated audiences ever since. It is a force of cosmic nature by which there is no clear consensus of its origin but nevertheless is a danger to be feared due to its strong silicon based exoskeleton and fearless attitude. A villain combining the ultimate blend of the genres of horror and science fiction.

  • Not much has to be said on why the Predator should be in the list.

  • Although not your typical space-adventurer, Spider Jerusalem is a prime example of science-fiction in comics. Living in a dystopian future where all the worst aspects of humanity are now much more acceptable and better achieved through science, Spider Jerusalem wants nothing more then to escape all of this future technology and live out on a mountain. Warren Ellis may be tired of living in his shadow, but the character resonates with hundreds (if not thousands) of people and somehow despite being totally crazy (thanks in part to the science fiction elements of his future world), he manages to be inspiring. Now since my Hellboy description came with an ad, I suppose I should mention there's still limited copies of All Around the World (the exclusive art book featuring Transmetropolitan of which proceeds go to CBLDF and Heroes Initiative). Comics!

  • The future of mankind! Robocop should be nominated to this list just because of the fact that the writers created this character to represent a not-to-distant future of a police fighting force or just humans in general. While many characters like Boba Fett or even Buck Rogers could never happen in the real world, Robocop really could be created in the real world, since he is a combination of man and technology.

  • The main character in probably one of the best and well known scifi movies ever created. The movies have some of the most well known quotes ever made in the movie.

  • Everybody loves Han Solo's pet/partner right? Unlike Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky in the Transformers films, Chewbacca is more of a partner than a pet. Chewbacca should be nominated to this list because he is a smart and cunning partner of Han Solo and he is one of the greatest Sci-Fi heroes of all time, plus he pulls off arms!

  • A character from the iconic Science Fiction TV series, The "X-Files".

  • Angel was Buffy's first love. He is a vampire with a soul. He moved from Sunnydale to LA to have his own detective agency to help innocent people that weren't able to help themselves.

  • Princess Leia is the Sci-Fi version of Wonder Woman. Though Sci-Fi women were portrayed differently in the early to mid 1900s, Princess Leia really showed the strong and leadership characteristics of women. Leia has really given women a leg up in the Sci-Fi category, showing ALL female characters in the category that they do not always have to be written as the character in need of rescuing, if anything Leia is the exact opposite of damsel in distress, making her a great add to this list.

  • While people like to make the Darth Vader voice there's probably nobody that is imitated and quoted from Star Wars more than Yoda. A legendary master Jedi, he taught Luke Skywalker and prepared him for all the challenges that would lie ahead. He might be the smallest but between his epic battles and great quotes he might just also be the best character from Star Wars.

  • The famous hero-protagonist of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series. The son of the Emperor Beyond the Sea and protector of the the Pevensie children who traveled to the mythical land to become it four monarchs. A character steeped in Christian and Greco-Roman symbolism, Aslan is a worthy nominee for fiction's top one hundred due to his status as a rightful hero and ruler. He's clearly the most recognizable character of the entire Narnia series and is one of the most celebrated and honored figures in all of literature.

  • It's hard to talk about Science Fiction and not not mention the green blooded, pointy eared genius who was the science officer and first officer on board the star ship Enterprise. I love his intelligence and his struggle being of two worlds: one of science (Vulcan) and one of feelings (human). Leonard Nemoy will always be one of my favorite actors and his character most definitely deserves to be on this list. Live Long and prosper everybody!

  • The original Sci-Fi adventurer, Buck Rogers is one of the first characters to be written science fictionally and has inspired many other writers to help shape the Sci-Fi category that we know and love today. His classic do-or-die attitude has really made him a memorable character. However like I said before, Buck should be nominated to this list just because of the fact that he was one of the original innovators of the Sci-Fi category, and that much of his comic book and radio appearances has inspired many of the movies, TV and comic books we have currently.

  • A holographic memory computer created by Dr. Langley (or Dr. Chandra if you read 2010) at the University of Illinois-Urbana in 1992. Destined to be one of science fiction's most notorious villains with the seemingly brutal attack of Co-Commander Frank Poole. I believe he deserves his place among science fiction's and fantasy's greatest characters because in both fiction and film he redefined just what nature a villain can be, that a villain didn't have to be flesh and blood but could be a machine as well, which would influence later such evil entities as the Saturn robot, Ash and arguably even the Terminator.

  • Everyone's favorite former Confederate officer turned into powerhouse within the realm of Barsoom. Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous protagonist of his Barsoom novels. The famed character who dared to challenge the powers that be of the rulers of Mars to rightly take the hand of the beautiful Dejah Thoris. John Carter deserves to be among fiction's top one hundred because throught he conception of his character onto print, science fiction as we know it took a drastic turn in the direction that we know of nowadays. Every bit of science fiction we take for granted, whether the swashbuckling epic hero, or grand conflict, or alien worlds sought after by the hand of man, are due to the adventures of this former Civil War veteran in novels of century's past.

  • Data was and is one of the most beloved cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation and of the entire Star Trek Universe. Introduced as a cold and logical android (much like a contemporary version of Spock) it was Datas’ struggles with the complexities of human emotions and reasoning that gave the character much of his warmth, originality and affection from legions of Trekkies everywhere.

  • The original captain of the original Star Trek, and can be argued as being the most well known Star Trek character. Played by the epic William Shatner and a huge part of the Star Trek universe, def. deserves a spot.

  • The former master and best friend to Anakin Skywalker. One of the most influential and wise Jedi of his time, he took up the daring task to train Anakin "The Chosen One" Skywalker and help him in his journey to bring balance to the force. He defines the meaning of hero and powerful warrior and has helped train Luke Skywalker to help him destroy the Empire.

  • Subjected to Alliance experiments, River escapes with the help of her brother, Simon. With an unstable psyche, she now lives on Serenity on the run from the Alliance control.

  • Wash is Serenity's pilot.

  • Lets face it theres very few people who can rock the sword and loincloth combo and kick major ass in it. Conan has done it for an aweful long time and is pretty much the archtype beefcake wit ha sword character

  • The actor Michale Shanks did a phenomenal job repreducing James Spader's original performance and then gradually changing the character into a fighter. I really liked the idea of a linguist also being an intergalactic hero. Originally he was not only not much of a fighter he was also unwilling to become a fighter. By the end of the series it looked like he became an ok warrior.

  • The best squadmate you could ever have alongside you in Mass Effect. The outstanding soldier, friend and ally who would stick with you in the darkest of battles and to even death.

  • Processing both intelligence and a passion for learning as wild as her curly hair, Hermione Granger is a very important figure in the world of Harry Potter. In addition to apposing He-Shall-not-be-named, Hermione also fought for house-elf rights. She is a caring individual and a very powerful witch.

  • The poster boy of all super-soldiers and the last of his kind. John 117 is the last of the SPARTAN II's, a legendary group of soldier designed by the UNSC to help quell the invading forces of the Covenant. He's selfless, courageous and absolutely crazy and has helped stop the Covenant single handily more times than you can count.

  • Who you gonna call?

  • A Samurai Rabbit. Need I say more about how awesome he is?

  • He isn't a superhero. Not even a hero. He's manipulative, mean, and green. He's extremely confident, intelligent, and ruthless. I certainly wouldn't want to be one of his underlings. I certainly hope this nomination is accepted.

  • Asterix And Obelix (along with Tintin) were my gateway into comic books. Available in book shops when comics weren’t, the Asterix books were seen as more ‘legitimate’ than their four colour cousins and in their stories of humour, rebellion and general silliness, new generations continually fall in love with the comic form. Asterix and Obelix are the finest components of what fantasy can achieve, comic book or otherwise.

  • While she may not be the prototypical fantasy character, I nominate Elaine on account of the fact that I wanted more female representation and she's one of my favorite female characters ever. Plus, she's one of the most important characters in my favorite comic of all time and she's God, what other reasons does one need? She's everything the rest of us losers are not but unlike Superman, she's not pretentious about it!

  • Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a very fun character. He has the magic of Merlin the Magician, the whimsy of Willy Wonka and the guidence of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is important to the Harry Potter universe, because he showed Harry the way to be a wizard and how to fight the darkness of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Although (spoiler) he dies in the 6th book/movie, he remained a large figure in Harry and his friends lives. He remained positive even when he knew his death was coming, and he put it best when he said, "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

  • Ever since Benjamin Franklin first experimented with electricity, humans have been using that energy for many great and terrible things. One of those terrible things was the flip of a switch which set off a chain reaction that even its creators, Doctor Frankenstein and Mary Shelly, could not foresee. In that motion, the heavens’ power was stolen to create one of the world’s most feared and iconic villains. In that motion, the “Modern Promethius” was born. There have been many forms of the creature, but none come close to the being first created in 1818. Through not gifted with the mind of a genius (it was actually “Abby-Normal”), this creature, with a bolt of lightening, has become a universal villain (and not just because of who distributed the Boris Karloff picture).

  • I was examining the previous nominations a while back and I exclaimed, "Great Scott! We forgot the Doc!" In 1985, the film "Back to the Future" sped through movie theaters across the country at an exhilarating 88 miles per hour. Doctor Emmett Brown, PHD is not the first inventor of a time machine, but he is one of the most iconic of them all. Christopher Lloyd's character is zany individual (as exhibited by making a time machine in both a DeLorean and a locomotive), one I think deserves to be on this list!

  • The next biggest character to Hellboy in the B.P.R.D. world, Abe is a great and worthy character by himself.

  • How could one not think he doesn't belong in the top 100 fantasy/fiction list? He started out life as a simple hobbit of Hobbiton only to be taken up in an adventure that he would not have chosen to become a hero not only with thirteen dwarves to take back the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the Dragon, but along the way stumbled upon the one artifact that would change the course of the Third Age forever when he found the One Ring. The influence he exerted throughout the Tolkien novels shows that even a small and seemingly insignificant being can alter the course of history for all beings.

  • In my humble opinion, the greatest ever Starfleet captain.  Jean-Luc Picard was the Captain of the Starfleet Enterprise when the Franchise was at it's height in popularity and that in in no small part to Patrick Stewart's ability as an actor.  The man was the Captain of the Enterprise and played Professor X  in the X-Men movies.  Between Stewart and Brent Spiner's character Data it did not get any better.  As good as the original series was the Next Generation is better episode by episode.  the good Captain was actually someone you would want to serve for if you were so lucky to live in that world.  He actually or rather believably cared for his crew under his command.  He was also a brilliant tactician and highly educated, making him a truly dangerous opponent on the battlefield.  He a character to emulate.  He love of Shakespeare only made him better.  He should without a doubt be at the top of this list if not number one.  Lastly,  "There are four lights!""

  • I shall now share with you eleven simple words that will stop any Kirk vs. Picard argument dead in it's tracks: Captain Benjamin Sisko of the Federation space station Deep Space Nine. All other starfleet captains pay attention, this is what a real officer looks like. A man who unlike the morally superior Picard or the sexually fantasy of Gene Roddenberry that was Kirk, Sisko was a man I'd gladly follow into battle. He is a good man, but will make morally questionable decisions for the greater good. He's experienced pain and loss, but instead of having it hinder him, he continues to fight harder. He built a bad ass warship, he's got a hell of a singing voice, and he once punched on omnipotent god like entity in the face. Bottom line, as SFDebris says, You don't f*ck with the Sisko.

  • Marvin the Android is perhaps the most recognizable character in Douglas Adam's beloved Hitchhiker's series. One of the first big-budget science fiction projects, Hitchhiker's introduced an entire generation of science fiction writers and readers into the genre. Marvin is also unique in his own right...until this point robots had been given the basic states of neutrality or perfection. Marvin was one of the few truly human AIs to walk the air waves.

  • Randall Flagg is one of the few true creations that live deep inside Stephen King 's mind. A wizard/powerful being that does mad things, and forces itself into Stephen King's worlds.

  • main character on probably the best science fiction game series ever: Metroid.

  • A character from Stephen King's Dark Tower.

  • The Re-Animator is best known through the cult film series of the same name. Originally conceived by H.P. Lovecraft as a modern Frankenstein, Herbert West has become a staple of the horror genre. What would one do if they could bring the dead back with a simple injection? The Re-Animator is more than happy to find the answer to that question...

  • The character was not only the first movie to have major Computer animation, but it is also the movie that can pinpoint where in our time the fascination for computers and tech/networking/internet really began to grow. The movie has a somewhat small fanbase, but is still considered a cult classic as well. He may only be a supporting character of the series, but his role in the movies was pivotal. Oh, he's science fiction because he's just a program. In a computer.

  • Blade could be called the african american Vanhelsing, but he is more than that. He actully what he hates most: a vampire. This is a wonderful Fantasy character; one who should make this list.

  • Gul Dukat is one of the most devious villains in all of Trek and possibly one of the most complex villains in the history of fiction. A man who committed countless acts of evil during the occupation of Bajor, foster several illegitimate children, made a contract with the Star Trek Equivalent of Satan... the list goes on. As I said above, nobody f*cks with the Sisko, but Dukat is one of the few who dares to try.

  • The original "Sawbones" of the Star Trek Universe, McCoy is perhaps my favorite character (aside from Spock of course) because of his quick wit and his irritability. He is a fun character who should make this list. He's a doctor, not a runner up character!

  • Link is the purest of the adventure heroes. He is singleminded, silent, and loyal. Chosen by fate, Link does not protest, but sets out to save all that he knows and loves. Link must also rely on intelligence rather than sheer brutality, setting him apart from the 'barbarian heroes' of pulp fiction.

  • The film Logan's Run came out just a short time before Star Wars thus making it completely overshadowed in what was greatest Science Fiction film ever made.  Nearly everyone under 40 has no idea how epic Star Wars was and how it just blew everything before it out of the water.  All this aside is ignoring the fact the Logan's Run was a great film with a psychological premise.  The idea of the film in no one lives past 30.  When they turn 30 they go to Carousel where they are killed believing that they will be reborn.  The truth is they die and Logan 5 is a policemen known as a Sandman who tracks down fugitives who try to escape the fate of Carousel.  What follows is a brilliant science fiction film with a awesome character who grows in the world around him becoming a hero.  This film is considered one of the greatest Science Fiction films of all times.  Logan 5 the hero of the film as well as other media is well deserving of this list."

  • Chief Engineer on the USS Enterprise. He is the 3rd in command of the ship since he takes command when Kirk or Spock are elsewhere. He is sometimes considered Great Britain's representative on the USS Enterprise.

  • The adventurer that made me buy a PS3! Voiced by Nolan North, the man always is awesome!

  • This is a personal favorite of mine (this is Poet, btw). If you know Star Trek, then you also know about Q. This character is just plane awsome! When the whole Star Trek series was rebooted in Star Trek Next Generation, the very first adversary Picard and the crew of the Enterpirse faced was the being called Q (who is part of the Q continueum). He is playful spirit and has tormented almost everyone one in the Star Trek Universe.

  • A character from the iconic Science Fiction TV series, The "X-Files".

  • Dell, Gold Key, Whitman, Valliant, Dark Horse and Acclaim character who along with his friend Andar were stranded in a "sewer of the universe" known as the lost land. A land inhabited by dinosaurs and savage barbarians. The duo are constantly pursued by a giant honker (their word for dinosaurs).

  • the most central character to a huge franchsie spawning at least 6 movies and a hell of a lot of comics. A science fiction iconic series main stay is an obvious and valid choice.

  • Captain Nemoy is a classic figure in the genre of Science Fiction. Today, when we think of Sci Fi, we think of space travel, but back in 1870 it was underwater sea travel. There were subrines back then, but they weren't as effective as those of today and the very idea of actully living in a sub was purely science fiction. However, Jules Verne invisioned a ship by the name of the Nautilus which, lead by its myesterious creator, Captain Nemo, explored the oceans depths seeing the under sea cities and fighting giant squids.

  • Death is also known as the Grimm Reaper. It is his job to take the souls of the dead. Most of the time he is shown as a skeleton holding a scythe wearing a black hooded cloak.

  • Death is also known as the Grimm Reaper. It is his job to take the souls of the dead. Most of the time he is shown as a skeleton holding a scythe wearing a black hooded cloak.

  • An archetype of fiction, Dracula (the novel) straddles the worlds of fantasy, romance, horror, action, psychology and delivers to us one of the most famous and well known protagonists of all time. Dracula (the character) is sex and violence, tragedy and power and through his pursuit of Wilhelmina Murray, plays out one of the great tales of all time against another towering figure in fiction, Abraham Van Helsing.

  • Galen Marek also known as starkiller or the apprentice hunts down remaining Jedi under Darth Vaders command. He is incredibly powerful and holds his lightsaber in a unique way. The character has spanned two popular video games and various books.

  • What else can I say about Bill Hudson besides..."That's it man, game over man, game over! What the ?@^* are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do"  Hudson was all bad until he met the Aliens, but when it came down to the end he didn't go out like a punk.  He may not of come off as the hero he thought he was but when it came down to the end he fought like the devil.  Hudson is a quick witted smart @$$ and a fun character from the moment he steps on the screen.  He is well deserving of this list.

  • Jack O'Neill is an intelligent military strategist and a force to be reconed with at Star Gate Command. Processing a wit sharp enough to cut a Goa'uld out of its host, Jack is a fair leader who has lead SG-1 on many litterally death defying missions to save the universe.

  • Vasquez is one of the very few female characters to be a true Badass.  She was truly believable as hardcore marine.  She showed woman could stand toe to toe with men and she becomes a true hero and a absolute marine when she meets her end in the Aliens film.  Vasquez had such an effect on Sci-Fi genius Gene Roddenberry that he set out to have a female security officer in Star Trek the Next Generation.  Marina Sirtis was to play the role and Denis Crosby was to play the role of Deanna Troi.  At the final hour the roles were switched giving Marina the role of Deanna.  It wasn't until characters like Ro Laren and Kira Nerys that Star Trek showed that kind of female warrior.  Vasquez is a true Sci-Fi hero.

  • For 35 years, Dredd has patrolled the streets of Mega City One, one of the most complete and wildly imaginative science fiction worlds in comics. Dredd is the humanity in such a place, a grim, stone faced enforcer that takes the most insane future fiction of its writers and keeps it grounded. If you are from the UK, then you know that Dredd is an icon. If you live anywhere else, you will soon come to realize.

  • Maria from the film Metropolis is an intriguing character.  She gives hope to the millions of "slaves" who run the city for the elitist few.  She is the ultimate hero of the story being completely noble in adversity.  Maria is so effective that she becomes a treat and an robotic version of her is made.  This robot is the inspiration of of C-3PO in Star Wars as well hundreds of Science Fiction Films that came later.  If you have not seen this film then you have too.  Not just because it is an awesome film but to see how it has inspired all the science fiction films that came after it.

  • Weather it's the clever menace of Roger Delgado, the hammy evil of Anthony Ainley or the the glorious insanity of John Sim (see above) The Master Stands apart as the greatest villain in Doctor Who history, and yes that includes the Daleks. The moment when he TORE A HOLE IN THE FABRIC OF TIME AND SPACE WITH THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL was the exact moment when Doctor Who became my favorite show, and by extension, the moment The Master became my favorite villain in all of Science Fiction

  • In 1965 Gene Roddenberry had the nerve to make a woman a second in command officer of a space vessel with a complement of about 450 officers and crew.  Well the powers at be didn't like her of the alien (Spock).  So Roddenberry had to make a choice, because he knew he could only keep one.  So, he decided to keep the Alien and marry the officer.  Number One became Majel Barrett Roddenberry and history was made.  1965 may not have been ready for this dynamic character but she was suppose to be the logical first officer like Spock later became.  In other words Roddenberry merged the two characters.  If you love Spock you have to give a nod to Number One.  If you don't like Spock, buy a helmet.  She is one of the pioneer female Science Fiction Characters and she wasn't even a "damsel in distress"  In her one and only episode she took command of the ship and she was even more awesome in the comics that came later.   She is very deserving of this list.

  • Asterix And Obelix (along with Tintin) were my gateway into comic books. Available in book shops when comics weren’t, the Asterix books were seen as more ‘legitimate’ than their four colour cousins and in their stories of humour, rebellion and general silliness, new generations continually fall in love with the comic form. Asterix and Obelix are the finest components of what fantasy can achieve, comic book or otherwise.

  • Peter Pan is the personification of every child's fantasy. He expressed the youthfulness in us all, and he is what we would all become given the chance. A pinacle of fantasy, he guides our childish self to dreamland each night.

  • The original Hellraiser rates up there as one of the true classic horror movies and Pinhead is most definitely an iconic character.

  • Character from Disney's recent movie Tron Legacy.

  • Best robot ever. For never saying anything it seems that R2 is one of the most knowledgeable characters in Star Wars. He has a multitude of abilities and even has a bit of a stubborn punky attitude. He saved Jedi and others on a few occasions and has been involved in so many events that the little robot deserves his spot on the list.

  • An allegory for Science gone mad, H.G. Wells Invisible Man, or Griffin as he is known in the novel is a moral less, self absorbed albino, who, when given the freedom of invisibility, allows his baser urges to bubble to the surface and his psychopathic tendencies full reign. A fascinating and chilling character.

  • Flash Gordon, the world famous space hero. Well known for piloting spaceships, battling aliens, sword fighting, laser blasting, and getting the girl. What more could you want from a lowly earthman who can rise up and defy an evil galactic warlord who inspires fear throughout the universe? He's also an important character because his stories served as an inspiration for Star Wars.

  • The original giant sized animal to stomp around the planet. The granddaddy of the monster movie franchises that later spawned the likes of Godzilla Mothra etc.

  • The Wicked Witch Of The West is a villain who will never truly disappear it seems. Meeting her demise in the first of L. Frank Baums, Oz books the Wicked Witch was etched into the minds of the general public in the Judy Garland, Wizard Of Oz movie and the more recent stage musical, Wicked. A truly inspired and evil character, the Wicked Witch Of The West will reign on in the memories of us all for many years to come., my pretty.

  • Like an upper class English Butler wrapped in gold foil, C3PO was one of the most unexpected stand out stars from the original Star Wars trilogy. Now, when viewing all six of the films back to back, we see how much of the tale, along with his side kick R2D2, centers on this droid and his anxious bewilderment at the adventure unfolding before our eyes. We all would like to be Han Solo, but we would probably (unfortunately) be more like C3PO