CV's Top 100 Spider-man Universe Stories Runner Up List

When I was creating Comic Vine's Top 100 Spider-man Universe Stories List, I was provided with 112 Spider-man related stories.

After a few steps, I created the actual list and removed these 12 Stories. For your benefit, here they are!

List items

  • "Not pertaining Spider-Man per se, but rather one of his biggest, if not the biggest, foes. Norman Osborn taking over the Marvel Universe is a big deal and Spider-Man along with the rest of the super hero community must deal with it. This is the way to do it Marvel!" -- Sora_thekey

  • "J.M.DeMatteis and Sal Buscema at the top of their game. A dark look into the mind of Vermin, nicely cutting between Peter Parker family bliss and Vermin's torment, until the two stories intersect and we're left with a battle for one man's soul. And there is a death, just not what you think." -- IanBeale

  • "In this tale we return to the bloody gory universe of the Marvel Zombies! After consuming Galactus in the first volume of Marvel Zombies the "Galacti" (cosmically powered group of zombie heroes from earth) have traveled the cosmos consuming flesh for 40 years. While returning to earth cosmic zombie Spider-Man's hunger for flesh slowly subsides and he once again regains his humanity and becomes a champion of mankind. I nominated this story because it showcases that even in the grimmest and darkest of alternate universes Peter Parker is still destined to become one humanities greatest defenders......even if he's a zombie!" -- Onemoreposter

  • "Industry superstar Todd McFarlane's blockbuster run barrels on! The Hobgoblin is back, out of control and more deranged than ever! Will even the demonic Ghost Rider be enough to help Spider-Man stop him? Great team-up between GR and Spidey. Hobgoblin becomes more insane due to his recent transformation into a real demon!" -- cyberchop979

  • "Spider-man romances have usually revolved around Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Black Cat, and some other ladies. While the Ultimate Universe branched off and Peter dated Kitty Pryde, I wasn't too open with the idea of Peter seeing someone other than MJ or Black Cat in the mainstream. But in this oneshot, it kind of opened my mind on Peter dating other women. Oh, and it also features Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel fighting Venom." -- Duo_forbidden

  • "A three-part character piece from Peter David and Sal Buscema that returns to a disturbed Stan Carter (Jean DeWolff's killer) as he's freed. In the first episode, Spidey confronts him only to see the damage that he himself had caused in their previous encounter and flees with guilt. To make matters worse, he's then saved by Stan, from a punishing beating by Electro. While the clashes between Electro and and Spider-Man intensify, so do the voices in Stan's head, urging him to reclaim the mantle of 'Sin-Eater'. Which he does, kidnapping a small child and eventually getting shot by the police. But the gun he used wasn't loaded and he gets the last laugh as he's finally free of the voices." -- IanBeale

  • "I might be going on a limb here, but this is one of my favorite Black Cat stories, especially because, it's her first appearance after OMD. Return of the Black Cat reminded me of the cat and mouse relationship she has with Spider-Man, and it works well in this story arc (and future ones) since they're in a playful, off and on relationship. It also marks the return of Black Cat's bad luck powers." -- Duo_forbidden

  • """With an Age of Heroes unfolding around him, super-hero

    critic-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson finds himself the target of a vicious

    assassination plot courtesy of a pro-superhuman vigilante! Who is the

    Extremist? Why does he want to kill the mustachioed mayor? And why does

    he claim to be Spider-Man's greatest ally?"" - Marvel"

  • "The Queen makes her first fearsome appearance here and is given an impressive outing against Spider-Man and Captain America. Her attempts to seduce Spider-Man are laughably rebuffed and the tense dynamic between Cap and Spider-Man adds to the story. All in all, a great compelling story that is worth a read." -- Lvenger

  • "Peter Parker's search for his beloved Aunt May complicates when two of his greatest enemies are unleashed: a rampaging Doctor Octopus and the evil Venom suit. These powerful new forces in the battle to come each share their blows with Spider-Man. Thanks to the Daily Bugle, everyone wants to know who Spider-Man is but there is only one who actually does, the unknown enemy who took Aunt May. The X-Men think Aunt May is dead but what happens when Spider-Man gets a call from her kidnapper? Great group of issues here with nice fights and a very nice buildup to the Last Stand." -- SpidermanWins

  • Web Of Spider-Man #13: "It's a story 24 years in the making. J. Jonah Jamison has been raking Spider-Man over the coals in the pages of the Daily Bugle, every day, for years. Finally, his latest anti-Spider-Man tirade is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Spider-Man has had enough. The (formerly) friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes calling on Jamison for a reckoning. Pushed to the breaking point, Spider-man is terrifying, as his aggression towards Jamison merely proves what the publisher has been saying about the wallcrawler all along. It is one of the few stories that explores the psychology of Jamison, and his long-standing enmity against Spider-Man. It's a story that points out the flaws in both men, but also their strengths." -- chalkshark

  • Web Of Spider-man #44: "This was an awesome crossover story featuring The Hulk! but the grey one! Hulk Vs Cyborgs ! and spider-man standing in the middle? what's not to like? this was a very fun small story with a very cool cast." -- TheAcidSkull