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CV Moderators’ Favorite Character list!

Hello all! When we finished Comic Vine’s Top 100 super-villain list 2011 (link to list and blog), it was asked what project would be next. Liberty stepped in as I “needed a break” and is currently doing his bracket project (check them out btw! They are very cool!). However, I knew the answer about what was next for me even before I finished the villain list. I wanted to do something bigger than the villain or hero list (link to list and blog), so I decided on hosting "The Moderator’s Favorite Character list!"

In the two previous community projects I have hosted, I had the pleasure of working with many wonderful users. Among the previous nominators, there were two moderators: Aztek the Lost and Icarusflies. I must admit I really didn’t know many of the Mods that well and I could barely remember who was a mod and who was not (did you know there are 15 Mods in total?). So, this was a wonderful informative project for me (and I hope after you read this admitably long introduction: for you!). All of the Mods were very nice, understanding and helpful in this project.

When it was confirmed that all except for Gambler (more on him later) had agreed to participate, I asked for 7 favorite characters each, the year they got into comics, the first series and comic they read, and for a comment(for your benefit). We ordered the Mods by the year they got into comics and used that order to determine the order of the list (1s first, 2s second, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and any bonus characters they found necessary—all of which are ordered by their nominator's comic-origin year).

Hope you enjoy it and find it informative!



  • Year Got into Comics: ~1983
  • First Series read: Donald Duck
  • First Comic Book: Don't remember
  • Comment: "Everything went better than exception"


  • Year Got into Comics: Which time? The first time? I was too young to remember, but you probably aren't counting British comic books of the early 80's. The first time I had an American comic book was in 1988, but that didn't start my collecting habit. I didn't start regularly buying comics until around 93/94. Then again, I stopped for several years in the early 'noughties' & didn't get back into comics until the end of 2008 (which was when I first discovered CV).
  • First Series read: I'm honestly not sure, I know I used to read my brother's Star Wars, Transformers & Thundercats comics before I had any of my own. I even remember when he had Captain Britain bought for him (lucky beggar). It was probably the British version of Care Bears which I remember reading while laid up with the Chicken Pox. The only Care Bears volume on Comic Vine started in 1985, but so I'm guessing the British version was around then too. I also remember my Dad had newsagent subscriptions for My Little Pony & Ewoks as well. Assuming that you are only aiming at American comics, then aside from the Power Pack Origin Album trade, I didn't actually start to get the rest of the series until I was in my 20's. I remember the first actual issue X-Men Classic #73, but I didn't get the rest of the series... but it was a first step into the rest of the X-Men titles (Uncanny, the first adjectiveless, New Mutants and X-Force). Sorry... but it really was a long time ago, so it's hard to nail down the specifics.
  • First Comic Book: see above
  • Comment: "Ask me again and I will kill you."



  • Year Got into Comics: c. 1991
  • First Series read: No idea. Probably something X-Men or Spider-Man
  • First Comic Book: (see above comment)
  • Comment: "Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!"


Vance Astro

  • Year Got into Comics: 1994 (actively reading monthly issues since 2006)
  • First Series read: Gen 13
  • First Comic Book: Gen 13 #1
  • Comment: "I'm a Marvel"

Static Shock

  • Year Got into Comics: in 1996 (that was when I actually started reading them; I actually got into comics when I was in the second grade, 1995. But I only looked at the pictures)
  • First Series read: Spider-Man
  • First Comic Book: Static
  • Comment: "Apparently, my mom thinks I'm a 24-year-old kid because I read comic books..."


  • Year got into comics: 2004 or thereabouts
  • First comic series read: No clue but probably something Marvel
  • First comic book read: Don't remember. The first comic I bought (before I actually got into comics, WAY before) was an issue of Conan, but I'm pretty sure the earliest memory I had of a comic featured Warblade.
  • Comment: "MUST I speak directly to the commoners?"


  • Year Got into Comics: 2005
  • First Series read: Spider-man The Other Storyline
  • First Comic Book: see above
  • Comment: "I'm not good with one liners :) "


  • Year Got into Comics: 2006ish? I was "into" comics before this but not really reading them on a regular basis or anything, either in 2006 or 2007 I started really getting passionate
  • First Series read: No idea, are we talking like first series read in its entirety? Maybe X-Men: The 198 (Mr. M was badass)
  • First Comic Book...Err...Bought: Can't remember the first one I read (and I'm excluding things like Calvin and Hobbes collections even if they've won Eisner awards) but the first I bought was Exiles #1
  • Comment: "Ironically, despite it being the publisher I least often read from (quantity read to quantity produced ratio)...I was originally a Marvel when it came to comics, I admit it! I remember the first batch of comics I bought was a bunch of first few issues to Marvel comics that I never pursued afterwards meaning I have no idea how things turned out in Avengers: The Initiative, Moon Knight, Exiles and who knows what else. I probably missed all the good stuff. Although I read some before it, I credit Lucifer for turning me to look at the world of non-superhero comics and for that (and other) reasons it is my favorite comic of ALL TIME!"


  • Year Got into Comics: 2006
  • First Series read: Amazing Spider-Man
  • First Comic Book: As a kid my Family and I moved to this new house where the previous resident left a box of junk. In that box there were two comic books a Batman comic (which I totally forget the name, issue number etc..) and Amazing Spider-Man #399
  • Comment: "The Weird is Normal in a World of Weirdoes"


  • Year Got into Comics: 2007
  • First Series read: Sandman
  • First Comic Book: Sandman (might have read some stuff when I was younger, but I don't remember it)
  • Comment: "I came, I saw, I decided it wasn't worth conquering and read comics instead"


  • Year Got into Comics: 2008
  • First Series read: Emma Frost
  • First Comic Book: X-Force #42
  • Comment: "Pretty > Personality"


  • Comment: "Gambler's always been a ladies’ man. Can’t help it, it’s what he does." --from his first blog

Gambler is the non-participatory participant (say that ten times fast! I dare you!). He has not responded to my many attempts to contact him. However, his favorites are represented on the list. Basically, I stole characters from his favorite character list :) and nominated for him. My actions and nominations were overseen by The Dark Huntress who suggested the characters she thought/knew Gambler would support. I appreciate her help very much!

And now...The list!

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