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Current Pull List

Here are the comics I am getting currently (ordered alphabetically). For a list of series I previously had on my pull list, click here!

List items

  • This is a fun series. Can't wait for the Nightcrawler series!

  • Loved Batman Beyond Unlimited and the first issue shows that it is still one of the highlights of my pull list!

  • This is an interesting series. I have been wanting a mystery-esque series and I think I found it.

  • I was really enertained by the first issue

  • Meh. Liked Justice League or Justice League International (original that is)

  • I like this title. Grayson is an enertaining character and each issue is pretty good. Art has been slipping, but I still like the series. I'll be sorry to see it go.

    1 to go :(

  • Looks awesome! too bad about the delays.

  • You have NO idea ghow trilled I am to add this series to this list. I love Rocky and Bullwinkle and the first issue gave me hope about the rest of the series.

  • I really like this series. I know I said this about Action Comics, but I think this is a keeper series. It's not complicated like Morrison's superman and each issue seems entertaining thus far...Wish it wasn't going to end.

    4 to go

  • Love the art and the story is not bad either...