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Comic Vine Votes - Best Interior Art of the Month

NOTE: this list is dedicated to one of the categories of the Best of the Month poll which I run. I in no way endorse these results as my own personal opinions, rather they are compilation of the opinions of the people who voted in a given month (I may or may not agree with the results but never the less these are the results.

This category was included in the First edition of the Best of the Month (Sept 2011).

Titles which have won this category (ordered by number of wins):

7 first place wins

4 first place wins

3 first place wins

2 first place wins

1 first place win

To look at the other categories and their results visit: Comic Vine's Best of the Month Poll Archive

Remember to check out the anchored threads in the forum feed from every last Wednesday of the month to first Wednesday so you can voice your opinions to pick the next winners!

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