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1001 Poet Tales (aka: The Poet's Secret Origins)

Ok, so a week ago or so I realized I had reached 1000 posts on this site (Go Me!) and I thought about doing something to comemorate this achievement.
I thought, "why don't I do a comic on the Poet! how about the origins of the Poet!" so I started on that. Now, being a very insightful person (uh...yeah right) I created an alternate account teoP_ehT several months in advance for just such a pupose (If you can't tell I am crossing my fingers at this statement...I don't see that far ahead). Any way, that's why you've been seeing random posts by this reflection of me (I got so many people ask why I stoped posting and if I had been banned...why ban me? please don't answer that!).
So, without further ado, I give you the secret origins of The Poet! Enjoy! oh, and thanks to the handsome and talented Arthur Wynne, Ponsonby Britt, teoP_ehT for their assistance in this venture and yes I just thanks my self). agian, enjoy all the refrencenes and hope you have as much fun reading as I did creating! I'm not an artist, btw, i'm a Poet.

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