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First log on in 5 years

I think I haven't logged into this site since 2007. I haven't been keeping up with my comic reading, but still buying and storing for when I found the time... my "read list" is insane now. Life just got overwhelmingly busy is all. I it happens to everyone. Anyways... just logged in to find over 150 messages, most all of which are people recommending reviews I did. I'm sorry, but I probably won't have time to respond to each one, but would like to say thanks to everyone that did "recommend" them. It's odd logging in somewhere after all this time to see that last month someone liked a review you wrote 5 years ago. It's very nice. Thank you.


My Reply...

I just thought I would post my reply to this "Why DC is better then Marvel" post that can be found here. So... here's my reply:

You suck, Marvel rules!!!!!!!!!

That was a joke. Although I disagree with most (if not everything) in your post. Being a Marvel reader for quite some time now, I'm not entirely sure what you read that gave you this impression of the "Marvel Style". I'm guessing if I was to try and explain the "DC Style", I would probably make the same mistakes as you have since I don't read enough DC. These big violent action sequences you speak of might be present in a few of the books, but considering the amount that I read every month I think I'm in a good position to say that they are in a very small percentage of the comics you speak of. In fact I would go so far as to say that most of the top selling Marvel books are more about character then action. Not that there is anything wrong with big action sequences... I mean these ARE comic books after all. With that said however, it would not be unusual at all to pick up an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil or Uncanny X-Men comic and see no action at all... or not even see the main characters in their costumes.

The other thing I believe you got wrong is what a "Marvel Reader" is like. What you've described in your post is not the way an average Marvel reader is like... what you've described is what a "Marvel Internet Fanboy" is like. There is a world of difference, and no one should ever think an "Internet Fanboy" of any genre represents what the majority thinks. I could easily find "DC Internet Fanboys" on the net that would make you ashamed of being pigeonholed in the same group as them. This is not something that is unique to comic books. You can go find internet message boards for video gaming for instance that are FILLED with Xbox Fanboys bashing anyone who dares to admit still using something made by Nintendo (vise versa, ect), but I'm sure you wouldn't come out and say that all Xbox owners are small minded children who'll insult you for not owning the same system they do would you? You ARE assuming that most Marvel readers are just like what you've experienced on Internet Message Boards... and you called MARVEL READERS ignorant? I'm sorry but THAT is the biggest flaw in your argument.

On a final note. For me personally... with the various people I talk to once a week at my LCS, which include DC readers believe it or not, most of us just find it easier to read multiple comic books that are all based in the same universe. And when you're that familiar with a universe, some things that would seem completely normal to you... might seem completely ridiculous to someone else. An example would be when a die hard DC fan tried to explain to me how Superboy's punch altered the history of DC... I'm sorry, but I thought that was the biggest load of BS I had ever heard of... but then, to a long time DC reader, maybe this made sense. Not being familiar with the whole history of DC, I was probably missing something. I'm sure the same can be said when a die hard Marvel reader tries to explain the whole Civil War thing to someone completely unfamiliar with Marvel's history.

Wow.. this post is way too long... I'm just going to end it as is. :-)

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