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A Bunch of Old and New Sketches!

The following are just a bunch of my sketches old and new, hope you guys like them:

First is a certain blue 'elfish' mutant


Second is the brainy lil' beasty


A few randoms,

Not shore what I was thinking when I drew this one, Elderly Pokemon???

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The following three are some OCs of mine the Squire Lancet, Lady Celeste and Balthazar the Mage of Fire and Ice

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This one I'm really proud of, it is a depiction I did when I was bored of the lead characters from 'The Dark Prince and The Storyteller', a play that I wrote at university,

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Wood Chopper, Arctic Wolf-Man and a 'Study' of a Dancer,

Panel from The Myth, The Urban Legend, depicted the Myth, Rat and Mow,

And finally an old one featuring my dream team-up...

Jubilee and Nate Grey:

That's all for now hope you guys liked it!

The Myth is nothing more then an Urban Legend!


'Old' Sketches!

These are just some old works I did that I thought you guys might like to see:
First off is Johnny Gallo aka Ricochet, this guys basically a mutant version of Spider-Man (minus the webs). 
Second and final (for now) is an old what if  'dream team' of mine, 
Consisting of X-Man, Jubilee, Husk, Ricochet and Bird Brain
Originally I called this team X-Core but over time I added characters to my 'dream roster' which mainly consistes of characters I find enjoyable to draw,  
and had thus became the NEW Fallen Angels. (one of my lists) 
A lot of my older stuff tends to consist of either Nate Grey or Gen X members, always been a fan of those guys.  

Any way I hope you like my work and I may get around to posting more stuff... sometime!

Pencil Sketches!

I may get around to inking and colouring these... someday!
First off is a request I got from TypingKira to draw her OC Anthy: 
TypingKira only wanted three things to make Anthy badass but remaining cute, and to have a cool Asgardian spear!  (Hopefully I've acheived what she wanted)
So without further adieu I give you, Anthy the Almighty!!! 

Next up is something I've been meaning to upload for a long time. 
This is the original design for my character of my hopefully to be finished graphic novel and also my name-sake, The Myth!
And again from my graphic novel come two recering villians Rat and Mow! 
These two are like my version of Bebop and Rocksteady from the 1980's Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. 
And finally just a little something extra, 
The Myth in his civilian guise and his girlfriend, 
T.J. and Tegan!
Well that's it for now hope you guys like my work! 
The Myth is nothing more then an Urban Legend!

Idea for a new team/story arc.

Voodoo's sacrifice.
Voodoo's sacrifice.
In recent times Doctor Strange lost his title of Sorcerer Supreme and handed it to Brother Voodoo, who shortly after sacrificed himself in order to save the universe. So with out the protection of the Sorcerer Supreme wouldn't this open the flood gates to all manner of strange and magic events happening. 
The X-Men are no strangers when it come to magic and the super natural, the events of Inferno, Quest for Magik and Necrosha are just a few examples of when the X-Men have gone against the mystic. 
But while the X-Men have a black-ops team (X-Force), a clean up crew (New Mutants), their main roster (Uncanny X-Men) and are even afiliated with an investigations group (X-Factor). They do not have a team to deal with such super natural threats. 
It is for this reason that I propose the idea of a new team that shall be known as


(exorcist), composing of characters that have some what of a conection to the super-natural. 
Nate Grey a.k.a X-Man is a mutant shaman and unless my knowledge is incorrect a shaman is ment to be a tribel mystic man. And now with the mutant kind being more of a tribe than ever before he can trully live up to that title. 
I also picked Nate due to the fact that I find that the most interesting Comic books are those that have the heroes at a disadvantage against their foes. And with Nate being so trumedously powerful I figure Magic is one of a very few things that may truly put Nate on the defensive. 


Jubilation Lee a.k.a Jubilee recently turned into a Vampire imeadiatly giving her a conection to the super natural. Jubilee has been finding it hard to find her place among the X-Men since her 'transformation' and the only other place I could picture her being in this state is going solo, but that just isn't the Jubes I know and love. 
When thinking of who should lead this new team it was a toss up between Nate and Jubes as both   have been stated to have leadership potential, but ultimatly I'd have to choose Nate for the simple reason that Jubilee can only opperate in the feild for half the time, (being unable to opperate in sunlight) 


Megan Gwenn a.k.a  Pixie besides looking like a fairy since her obtaining of her Soul Dagger she has conections to Limbo and also some knowledge of magic plus she's one of a few people who are not truly bothered by Jubilee's current state. 
I suppose Pixie's place could be taken by Magik (but she is busy with New Mutants) and while I would intend X-orsist to be a fantasy/horror book Pixie would bring a lighter, funner edge to it. 
At some point I would also like to do a story like Pixie being forced to choose beween life with the X-Men or accepting a proposal from the prince... of fairies. 


I would also add the ghost (or astral projection since he accended to a higher being) of Mr. M for as I stated I would intend this to be a horror book and just the look of this guy creeps me out! 
Also with them taking on demons and all the team will need some serious power-houses.


And finally ad some guy who has been cursed by the Wendigo but has more control of their transformation than other poor victims of the Canadian bigfoot. 
A Wendigo was added to the under the suggestion of a friend and to add an eliment of raw strength to the team.
As far as story goes I'd have the team face off against everything from Blackheart and Mephisto, to an invasion of Harvesters, fighting gods, and possibly looking for a way to undo the effects of M-Day (after all that was caused by a spell from the Scarlet Witch) 
And over time others may join the team BlinkThrenody, Wiccan and Hollow seem like vallid candidates to me.  
So what do you guy's think? Anyone you would add to the team (please don't say Zombie Deadpool), anyone you would like to see this team face, or any suggestions on how would be a good artist for such a book!


ORIGIN OF: The Superhero

If you were to ask a person with little or no knowledge of comic book history who they thought the first superhero was what do you think their answer would be?

Well from my experience I have found that the majority of people would say they believe Superman was the first superhero.  

Superman's Origin
Superman's Origin

And though I do acknowledge The Last Son of Krypton's existence since the Golden Age of Comics, (first appearing in Action Comics #1 in June 1938), I can assuredly tell you that it just is not the case.

For those who may not know the one who is truly considered comicdom's FIRST superhero appeared four years before the debut of the Man-of-Steel. 
Mandrake the Magician , first appearing in 11th June 1934, created by Lee Falk (also known for creating the Phantom ).

Mandrake the Magician Comicdom's FIRST superhero
Mandrake the Magician Comicdom's FIRST superhero

Mandrake started as the star of his of his own syndicated newspaper comic strip. The character of Mandrake the Magician is displayed as a master of magic and hypnosis, who used his skills to battle a variety of thugs, evil geniuses, extraterrestrial and extra dimensional threats. Mandrake also had himself a sidekick of-sort in his best friend Lothar. Though unfortunately in recent times Mandrake (along with many Golden Age characters) seems to be almost forgotten by the world.  
(See public domain characters )  

Of cause this may lead some to ask what was it that caused Mr. Falk to suddenly create a character with super-natural abilities. Though Mandrake IS a magician it can easy be assumed it was just that, real performers have been doing magic acts for centuries. 
Then again the concept of magic and the mystical has been around since the dawn of man, and as such so have beings with incredible power. 

Through out history there have been tales, legends and 'myths' >:3 of people performing incredible feats, like David vs. Goliath, a mere mortal being able to fell a mighty giant with a single pebble. 
And then you have beings with powers, gifts often given to by gods or inherited through being a descendant of gods (demigod), such is the case of the well known character of Hercules. Gifted with incredible strength from his father Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods. Charged by the gods to perform 12 trials, 

Hercules Vs Hydra
Hercules Vs Hydra


David Vs Goliath
David Vs Goliath

1) Slay the Nemean Lion. 
2) Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra.     
3) Capture the Golden Fleece of Artemis.  
4) Capture the Erymanthian Boar.  
5) Clean the Augean stables in a single day.  
6) Slay the Stymphalian Birds.  
7) Capture the Cretan Bull.  
8) Steal the Mares of Diomedes.  
9) Obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.  
10) Obtain the cattle of the monster Geryon.  
11) Steal the apples of the Hesperides.  
12) Capture and bring back the hell hound Cerberus.      
Given the nature of the Human race and our love of good stories one can see why such awe inspiring being were created. Heroes that children could look up to and perhaps one day stive to follow in their footsteps and achieve greatness of their own. So perhaps it was ideals such as these that came to the creatures minds when they came up with characters such as Mandrake and Superman. 
So I leave you now hoping that I may have given you a little bit of a glimps into The Origin Of The Superhero. 


'The Myth' is nothing more than an urban legend!!!


Jubilee in 2011 -MAJOR SPOILER!!!

I found this article at about the Wolverine and Jubilee mini series next year. 




NYCC 2010: Wolverine & Jubilee

Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto continue a saga begun in Curse of the Mutants  
(My thoughts in brackets)

The relationship between the X-Men 's angriest hero, Wolverine , and his oft-time teen protégé Jubilee has proved to be one of the most enduring and interesting in the Marvel Universe. Through triumph and tragedy, they always seemed to be able to count on one another. This January, that may all change in WOLVERINE & JUBILEE: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS #1.

The limited series from writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Phil Noto picks up immediately after the conflict between the mutants and the vampires. For Jubilee, however, there can be no relief.

"Jubilee is a delicious layer cake of anger and fury and guilt and doubt," Immonen lists. "She's a disaster, still a vampire, and back in the hands of the X-Men who are trying really hard to figure out what to do with her because no one is prepared to write her off, but they can't just turn her loose either." 
(looks like Jubes is going to be a vamp for a bit longer)

The X-Men, and readers, may find this Jubilee nearly unrecognizable.

"Everything that was essentially Jubilee is kind of off the table; maybe," Immonen explains.   "The real question is what's left of Jubilee and is it enough for her to move forward. And directionally, is that towards or away from the X-Men?"

Despite the changes, Marvel's mutants still turn out in droves. Driven by both dedication to one of their own who they have seen grow in so many ways over the years and very aware of the hazard she now represents, they stand prepared to do whatever might be necessary. 
(indication of more new mutants?)

"Pretty much everybody shows up for her," the writer divulges. "Jubilee is going to find herself surrounded by a lot of different people and groups, all of whom think they know what's best but not necessarily for her. They're trying to save one of their own whether she wants it or not." 
(hopefully not Blade with a steak)

Even Jubilee's former mentor may not be enough to bring her back from the abyss as their bond looks irrevocably changed.

"The relationship that we're exploring between Wolverine and Jubilee has the potential to be totally heart-breaking," acknowledges Immonen. "Jubilee's going to make some bad decisions and I think that's something Wolverine knows a thing or two about, but additionally, the real change between them is, all things being equal, she's now going to outlive him. And that's not something either of them is prepared for."

To make matters worse, in turns out the X-Men have competition in the struggle for Jubilee's soul. Competition that, combined with the young mutant's own ambivalence about her current situation, could prove very dangerous indeed. 
(DUN DUN DUN -dramatic beat)

On that matter, Immonen will only tease "Jubilee is made an offer she can't refuse by a group of very enigmatic and very wealthy women and it opens the door to a life she has never even contemplated." 
(a group of wealthy women? any idea who???)

They may seem all very dire, but the writer assures readers that there will be a balance to the darkness in this story. 

"It's not all chewing nails because Jubilee's also the most unlikely object of affection for a young X-Man who is either the most perfect or the most ill-suited match imaginable-depending on which one you ask,"  she reveals. "We've put together what I think is a really packed story that is gut-wrenching and glamorous."     
(a possible love intrest for Jubilee? -A Young X-Man- I'm guessing someone like Nate Grey, Cypher, Canonball or Hellion)


So What Are Your Thoughts?