Characters I Would Love To One Day Write For

As many of you know, I am in the process of attempting to break into the comic industry as a writer. One of my major goals is to make it into DC, there's a lot of characters I have some really cool plans for, others that are in danger of being lost to obscurity, and some I just feel would be interesting to work on.

List items

  • Of all the planned comics, I've put the most work into, and am most proud of my scripts for this. I think DC is missing out not giving any of the CSA their own titles, and I think a deep psychological exploration of a topsy-turvy Gotham City would be incredible. I've got 8 issues scripted with very solid plans up to two full years, and vague plans for beyond that. Thomas Wayne Jr. is nothing like Bruce Wayne, and it's what I love about the CSA as a whole.

  • Trinity was a huge story with some really messed up pacing, and I think the best thing to come from it was the, unfortunately not since used, Dreambound. These characters were so interesting and unique that I sometimes found myself trudging through the main story just to see these guys again. People lost in their own dreams, out of synch with reality. I've got an amazing existential long term story in mind for them and I would love the chance to actually create it.

  • I've got some really solid ideas to toy around with the idea of 'Robin' in Batman Beyond as opposed to just creating a Robin. And then this leads into a bigger story involving unexplored ties to the DCU and a variety of the villains used in the series. This would be a ton of fun, and if I could get Dustin Nguyen as an artist? Hey, a man can dream.

  • Shining Knight is, without a doubt, the coolest character in Demon Knights, and one of the best of the New 52. Ystin is so cool, and yet so humble as a knight. And then slap on the surprising exploration of transgender issues? (I have two friends just like him.) And I'd like to explore something branching from the ideas in Morrison's Seven Soldiers miniseries and have Shining Knight adjust to the present day. But I'd also like to perhaps chronicle his journey with Exoristos if that isn't completely filled in. And with his endgame of finding the Holy Grail.... he's an ideal candidate for a solo book.

  • Shining Knight, Batwoman, Iron Butterfly, Andrew Bennett, maybe Wonder Woman; and that's pretty much the lineup I have. It's sort of a replacement for Demon Knights, but either way it's a modern team exploring things more fantasy-style mystical stuff and mythological stuff.

    I also would want to use a future Seven Soldiers in the final arc of Shining Knight, in the distant future on a dying Earth. Made up of immortals and other such people who would still be alive, including Beowulf, Frankenstein, Xombi, GoldStar, and a very self aware Doomsday

  • This would have to be done sooner rather than later, but I thought it would be really neat to see a different kind of 'Outsiders' with characters who appear to be erased by the relaunch, perhaps with an m.o. akin to Marvel's Exiles. Stephanie Brown and Wally West would be musts, I know there's others I thought of but I can't bring them to mind at the moment.

  • Even without the aforementioned 'Outsiders', I just love this girl to pieces, and it would be a blast to write her in any timeline.

  • Explore alternate takes on some of the major Batman villains. I think a few Elseworlds stories are ripe for expansion.


    Perhaps an alternate future or something, but Damian Batman is awesome. There's a lot of potential in the rest of the world in the Batman #666 future.

  • I LOVE Milestone, and I think this team especially held a ton of untapped potential. The moral ambiguity in this series was perfection, and the whole inter-team politics, especially with Dharma and Red Dog was seriously intriguingl

  • Like with Fantomex, I'd love to do something REALLY introspective and metaphysical. Have Galactus explore the universe and then beyond. Actually give him something to challenge him, but more than that just explore the solitude of being a god-like being as he is. This might work more as just a miniseries, but I think it'd be possible to do an ongoing for a bit.

  • I feel like there's potential for a very deep and introspective series with this guy... balanced out with some hella fun superspythief shenanigans. Fantomex is my favorite X-Man, and I think it'd be interesting to explore him solo.

  • I don't really want to write the Fantastic Four, per se, but I think a lot of the FF stories don't take full advantage of their titular characters. Hickman often used FF for the other side of his Fantastic Four series, but the issues revolving entirely around the kids were my favorite. Fraction's focusing more on the replacement Fantastic Four than the kids; I'd really love to try to write some stories and whole arcs just involving the school and mostly the kids. And I think Bobillo would be a perfect artist for it, even if some people don't like his style.

  • I know being lost in time is his usual gimmick, but I think it could be pushed into new territories. Cable's my third favorite X-Man after Fantomex and Legion; but I don't know if I could write a good Legion book. Spurrier's already pretty much perfected it anyways.

  • Yeah, by 'New Avengers' I mean the Marvel Illuminati currently starring in New Avengers. I think it could get a bit 'Shadow Cabinet'-y, and I think it'd be fun exploring how they keep their actions secret.

  • Fresh off her fight with the new NOVA, There seemed to be a deep underlying darkness of self-loathing to her, and despite her being a pretty sadistic villain, I think she'd be a fascinating character to explore from her perspective. Maybe not turn her around into a full hero, but something.