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Gotham By Midnight contained, hands down, the single greatest car chase I've ever seen in a comic.

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Celebrating 1K

I'm nearing 1,000 reviews here on the vine, lately I've been pretty busy, and I'm still working my way out of a hole with over 10 issues from the past 3 weeks alone I haven't been able to even read yet. And since my favorite series' are at the bottom of the pile, it's mostly my favorites from the past few weeks that've built up at the bottom of my pile. Batwoman, I, Vampire, Morning Glories, etc.

But, I've reached 993 reviews, and if I just finish my pile, I'll pass the 1K mark without thinking about it, and boy do I not want to do that. I really want to pick a special comic to review for NUMBER 1,000! I was hoping Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion would FINALLY be starting because the first issue of THAT would be perfect. But that didn't happen, so I'm in a pickle.

What should I review for glorious review number 1,000?

I could go with one of the ones on my current set; Morning Glories #21, with an epic cover mirroring the first but with a whole slew of unknown characters?

I, Vampire #12, wrapping up the first year of such an intense atmospheric series I utterly adore?

Recently acquired Robin #126, the debut of Stephanie Brown as Robin?

Umbrella Academy: Dallas, follow up to one of my other landmark reviews with such an incredible sequel?

FINALLY get to defending the, imo, INCREDIBLY unfairly hated Rise of Arsenal?

Gush my love of the CSA with JLA: Earth 2?

I could go with a classic, Batman and the Outsiders #1

Madame Xanadu #1, Sebastion O #1, Chase #1?


Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Batman: A Death In the Family

See now I feel like I'm just throwing ideas out randomly.... Anybody have any ideas of things that would seem to be on my to-read list (or actually on it as in my earlier blog post) or just something monumental?

Maybe I should finally read Crisis On Infinite Earths...