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Major USA football coach

 Thomas Owens AKA Major USA was a carpenter for his dads buisness where he would spend his spare time training in swordfighting. When they found out his brother had died in the sevice his dad blamed him for it saying he should have been the son to die. Thats when he decided to join the service to prove to his dad he was like his brother. Durning his time as a solider he quickly rose to rank of SGT and was known for being a good leader who built morale in his men. Thomas and his best friend were selected for a government project headed by W.A.S.P. They had been told that they would be serving there country like no other. His friend died in the process of getting his powers. Tomas found out there true purpose W.A.S.P wanted to use them to take over the third world. He broke out and swore to get revenge on W.A.S.P for killing his friend and to protect those who couldnt protect themselfs.


Night Lantern professor of science and technology

 Night Lantern is a genius who created weapons and a chemical that can turn energy in to matter and vice versa and a green lantern ring found him do to his large amount of willpower his chemical blew up in his face one day and gave him the same powers as the chemical he uses his green lantern and new found powers to fight crime as nigh lantern! he also went to sevral collages

Cain Panell combat and weapons trainer/ advisor

 An experienced mercenary and arms dealer who has traveled the world fighting is a expert martial artist, swordsman, weapons master, brawler , business manager ,and MUCH MORE who had personally grew up in the wrong side of dublin ireland who has had to fight every moment of his life he knows nearly anything there is to weapons and combat.



professor of acting 
Born in Orlando Bobby was always the popular one.The star quarterback on the high school team and best in his theater class.After graduation he left Orlando and went to LA hoping to make it big as an actor.No surprise it only toke him a few months to get the lead role on a new tv show.The show was a take off sucess granting fame for Bobby and Mr.Superstar. But ratings fell and the show got the boot.Bobby tried to find more work but failed after every attempt. No one wanted a superhero character which Bobby had been time cast as and whatever role he did have were just cameo spots on other TV shows. After a year of failed attempts to make it big Bobby decided to take Mr.Superstar and turn him into a real superhero and fight crime to try to get his acting career back. 


Wind Seeker  

 Bradley always felt different. Maybe it was because he was a decendent of the famous Wright brother which would explain his obsession with flying or these wired back pains he had his whole life. During his time in high school he played basketball hoping to go pro and was on his way to meeting his dream. But everything went wrong his sophmore year. One night after a game his back was hurting more then usaul and Brad couldnt stand it. After everyone left the locker room he stayed behind unable to move from the pain when he stood up to walk out something tickled his leg he looked done and say a white feather on the floor. He throught that was strange there wasnt a bird in there. Then the pain grew worse and he fell to the floor his legs giving out. Brad crawled to the bathroom and when he stood up. He looked into the mirror in disgust not of himself but of how people would treat him. He ran away hoping no one he knew would see him. For the first few months he did not use the wings for he did not know how.

 David Smit doesn't know where,or when,he was born.The first thing he remembers is finding himself with the strange costume on.A computer voice informed him that he had been chosen to be a protector of the time-stream.He,of course,was freaked out.The computer,called "11" informed him it had induced amnesia in him to eliminate and urge to quit be a protector.To make matters worse,it began jumping him from one time to another at an alarming rate.When it finally stopped,he had no idea which time was his own.He sadly chose to agree with the computer.The computer-ish thing is part of his costume,which can appear at any time.It,or she,is always with him.He is still learning how to control the suit,just not very well.The computer allows him control,but will randomly send him places using her own point of logic.She seems to think the current time period,the age of heroes(Current days in the Vine) is a perfect place to leave him.

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 Amber Reed had everything: power, money, and fame. Her parents loved her giving her anything she wanted. At age 6 she discovered her power. While inside there estate playing with her dolls she heard her father as if she was right next to him and saw him in his office but that was impossible his office was in the basement and she was on the 3rd floor. "Father.", she whispered as she touched the floor as if she would be able to touch him. She knew she could not tell her parents they supported the Anti-Mutant Act. At age 7 she had her dad build her a martial arts training room using the spare one in the basement.To give her something to do because after all she was home schooled. She got out of bed and ran over to her window to see what it was. She focased her site and saw it. A military helicopter was flying toward the house and it was close and only getting closer someone had called the AMA.  She was gonna have to run and she knew it. She had made a mask in case this ever happened. She had just got into her costume when she heard a man whispering in the chopper "Alright men we have here a standard mutant case quick in and out. GO!GO!GO!". Amber started running toward the garage where she kept her motorcycle. She got out of the house just as she heard them breaking in the house.  

Savn Huntingrath Age 17
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Nara Huntingrath Age 17
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Originally from the planet Almania in a Far Far Away galaxy, they are two children of two Jedi who had left the new order and moved to the frigid planet, soon becoming its leaders. They grew up as royalty until one day a fleet of ships arrived in atmosphere. A smaller ship landed just outside the capitol, and Their father went to investigate. He was struck down by a man claiming to be their brother, and afterwards, they learned it was an attempt on the lives of the entire family. Their mother bought them time to escape the planet, but at the cost of her own life. Both are force-sensitives, but Nara is better skilled with a sword and with use of the force. Often accompanied by soldiers from their home world who would do anything to protect them. As long as Savn and Nara are at the school, they will protect it as well, but the formers take priority over the latter, as protecting them is the primary objective of these soldiers.

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Teen Blood

 Teen Blood is the half-brother of kiddevil he was born in the pocket dimension, osmos prime he does not have the typical powers of a osmosian instead he can take powers by drinking blood he was  banished by his mother from osmos prime for killing his uncle trying to get the powers of the rest of his species since then he was captured by they us government and they raised  his physical stats and made him a living weapon recently he escaped them and joined the majors school   

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