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The Icon

"Gaze into the heavens above and weep! Hark! The Icon cometh!" -Electrical Protectorate Core Mind Tachyon Zeta 99.

Mehrudagoth, also known as the Icon or the Antedeluvian of Corrupt Space, is part of an order of immensely powerful omniversal beings who are the embodiments of their concepts. Split into the Primordials and Antedeluvians, the Antedeluvians represent malformed counterparts of their Primordial versions, Jilixaki's Cancer to Kynaria's Life for example. In a constant dualistic yin yang, these incomprehensibly powerful beings are engaged in a constant duel with one another for supremacy.

The Primordials create the Primalborn; child warriors imbued with tremendous power and allied to the forces of good to oppose the grand plots of the antedeluvians; pushed forward by gargantuan armies and insidious cults who are lead by great and terrible beings of tremendous power and evil. Always the two factions have clashed across the omniverse, an ancient cosmic order that transcends the boundaries between mere multiverses, and for as long as any historians can remember; Mehrudagoth has been one of the most defining of the Antedeluvians.

Taking the shape of an indescribably vast living universe so huge as to be able to devour whole realities as a blue whale would devour microscopic morsels; Mehrudagoth exists on a scale beyond the comfortable grasp of most beings. It is at the pinnacle of the cosmic food chain, a tremendously powerful entity whose very name evokes dread and fear in those who know of it's existence. But would you yourself not be terrified if you were to be made privy to the existence of a being who embodies half of space itself?

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Like all of the Antedeluvians; Mehrudagoth commands many armies that serve it's indomitable will across the omniverse. Chief among these is the Electrical Protectorate and Blazing Legion, with the Black Hand's loyalties veering between Alderymora and itself as Vrakmul sees fit. These armies ravage countless realities; preparing them for the feast of the Icon as it approaches, sowing the seeds for the Icon's maximum enjoyment and digestive efficiency of the universes it consumes.

Each of it's armies are terrifying foes to face in their own right, fully capable of laying whole realities to waste and lead by beings of unimaginable power. It would be easy to assume that beings of such limitless power are in fact independent operatives, after all it would be hard to imagine that something like Orlok would ever have to bend knee to something. An illusion of free agency that amuses Mehrudagoth tremendously as it consumes reality after reality as part of what it believes is a necessary cosmic purpose meant to alleviate the suffering of dying realities.


Antedeluvian of corrupt space: Possessed of indeterminable cosmic might and power, not only can the Antedeluvian warp reality with but a single thought with such power as to write whole multiverses out of existence with a single thought, but the creature also has total mastery over space as not only a function of reality, but as a concept, and all that entails.

Strength: The Icon is infinitely strong, if strength does indeed have any meaning to such a creature!

Durability: No known force can even damage the Icon, entire universes' worth of gods, cosmic entities, and heroes have attacked it, only to do no damage at all. It is simply too vast and too powerful for lesser beings to harm.

Unsurvivable mind: Telepathic contact with the icon burns out the minds of the living, even gods can only share empathic information with the icon, actual messages would destroy their brains.

The all seeing eye: The Icon seems to possess great cosmic sight that makes it aware of nearly all happenings across the omniverse simultaneously

Worldmind: Not only is the Icon intelligent, it has the sum total memories and knowledge of every living thing it devours, making a vast font of knowledge.