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Average score of 3 user reviews's officially hammer time. (SPOILERS) 0

The God of Thunder makes his re-debut in the most recent title about the Asgardian warrior God written by J. Micheal Stracynski, who since his run on Spidey has me suspecting that he's fond of the whole mystical element. Involving magic in Spider-Man might have been a bad idea, but it would seem that Stracynski has found his niche as the story spinner for everyone's favorite hammer weilding Norwegian. I don't personally know how Thor's tale ended, and never followed his story with extreme scruti...

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A Solid Story and Engaging Story Arc...What's With the End? 0

I've been reading Daredevil and Iron Fist for the past few months, and I have to say that both books have been very well done by many of the same artists and authors, as well as other crew members. This particular Daredevil felt like one of the classic stories about the Hell's Kitchen lawyer and that's definetly a good thing for me; I don't think that every single superhero title should have to deal with the aftermath of the Civil War now, especially with the onset of World War Hulk. I've liked ...

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Hoping this isn't "The Last Iron Fist Story"! 0

In the sixth adventure about Daniel Rand from Marvel's winning team of David Aja and Ed Brubaker, also working on the current Daredevil, we see the six part story arc that started off this series come to a close with always great artwork and coloring, along with a continued unraveling of the Iron Fist legend that makes you want more as more is given to you. The beginning of the ish has a Raider's of the Lost Arc opening that shows how Orson is connected to the Rand family and suggests that Danie...

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