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Logan: The Best There Is (Spoilers) 0

Logan ReviewLogan is one of those movies that any Wolverine fan wanted to see. But what about the young ones, who had been reading Wolverine comics all their life, can't attend the screening of the most brutal, violent movie ever?Well, it's sad to say that young kids can't attend alone, only with the exception of their parents coming along with them. Any viewer knows that this movie was unlike the previous two Wolverine movies, we have seen so far. The main difference is violence.Let's get to th...

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Highlander: The Source 0

SynopsisDuncan MacLeod and the other Immortals are on a quest to find the source of immortality.The GoodIt's good to see Duncan MacLeod and his old friends back from the Highlander television series.The BadI didn't know how to explain more of this movie but it was horrible to watch. Duncan MacLeod had not once used his sword techniques in the movie just like what he did in Endgame and the TV series. The sad part about the movie is the bartender and the Watcher, Joe Dawson dies at the hands of th...

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Death Note 0

SynopsisA smart student, Light Yagami discovers a death notebook where he learns by using it to kill the murderers. This situation brings a smart detective, L to investigate the strange causes of the Kira murders.The GoodWow. This movie was really better than death itself. There were no disappointments, watching a successful live-action adaptation based on a popular manga and anime. The movie gets suspenseful, which shows that the main character has smart moves and hiding his secret identity, Ki...

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Age of Apocalypse 2 0

Age of Apocalypse 2SynopsisThe Exterminated have stumbled themselves, facing a familiar mutant who was supposed to be long dead. Meanwhile, Jean Grey struggles to use her lost powers and decides to undergo some training.The GoodWow! What a quite action-packed issue this was. Who would ever thought the dead mutants can be brought back to life. If you were wondering how the alternate Cyclops came back from the dead as last seen in the end of the first issue, then you'll find out the reason in the ...

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Age of Apocalypse 0

SynopsisIn a dark and parallel universe, a gang of humans called the Exterminated join together to find Logan's dark counterpart, Weapon Omega.The GoodWhat I like about this issue is that it delivers a unique tale set in a parallel universe. You get to see several familiar characters from the Marvel 616 universe. These characters were quite different from their original counterparts, especially William Stryker who shows off his unpredictable moves unlike the 616 version. On the other hand, Logan...

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All-Star Superman 0

SynopsisClark Kent/Superman finds that he's dying and it's up to him to find a cure before it's too late. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor's plan goes well as he attempts to destroy Superman once and for all.The GoodAlthough, I haven't read the All-Star Superman comics. This was a fun movie. I liked the fact that Superman is dying of a different cause rather than just kryptonite. It's good to see that Clark has revealed his true identity to Lois Lane. It was also nice to see that Lois Lane has given the si...

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Highlander 0

SynopsisImmortals battle each other for the Prize and Connor Macleod finds himself being hunted down by a dangerous Immortal.The GoodAs a Highlander fan, this movie is a cult-hit phenomenon even though it didn't receive much success in the 80s. It's interesting to see a group of Immortals who can't die and live for centuries among the mortals. Connor Macleod is a Scottish warrior who died in battle and later came back to life. This would bring confusion and terror to his own people leading to th...

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Alien 0

SynopsisA group of space travellers stumbles on a discovery where it leads to terrifying circumstances.The GoodSignourney Weaver is known as a heroine in the sci-fi genre. This sets the stage for her career in the Alien movie franchise. An alien that has gotten loose and the space crew tries to find it. This lead to scary moments in the history of horror films. Because the creature lurks in the dark and eats human flesh one by one. The special efftects were gory to watch as the similar movie, Jo...

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Captain America: The First Avenger 0

SynopsisSteve Rogers goes through a experimental procedure and becomes Captain America. Along the way, he fights the Red Skull and his HYDRA troops.The GoodEver since Chris Evans' debut as the Human Torch from the FF movies, we don't know how he will turn out to be Captain America. Now, our fears have been wiped out. Because Chris Evans is Captain America. There are many good points I want to say about this movie. It follows the main comic book origin story gradually. It was nice to see the skin...

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The Fountain 0

SynopsisSpanning over three timelines, the story focuses on Hugh Jackman's main character as he tries to save his love.The GoodI have always been a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. He has great acting skills and yet you see his character struggling to save his onetime love. What's so interesting about this movie is that it sets in three different timelines, the past, the present, and the far future. There are great special effects being done with this movie. I liked how they did with the space bubble t...

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Dragonball: Evolution 0

SynopsisGoku must stop Piccolo from aquiring the seven Dragonballs and becoming a powerful being.The GoodWhat's so good about this movie? Well, for one thing I can't really see some good points here. Although, I like the fact that Master Roshi acts as the same character from the original anime/manga series but not old enough.The BadI was really pissed off by this movie. How could Akira Toriyama let Hollywood made this bunch of crap? It's just insane.The VerdictThis has to be the smallest movie r...

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Hellraiser 0

SynopsisAn anthology series based on the Cliver Barker's Hellraiser film franchise.The GoodEver since I watched the first Hellraiser film, I never knew that horror would be taken to such a high level of gore. In a way, people like gory films these days, these stories are well told by different writers and drawn by different artists. What I like about this anthology book is that you don't just have stories to tell. There is also great artwork being shown here. A nice package for horror and Hellra...

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Uncanny X-Men #544 0

SynopsisThe final issue ends here. The end of an era for our beloved X-Men heroes and a new beginning.The GoodWhat I love about the X-Men is that you have interesting mutant characters who are facing the reality of not being accepted by humanity. These heroes have gone through a lot. I mean a lot of trials and tribulations throughout their years and big events. This issue may not be the end of the Uncanny X-Men saga since there's going to be a new series starting with issue number 1. I liked the...

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Thor 0

ThorSynopsisThor gets banished to Earth and must now reclaim his powers and title of Thor while the Frost Giants are waging a war against the Asgardians.The GoodWhat can I say about this movie? The next successful Marvel movie ever since Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk came out. Kenneth Brannagh did a great job as the mighty Thor. He was quite funny as he got stucked on Earth and tried to adjust being a human. Not only he had to act as a human but to reclaim as Thor and faces his own brother. L...

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X-Men First Class 0

X-Men: First ClassSynopsisYoung Xavier recruits a new team of X-Men in order to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis which is being staged by an evil mutant named Sebastian Shaw.The GoodEver since the last four X-Men movies came out, comic book fans were kinda outraged by the fact that there are certain changes made to our beloved characters. But this movie was able to deliver the goods. I may not be a fan of such changes. I gotta say this movie is one of the best X-Men movies that I have ever watched ...

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Surrogates 0

The SurrogatesOverviewA cop must find the culprit who's been killing the android counterparts of live people.The GoodWhat I liked about sci-fi movies is that you venture yourselves in a whole different world. That world can refer to Blade Runner which the cop has to hunt down the renegade Replicants. But this movie shows a different story. It's about a world where real people intergrate their minds into the android bodies. Why? Because, they throught it would be safer from anything what's happen...

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Iron Man: Rapture 1

Iron Man: Rapture Note: This is an overall review of the miniseries.  Overview Tony Stark becomes possessed by the unknown and intelligent A.I. and it's up to Pepper Potts and James Rhodes in saving him. The Good What can I say about this series? It was such a great Iron Man story. You have seen how Tony becomes obsessed creating new technology or upgrading it. It shows that Tony never gives up on what's he doing. It sort of looks like Tony has been succumbed to his alcohol in the past years. Bu...

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X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop 1

Note: This is an overall review of 3 issues.  Overview Bishop's true origin and point of view is told when his character and motivations came to be. The Good If you have read the Cable Vol. 2 issues, you can understand why Bishop is doing what he's doing. Bishop desparately wanting to save his future no matter what the costs even if it's killing one "Mutant Messiah." Bishop's character is well-written and his past shown at a much good pace from birth to adulthood. Plus, I never knew his parents...

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The Terminator 0

Overview Kyle Reese travels back in time to stop a killer cyborg from erasing Sarah and her future son's existence. The Good This movie delivered great tons of action. Arnold looked better as the first terminator and all he has to kill and say "I'll be back." The story is quite interesting to watch because you don't know what is going on here. For example, why this John Connor guy is so important. How did the machines were able to take over humanity? Well, Kyle Reese gives clues and hints about ...

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Tron Legacy 1

Overview  Sam Flynn searches for his missing father, Kevin who got trapped inside the TRON world.  The Good  What I liked about this movie is that it has great 3-D special effects. This movie delivers enough action and a good story. Sam tries to find where his father is. But we do know that Kevin was trapped inside the Tron universe where he created it in the first place just as much from the first movie. There is a good relationship between Sam and Kevin as they spend a little time together in ...

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Star Trek 0

Since the last movie and the series didn't do very well, our most beloved franchise ended. Not until J.J. Abrams came to the picture. He started his own vision of Star Trek that made us boldly go where no one has gone before. I have to say this movie deserved it and thanks to the Lost lead, we're back to our favourite space adventure. However, there are some fans who may be disappointed with Abrams' direction of the movie because it didn't go exactly what they have expected. After all, this is a...

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Tekken movie 0

Apart from the other fighting game movies, this movie is actually pretty good. For Tekken or fighting game fans out there, you may be disappointed of how the story is written and several changes that were made to the characters. I wasn't familiar with the Tekken universe. But I have to say that this movie wanted me to participate in the Tekken matches. Okay, so we are introduced to the main character, Jin Kazama who intents to take a challenge against the Tekken Corporation for the death of his ...

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Iron Man 2 0

The first Iron Man was an awesome movie. I gotta say that this movie is quiet better than the first. The reason well, it has to do with all the characters who played a part in this movie. It's fine with me with many characters involved. But I wouldn't say it''s that many. Anyways, we have Tony Stark who revealed his secret identity to the whole world from the first movie. Since, now everyone knows that he is Iron Man, he's being offered by the government to create weapons. But Tony didn't like t...

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Iron Man 1

Wow. This movie rocks. I don't know where to start. The movie started out with a bang. It's like putting an Iron suit and flying sky high. Anyways, this movie is that good and I have no bad things to say about it. The acting was that good and the story was superb. I loved Downey's performance as Tony Stark. He nailed it and no one else can do better than Downey. Ever since Downey's alcoholic days, it's like his role was waiting for him that long. It may not be the reason why he acted as one of t...

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine 0

I liked this movie since I'm such a big fan of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman played the character well just like the previous X-Men trilogy. This movie as the title suggests, tells the origin of how Logan became the best who he is. The acting wise was nice and action scenes were good. Here are several downsides. If you have seen Logan's flashback scene from the first X-Men movie, it was not consistent to this movie. Because Logan never volunteered to become part of Weapon X program. In the comics, he ...

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Push 0

This super-powered movie is quite similar to Heroes. If you say Heroes, then this movie may not be for you. But it is good to see these characters showing off their powers and fighting bad guys. The special effects were great and the story is quite good. The cast who played these characters were also good. But the only problem is the whole plot of the story. Here is the spoiler for those who does not want to know the actual plot. The main heroes or characters are looking for a drug that enhances...

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Superman Returns 0

I had high expectations for this movie since I watched the original four movies. Seriously, what was Bryan Singer thinking? You know, this movie is crap because of bad dialogue, acting and storywise. Now I know this was a blockbuster movie and it had high grossings. Seriously, when it comes to the story and the characters. It's lame. This movie is actually a sequel to Superman 1 and 2. Thus, ignoring the events of movie 3 and 4.   Here are some points which I don't like.Clark Kent/Superman- Clar...

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