The Best Wolverine Comics They Are

If you're a huge fan of Wolverine and haven't read these awesome comics, I'd highly recommend them. Wolverine is one of those hugely popular characters whom fans can't get enough of him. Although, they are others getting tired of him over the years, which is quite understandable. He's still the best there is.

Here is the list of best Wolverine comics.

List items

  • Old Man Logan takes place in an alternate future where the supervillains have controlled the entire world. You got that right. The villains have won, and the superheroes were nowhere to be found, either they were missing or dead. Logan is still alive though, and then along came the old Avenger, Hawkeye. 

    There are some shocking scenes of what actually happened to Logan's earlier superheroic days, and what led him to become the kind of man that he is right now.

  • Ever wonder what happened to Logan's childhood life? Well, you can find the answers right here. It's a tragic story, and the beginning of Wolverine.

  • His past has always been shrouded in mystery. But when Wolverine finds himself turned into an ultimate weapon. He's forced to do the unthinkable.

  • This is the side of Wolverine that I've never seen before, and it's done in a funny way. Ultimate Wolverine's mission is to take down the baddest and meanest, green machine of all, the Hulk.

  • Yes, Wolverine is finally going to die here, and it ends with a high note.

  • Similar to Old Man Logan, the other old Wolverine learns that he has a long-lost brother.

  • A different take on Wolverine, the Max-violent style. Here, we find Logan journeying to solve the mysteries of his past.